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Malay Mail
Tuesday, 12th August 2008

Dear Lillian

I was born in the year of the Horse (1966). I need your help to remedy the bad location of my bathroom. This month, in your WOFS magazine, you elaborate on feng shui for the bathroom, but I am unable to find a cure. My house faces NE and sits SW, while my main door opens to the North.

This is a Period Seven house. The problem is my ground floor toilet, which is located in the SW corner of the house together with the kitchen. My upper floor’ toilet is located at the West corner and the bedroom toilet is located at West and SW. My store room is located at SE and South. I am a small time businessman and all this few years I felt that what I earn is flowing out very fast and it is very hard for me to make any savings. I am hoping that you can give some advice on how to remedy the bad toilet without having to renovate it.

Peter Kong

Dear Peter,
First of all, let me say that the last few years would have been getting increasingly bad for people who live in Period 7 houses. This is especially true for who have not yet transformed their chi energies to Period 8. In fact the whole world is suffering a lot from disasters, global warming, recession and mostly the increasing cost of living arising from higher fuel costs and other inflationary pressures, and you know what? This can get worse for individual families unless their homes are changed to Period 8.

So if you want to improve your luck financially, try to change your house energy into Period 8. This is more important than just remedying an afflicted bathroom. For you especially because your house is a SW/NE house.

If you change your house period, your luck will instantly change because this is just about the best facing direction to have in the current period. Please get my book Feng Shui for Period 8 and you will realise after reading it that you are sitting on a potential goldmine of a house.

However, your toilet is in the West/SW direction and if you can, you should try to relocate them when you change your house period.

For now, place a bright light in the West toilet and a plant in the SW toilet.

Dear Lillian
My brother is now aged 56. He has been having epilepsy since he was 14. His life is being wasted away. He can’t be taken out of the house due to his condition. Is there any way feng shui can help him?

I found out from my mother on how he got it. She told me that my brother was very naughty (although very smart and good in sports) and my father (being very hot tempered)
always punished him by tying and caning him.

One day, he was tied in a fetus position and caned. After my mother untied him, he quickly lied on his bed and went to sleep. Moments later he started having fits uncontrollably. Now he can hardly speak and most of the time looks blankly around. He is on medication.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you very much.
Grownup Now

Dear Grownup Now,
This is such a sad story because what happened is that your Dad must have damaged part of his brain causing him to have epileptic fits. I am reading this book about the brain written by a brain expert called Making a Good Brain Great and it reveals the findings, of many years of intensive research. In the book I read that even a fall and as light, knock on the head can damage the brain and we do not know it. So it is really so important that children especially, should never be subjected to physical violence of’any kind especially on the head.

Even a slap across the face can damage the brain and I am writing this to alert mothers and fathers reading this letter to please control your temper the next time you feel like hitting your child. You can be damaging them for life.

In the case of your brother, I honestly do not know is feng shui can help but try placing him in the Northwest where the chi energy of the head is strengthened considerably. Then also try teaching the mantra of the Medicine Buddha. I have found that prayers really help. We have a Medicine Buddha bracelet with the mantra etched into it in pure lapis lazuli. Let him wear and see if this can help.

Dear Lillian
I badly need some help with my situation. I was born in the year of the Pig, while my husband was born in the year of the Sheep. We’ve been married since 2002, and we have been blessed with three beautiful kids.

Life is not easy, however, because we always face some obstacles in life. My husband has been elected as the municipal councilor in our province, and this is his third term. But I always wonder why we never seem to save all the money that we have simply flows out like water. Some people envy us, but we’re living in his parents’ house. The colour of the roof is blue, as well as the gate. What could be the cause?

Wife and Mum

Dear Wife and Mum,
Honestly my dear it sounds like your life is perfectly normal. These days it is getting increasingly hard to save money for everyone - this is a problem that everyone faces... your husband and you are truly blessed as you are both very compatible and to have three children after only six years of marriage is a genuine blessing. And to be able to live with your parents must make life so easy for you so you should count your blessings.

If what you need is more money and to be able to save, you should activate your asset accumulation corner which is the SE. Place a water feature in the SE corner of your home or your living room and create yang water here. This will help you to save and also attract greater wealth luck. Also place a three-legged toad. For attracting money, nothing works as well as the three-legged toad.

Dear Lillian,
I am a newly licenced doctor. However, luck is very hard to come by. In whatever endeavour I desire, if I ever achieve it, comes a very high price. Could it have something to do with my house? My home faces East. My kua number is 1, I’m a male water rat. Can you advise me on how to speed up success in my life professionally and succeed in passing exams?

So far I have a carp­crossing-dragon-gate amulet. What else should I get? Do you suggest
a mantra ring monkey on horse or a tribute horse in the South (even though South is afflicted?) I have eight immortal coins in the North, a drop down crystal in NE, 5-element pagoda in South, and a dragon tortoise with ruyi and a water feature (with jhambala) in SW.

I really am getting tired of always trying to move against the tide.

Thank you so much.

In need of your help,
Doc A

Dear DocA,
How about relaxing and not trying so hard for a change? Energy is a funny thing. All your energisers sound right but when one is too anxious sometimes, even when good luck comes one cannot see it.    

Also just imagine if after all that hard work you DON’T achieve what you want? So it is good that you at least get what you are working for even if it means hard work. Rats are having an above average year in 2008, so make the most of it.

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