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Friendly Foes

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 16th September 2008

Dear Lillian

I belong to the Rat zodiac sign. Is it all right for me to buy a Horse figurine to place in the South since Rats and Horses are arch enemies in astrology? My husband belongs to the Dog zodiac sign, hence is it okay for him to buy a Dragon figurine (or even wear a Dragon jade pendant) to place in the East since Dogs and Dragons are also astrological arch enemies?

In determining the time of birth, we are sometimes given two time slots; 1pm to 3pm, or 3pm to 5pm. What happens if one is born exactly at 3pm as stated the birth certificate?

Which range do we choose, 1pm to 3pm or 3pm to 5pm?


Dear LY,
It is excellent to transform an enemy into a friend. You will reduce the number of enemies in your life and make everything a lot easier. Besides, the Horse can be good for the Rat when its image is brought into the home. Likewise, the dragon can be good for the Dog. Both Horses and Dragons are regarded as auspicious creatures that bring excellent good fortune into the home.

If your birth certificate says 3pm then you will need to use both the time slots and check which gives you a more accurate account of your life.


Dear Lillian
My boyfriend recently proposed and we have decided to get married next year in July / August. I am looking for “auspicious wedding dates” and was wondering if there are other feng shui related things I should take into consideration before picking a date.

His birth date is Oct 10, 1967 (Sheep) and mine is April 15, 1974 (Tiger).

Thank you so much for your time and advice. Have a wonderful day!

Dear Patricia,
Well congratulations! That sounds wonderful and I am sure you must be very happy.

Make sure the date you select also takes account of your animal sign and that of your spouse, parents and parents-in-law to be. Make sure the date selected does not clash directly with any of them as this could cause them to get ill. The day of the wedding should be a day filled with happy yang energy so make certain that those important to you do not ‘clash’ with the day’s chi energies.

Apart from selecting a good day to get married it is also a good idea to make sure that you ensure the feng shui of your new home and bedroom follow some basic feng shui rules. Sleep with your heads pointed to your husband’s nien yen direction as this will bring happiness and descendents and luck to the marriage; it is a good idea also to follow tradition by wearing the traditional kua wedding dress for the wedding dinner. This ensures fidelity and happiness in the union.

Dear Lillian
I hope you can give, me some advice on my husband’s career. He is a Fire Snake born in 1965 and based on numerology calculations, his kua number is 8. All these years, his career has never been smooth and he ended up  resigning from his job each time.

Recently, he started up his own business in the trading field. I am now staying in a condominium and my main entrance is facing North. How do I help to improve his career luck in business? Should I place a Phoenix in the South and activate the water star 8 feature to bring luck? Can you teach me how to look for the water star 8?

Thank you.
Regards, Mrs C. Tan

Dear Mrs C. Tan,
Born in 1965, your husband cannot be a Fire Snake. I think he is a Wood Snake. His kua number is 8 and this period is a good time for him. He probably resigned because he wants to improve his future and this does not mean his career is not going well.

I believe that he is meant to do his own business and it is really great that you are being so supportive of him. As he is kua 8, it is important that the SW/ NE directions of your condominium should be well activated and kept clear of junk and old newspapers. It is too difficult to teach you how to locate your water star 8 in your apartment as it is not a straight forward matter.

However, can I suggest that you invest in a good water feature — the Jambhala water flow or the six toads water feature that we sell in my World Of Feng Shui shops? Its results are excellent when placed in your SW location. This is the indirect spirit of the current period of 8 and when activated with water, will bring wonderful wealth luck. Since your husband’s kua number is also 8, the water in the SW will bring double benefits to him.

Just a small word of warning. The North entrance is seriously afflicted in 2009 so do make sure you come to my Extravaganza 2009 either here in KL or in Singapore, as that is when the cures and remedies needed to subdue misfortune luck in the North next year will be addressed. Good luck!

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