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It's A Dog's Life

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 2nd September 2008

Dear Lillian

I live with a ‘Dog-Year’ man and one book I’ve read says that Dragons (me) should not even have a dog in the house. I don’t agree with the man’s way of thinking which makes it very difficult for us to get along, and most probably because I have a stubborn side. But, I don’t feel like he is open-minded about things either. On top of that, he has two little dogs that I help to take care of (they love me!). Before I read the book, I wasn’t really in line with the guy and things are getting worse now.

I don’t even want a man at this point in my life. This guy hoards things, likes antiques and junk and doesn’t want to get rid of anything. Our place looks like a pig­pen to me. I want to throw everything away but I’m not allowed to touch his stuff which I wouldn’t anyway unless I want to end up living in the street with his.

I want so much to have my own place and sustain myself but it seems like employment and opportunities evade me. I can’t even move, into a place by myself because of my credit. Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off living in my car which I don’t want to but maybe that would clear my energy which was normally enthusiastic and optimistic.

I’ve read many of your books as well as books by other authors (some of them contradict each other). One of my inauspicious directions is North which is where my current front door is located. In other books,. it says that the North is the best direction for your front door if you want to enhance your career.

I haven’t given up on finding my career but it really hasn’t happened since I lost my job in 2006. I have just put out about 30 resumes via the Internet trying to find full-time employment. I thought I had done well during interviews but I was never hired.

Would appreciate some help here.
Thank you.

Dear Melanie,
Well, I hope you feel better after getting all your pent ­up feelings off your chest. Your letter is really useful to anyone wanting to benefit from feng shui yet is getting thoroughly confused by some of the nonsense that passes for feng shui. Usually I have discovered that those who benefit most from my books have read only my books. But of course, this is up to you.

Get ONE book from me - I recommend Total Feng Shui as this book is both comprehensive and clear. Then focus your mind and slowly learn some of the basics. As for the guy you are living with, well, he is not exactly holding you at gunpoint, is he? If you hate it so much why don’t you just leave and try to find a place for yourself - even if it’s a small room?

And as for earning money to make a living, take anything that comes along. It is sure to be good for you. Better than to stay at home with this man, feeling happy and feeling sorry for yourself!

There is much work to find - even temporary work. So my dear, start thinking positive. I promise you once you change your attitude your life is sure to get better.

Dear  Lillian,
My friend’s personal relationship luck has been very dismal in the past few years. The house she lives in at the moment has a West facing door and a Southwest corner missing, which happens to be her health direction. There is a kitchen in her nien yen sector (Northeast) of her house and above all, a sink with a water tap is in the extreme nien yen corner of the kitchen. How can she energise her nien yen corner of the kitchen to have a happier relationship?

My kua number is 7, therefore my nien yen direction is Northeast. I have a dining room in that particular sector of the house and also a door space in every other room of the house. As I am single and desperately would like to get married, please help me energise my marriage luck.

Number seven

Hi there,
From your description your friend’s house, see that she is sure to suffer from poor relationships luck and in fact could have problems finding someone to love. If she is married, her marriage will not be happy and if she is single she will find it hard to get a husband. The Southwest corner must never be missing and when it is, this is usually the result - there is a lack of nurturing energy.

So in her case, I recommend that she finds the SW corner of her living room and the SW corner of her bedroom activate these corners with a bright light. This can partly make up for the missing corner.

The kitchen being her nien yen makes things many times worse as the kitchen is suppressing her family luck - it becomes hard for her to create a happy family life.

As for your second question, your nien yen is NE so I suggest you sleep with your head pointed to the NE direction and also sit in your dining room facing NE. Then place bright lights and crystals in the SW corners of all the rooms that you use frequently in your home.

Dear Lillian,
I started reading your books a year ago which was introduced to me by a friend.

I want to share a story about me and my family. I was born in 1971 and my husband was born, in 1969. We got married on Oct 10, 2001. Now we have two children. Before I had kids, I had my own apartment and my husband and I had a good life. But unfortunately, my husband then resigned from a big company and joined another company. After a year, he was retrenched and was jobless for six months and it was then that I got pregnant and gave birth to my eldest girl nine months later. Since then, my husband has had no stable income and has to use credit cards all the time.

Our financial problems continued until my youngest child came into the world. We had asked our in-laws to help settle our debts but they refused to. My own mother then helped us out but our debts are ‘still not fully settled. We even sold our apartment in 2008 to settle our debts.

I did try to follow your feng shui tips but I don’t know where I’m doing wrong. Please advise us.

Thank you.

Mother and Wife

Dear reader
I am so sorry to hear about your plight. It is really hard when you lose your job and lose your source of income, and on top of that, to have two children to feed. I wish I can help you but it is difficult to know where to start. So since the only thing I have to work with are your dates of birth, let’s start from there.

Firstly, your husband is an Earth Rooster and you are Metal Boar. In 2006, the Rooster had really bad luck and this year, 2008 is also a tough year with many difficulties. I am also a Rooster and believe me, some of the developments this year are really hard to bear but of course I use ALL the remedies so it’s not so bad. You can also try to get the amulets we bring out and follow all the instructions given in the book Fortune & Feng Shui 2008 - Rooster.

The book will show you how to work out all the things to avoid the bad luck stars and how to improve your luck. Meanwhile, the Boar will suffer some setbacks this year but it is generally quite a good year ... the end of the year should be better for you. So get the astrology book for the animal signs Rooster and Boar and let these books help transform your luck. Until then, do rejoice in your children because they are really the bright spot in a difficult time.

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