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Feed Your Frog

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 19th August 2008

Dear Lillian,

I set up my own business some time ago, working from home as a Reiki practitioner. All is not well. Despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to attract clients, so my earnings are nil. My workspace is in my attic, which was beautifully converted to accommodate my work. I am uneasy about strangers having such access to my home, but financially, I have no choice, as I can’t afford to rent or buy premises outside my home.

My husband earns very little. We have always struggled financially and it’s getting worse. Lately, electrical problems have come up, one after another. First, my car developed problems, then my computer kept crashing, and even my kettle had to be replaced recently. I have sent my car over to a mechanic but I don’t know how to pay for the repair. We have no savings as there is more, money going out than coming in.

In my workspace, I have a beautiful, large three-legged toad, which was given to me by a friend. He sits on my desk and I remove the coin from his mouth each evening to rest him. I have a windchime at the entrance, with dragons and red threads hanging down and a red knot with jade ingot attached. According to my compass, this is placed in my wealth area although I am not good with directions. I also have a three-legged toad and a decorative wall hanging made of Chinese coins in my another wealth area - the kitchen.

What, am I doing wrong? Will things ever change for the better?


Dear Majella,
Yes, I’m afraid so my dear. You only mentioned your three-legged toad which must not be placed so high up. This way, the money it attracts will never reach you.
Place the frog on the floor! And as for taking the coin out to rest him, gee whiz, where
did that come from? I don’t recall ever recommending anyone to do that. No wonder you are not having any luck.

Also, for a business that requires you to attract people into your home, you should not have your workspace high up.

You should be on the ground floor and work from the front. Try to also get of my enhancers such as my sailing ships and my wealth pots.

I have made feng shui so easy to practice and I spend hours designing my enhancing products, which have helped so many thousands of people - they come with such wonderful energy too.

Why don’t you log on to and surf my website and you will get a better idea on what else to do.

All the information contained there is free and there’s loads of stuff.

Dear Lillian,
I saw this stunning bracelet the other day, which featured the head and body of a
panther/leopard. The bracelet encompasses the head, and body of the panther/leopard and the whole bracelet is studded with many small semi-precious stones including the eyes of the panther/leopard.

Since the bracelet is fashioned after a wild cat, is it alright to wear this type of jewellery fashioned after wild animils? Does it matter whether the cat's mouth open or shut? I actually saw another piece, which was fashioned after a cobra.

I noted that sometimes celestial creatures such as Pi Yao also looked fierce but it seems alright to wear it as a jeweliery - for protection. Then what about such panther/leopard bracelet?

I have a jade pendant Chung Kwei (The Protector Against Evil Spirits) who looked fierce and I am wondering is it alright to wear it. Can ladies wear such a pendant?

Are there rules govern which deity’s pendant should be worn on by males or by females?

Looking forward to your advice.

Dear LY,
Generally, it is perfectly fine to wear these wild animal jewellery as they act as protectors, so I would not worry. I used to wear a Cartier panther for years and still own it because I feel such an attachment towards it; So I know what you are describing.

There is also no harm in wearing Chung Kwei or other deities. In fact, I feel it is great to do so. Please do understand that when it comes to the deities and the wrathful Buddhas, they do not bring bad luck at all. In fact they bring protection and their energies are very compassionate - so please enjoy wearing, them. I myself love the dragons and all my Kuan Yin pendants but I also equally love my spotted panthers and my white tigers!. The latter ones are my celestial. guardians. So enjoy its beauty!

Dear Lillian
I am very much eager to follow all your feng shui instructions, but I am confused and need your expertise regarding our situation.

My husband and I are both born under the sheep sign (1979) while my son was born under the the Pig (2007) sign. .We are currently experiencing financial distress since we moved into our new purchased home, which we bought via a loan from my brother-in-law last April.

We share our bedroom with our son, and it’s above the garrage. I just read that it’s a big no no. I am now in a dilemma, as I have just only realised that our second room’s bathroom is also located above our garage and is only a few meters away from our main door. What should I do?

If it’s a violation in feng shui, what cure should I apply to all these?


Dear Newes,
The sheep and boar combinations seem to be having a hard time these days.

Never bothering that your bedroom is above the garage sounds bad. Sitting on emptiness is bad feng shui! To rectify this problem, can you play some music in the garage keep the music playing all day? The idea is to create yang energy there.

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