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Rent Or Rue Your Luck

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 5th August 2008

Dear Lillian,

My husband and I are moving to a new house, which is still unfinished. We will live in the basement as it’s the only place that has been completed.

Our door faces West right now, but later we shall use it as the back door once the whole house is completed. The toilet is in the West, the bedroom is in the Northwest, while the dining room is in the South.

Are the locations good or bad? I am a Rabbit and my husband is a Rooster.

Also, how can I improve my career prospects this year as right now we are facing a financial crisis.


Dear Melissa
It is very unlucky to move into a house that is unfinished. And then you tell me you will be moving into the basement, which is even worse! So while you live underground there will be this entire disturbance to the energy above.

You do not need me to tell you how inauspicious and aggravating this is going to be, so my advice is that you should rent a place as a temporary measure and wait for your house to be completed before moving in.

Next, the toilet in the West is going to be really bad for your husband because he is a Rooster, and the West is the home location of the Rooster. I strongly advise you to try to relocate the toilet. Otherwise your husband’s luck will go from bad to worse.

Since your house is facing West, does this mean the toilet is also at the front of the house? If so, this too is incorrect and will not bring you any luck. The bedroom in the NW will benefit your husband. You might want to enhance the East and take advantage of the ally good luck stars in the East this year. In fact, the East (the place of Rabbit) benefits you so try to use this part of your current house.

Dear Lillian,
One of your magazines had an article on feng shui cures for this year of the Rat. I was purchasing the cures at the Melbourne feng shui shop when the shop assistant popped in a brochure “Your fortune and luck for the year of the earth rat 2008”.

I am a Rooster born in the year 1969. The magazine mentioned for Roosters to place 9 dragons and a rooster in the West area. So I placed the dragons in the West. The brochure for rooster also mentioned to place the nine dragons next to a water feature in the east. I am now confused which is the best direction to place my dragons.

Also my toilet and bathroom are located in the East. From your books, I don’t feel its best to place a water feature in the bathroom. Does this mean I miss out on enhancing my wealth luck this year?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Dear DD,
Sorry for the confusion. I don’t blame you - I too would be confused if I read tips without understanding the reasoning behind the recommendations. Firstly, placing Dragons in the West benefits the Rooster as this is your direction and the Dragon is the secret friend of the Rooster. So please continue to have your Dragon in the West. I have the 9 dragons in my West and a Rooster image as well because like you, I too am a Rooster.

The East, meanwhile, benefits from having a water feature and this brings good fortune to the eldest son of the family and it also brings good health for the family. The East is also the place of the Dragon in feng shui so having water and having Dragons in the East are also very beneficial. So that should clear up the confusion. Also the East this year is very auspicious because the 8 Star is located here in 2008.

As to which place is best for the Dragon, it is up to you and who you wish to benefit. Because there is a toilet in your East, you are correct that you should not place a Dragon inside the toilet or bathroom. Can you place a Dragon outside the toilet? Or does your toilet occupy the whole East corner? If you are living in a house’ and have a garden, you can place it in the East corner of your garden.

Dear Lillian,
I have two enquiries that need your advice.

1. I have bought some feng shui enhancers like dzi bead 6 and dzi bead 15. I also placed the 5-element pagoda and three divine guardians in the South as my house is facing that direction. My room is also located South. So far, everything is fine for me except my career.

I work in sales and I don’t see any improvement in my sales for the last six months. What suggestion can you give me to enhance my luck on sales? By the way, my house’s toilet is located in the NW which is used frequently and I can’t do anything about it. Any advice on that too? I was born in 1982 and my kua number is 6.

2. I plan to buy dzi bead I to enhance my self-confidence. Can I replace dzi bead 6 (that I’m wearing now) with it? If can, what should I do with the used dxi bead?

Thank you very much.

Dear Jackie,
This year the South is terribly afificted so it is great that you are adequately protected since your house faces South. I have, discovered that those who used the cures have indeed been protected against the three killings and the five yellow this year so that is really a relief. It is good that you have not suffered any misfortune.

As for enhancing your career luck, two things I suggest. First sit facing your sheng chi direction and second, place a small water feature such as an aquarium and place fast swimming fish such as guppies in the North corner of your living room.

This will help to energise your career.As for specifically enhancing your sales performance, you need an abacus. Wear a golden abacus or carry an abacus keychain. As for replacing dzi 1 for your dzi 6, well my advice is wear both together and 1 and 6 is a Ho Tu combination that brings amazing good luck.

Recently I have been trying dzi beads made of real gold and the effect is simply sensational so I have come out with some amazing dzi made of real gold!

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