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How To Counter A Sloping Ceiling

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 26th August 2008

Dear Lillian,

We live in a two storey townhouse in Adelaide, Australia. The ceiling in the top storey is sloped and also has beams. I know this is very inauspicious in terms of.feng shui, but apart from spending a lot of money to cover it up with a ceiling, what else can we do to remedy the bad energy from the overhead beams?

We can’t move our bed anywhere else (the other bedroom has beams as well).

I have heard about the use of faceted crystal balls or bamboo wind chimes, however there is about 10 beams across the bedroom, do we have to hang crystal ball or bamboo wind chimes on each beam or just the beams that are over the bed?

Michelle Lee

Dear Michelle,
Don’t worry too much as a sloping ceiling is not a major feng shui affliction and it is quite common in homes that have an attic floor or a room at a higher level of the home.

Usually such rooms tend to be quite small so it is easy to remedy the situation. It is better if there is a window to bring in the light and then to balance the energy of the room, it is a good idea to place up lights at the two corners of the room where the ceiling is lower.

Make sure you turn on these lights for at least three hours each day and when you sleep it is also a good idea to have small dimmer lights at the part of the room where the ceiling is lower.

The idea is to symbolically “lift” the energy of the room where the ceiling slopes down.

Also make sure if you have a bed there to position it with your head under the higher ceiling area. Faceted crystals and bamboo chimes are not a cure for this problem.

Dear Lillian,
I am a very big fan of yours and very inspired by feng shui. I read a lot of your books and try to follow feng shui whenever I can. I have some issues that I am just not able to sort. Please help.

My house faces Northeast. Our master bedroom the East. Ever since we moved into this house my husband has been having severe health issues (his date of birth is 24.02.1964 and mine 16.04.1964). We have tried everything medically possible but it just doesn’t seem to help.

Also, anything we do with properties or investing on land / house always fails. We are either cheated or the returns are next to nothing.

We cannot seem to understand why I have a laughing Buddha diagonally opposite my main door and is this okay?

Appreciate your help and advise.

My dear Devi,
You are enjoying an excellent facing direction for perind 8 so don’t worry because in the long term your house is a lucky house for this period but in 2008, a NE facing house which becomes a SW sitting is hit by the afflictive violent star. This can cause various kinds of aggravations to manifest, some of which can be very challenging indeed.

You are both born in the year of the Dragon and your luck is already changing for the better. Health issues manifest easily, for the man of the house but since your bedroom is located in the East you are both benefiting from the auspicious star there. I can only surmise that your husband’s illness maybe due to other reasons. It is thus a good idea to look around your home and see if it is being hit by any harmful structures. Is there a big tree decaying, a large rubbish dump nearby, a choked drain - any of these things can cause illness to manifest and this year the illness star hits the patriarch.

As to you getting cheated in your property investments, perhaps you should be more careful when trusting people.

Dear Lillian,
I was born in the year of the Ox (1961). I just bought a new semi-detached house which will be ready by next year. I need your advice on some of the areas:

1. My new house faces North and the door opens in the NE.
2. The master bedroom is facing North with the master bathroom in the NE.
3. The dry kitchen, is facing East whereas the wet kitchen is in the South sector.
4. The living hall is in the North and NW with the dining ball in the centre and West sector of the house.

Please advise whether it is good to have a fountain on the NE sector of the front portion facing the main door and do I need to do any remedies before I move in.

Thanks, Sam

Dear Sam,
Congratulations! Buying a new house is a significant milestone in your life, and definitely an event to be celebrated, so well done. Now to the harder part - how to make sure you and your house live, in harmony together, and how to ensure it brings you great good fortune and happiness. You are born in the year of the Ox right? If so, the direction of the door (NE) is excellent as this corresponds to the OX direction. Facing North, your house will be enjoying the double S either in front or at the back so do get a compass to determine if your house facing direction is North 1, North 2 or North as these are the three sub directions of North and they determine whether the auspicious part of your house is in front or at the back.

Check this now before you move in as it is really vital to get this right. Facing North 1,the lucky part of your home is right in front and facing north 2 or 3 the lucky sector in your home will be at the back so I hope your home is facing North 1. Then all you need to do is install a small waterfall to energise for wealth, health and relationship luck. It’s as easy as this BUT you have to check your directions carefully.

A fountain in the NE does no harm but it is not an effective energiser of good fortune. The fountain is usually good for, warding off the effects of 1 poison arrows, but not in the NE. Finally, whether your master bedroom is good for you or not in the North. depends on your kua number which will reveal your personalised lucky sectors.

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