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Feng Shui Malaysia

Lillian Too takes feng shui expertise to Kuantan

The Star
Saturday August 16, 2008

KUANTAN: Feng shui is said to have a profound effect on an individual’s life in respect to health, family, career and love.

If followed correctly, it is believed to enhance one’s life, bring stability and create wealth.

Folks in Kuantan had the chance to meet feng shui expert Lilian Too at a talk entitled An Introduction to Feng Shui – How to Use This Living Skill to Ensure Harmony and Health and Create Good Wealth Luck here recently.

The event was graced by Tengku Puan Pahang Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah Sultan Iskandar.

Well received: Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah sharing a light moment with Too in Kuantan recently

“This is my first talk in Kuantan and the east coast, and I’m happy to see so many enthusiastic faces,” she said.

Too kicked off the talk by stressing the importance of positioning things in the house and things to wear.

“It’s all about placement and positioning things properly, and we still need to update it every year,” she said.

Too mesmerised the crowd with her knowledge of feng shui and how one could counter bad feng shui.

She cited examples of bad feng hui such as triangular roofs and T-junctions, which were “sources of killing energy”.

“We don’t need to spend extravagantly. To counter bad feng shui, we need simple solutions like symbols, lights and changing the direction of things. It’s about getting the right solution to counter the specific bad feng shui.

“Big corporations implement feng shui in their everyday business,” she said.

She then spoke of feng shui wars in corporate circles aimed at hurting competitors.

She cited examples like the Bank of China and Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank buildings in Hong Kong which have architectural designs which “cut and shoot at each other”.

Yeoh Ah Choon, 53, and his wife, Carol Yeoh, 50, who run a transport company, could not agree more.

“To us, feng shui is useful, if not important, in business,” said Yeoh.

Yeoh’s daughter Alice Yeoh, 29, said: “I subscribe to the feng shui annual guide. After following useful tips on feng shui last year, things have picked up in my business this year.

“I believe feng shui can minimise disturbances and help avoid accidents and misfortunes,” she said.

After the talk, guests were invited to check out and purchase books and paraphernalia on display.