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To Love Or To Leave Her?

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 29th July 2008

Dear Lillian

I have questions which concern low and marriage. I met a woman in September 2003. She is a fire monkey and her kuanumber is 7, while I am metal pig with kuanumber 2. Are we really a match for life?

She doesn’t really give any time and effort to nurture this relation­ship at all. I’ve always been the one doing everything to make this relationship happen. She always gives me an excuse whenever I want to spend more time with her and keeps a distance from me. She has doubts about every bit of move I make.

For instance, I love making ar­rangements for Valentine’s Day. I would normally take time off to spend this special moment with her. But on her part, her heart, mind and soul is never with me. Why is she so cold and insensitive in responding to my needs?

In 2004, I left her because I felt it was useless as she was not both­ered about this, relationship. But what I really don’t understand is why she called me back and asked me to come back to her when I have made it very clear that I don’t love her anymore.

She is still with me even though we always argue. She disagrees with the suggestion that we go our separate ways. I am very con­fused and cannot understand her at all. What I really want to know is if this woman my soul mate or just a friend in a relationship? She is not moving out of my life, even though she knows that I don’t love her as much as I did before. Does she have any evil or bad intentions towards me?

Another quick question. Will I ever get married? Will there be any single and good-hearted woman who can really love and cherish marriage with me? I have never had any good relationships in the past.

Dr Steven Vaalentino

Dear Dr Vaalentino
Well, I wouldn’t know if you two are soul mates but you seem compatible if we look only at your kuanumbers as you are both West group people.

You being a Boar will always have this kind of feeling towards her. She is a Monkey, you see, and this kind of match is sure to leave the Boar feeling dissatisfied with the way you are being treated. She cannot respond to you in a way that satisfies you simply because she is not on the same wave length as you and in the long term, you will never be satisfied. Also, you are metal and she is fire. In terms of your heavenly stems, her fire destroys your metal. Perhaps it is better that you part company no matter how many times you come back to each other again, the same problem will arise.

Do not stay with her just because you are scared you will not find anyone else. Consider this if you do not split from her, other women will not dare to come near you. Yours is not a case of either side being right or wrong. It seems that you are not communicating at all, so perhaps a trial separation?

Dear Lillian

Hello! I’ve been reading some of your books and I’m learning more about Feng Shui and proper place­ments.

Our stairs leading to second floor (bedrooms) is in the centre of our house. It is a straight stair­way. A few feet from the last step upstairs is the master bedroom door. I understand that the centre of the house is not the best loca­tion for the stairs. How can I rem­edy the stairs location?

I’m starting a baking business at home. I want to know what is my lucky colour that I can incor­porate in my business cards? How can I promote my business bet­ter and get more regular clients rather than just getting orders for holidays? My birth date is July 23, 1962.

Also, how can I ensure that my two boys (one born on Feb, 2001 and sleeping in the SE section of the house, and the other born on Feb 28, 1993 and sleeping in the E section) will both do very well in school? They tend to argue quite a bit how can they grow closer to each other?

Our NW section which is our eat-in kitchen sticks out more than the rest of the house. Is that a good thing? Our house is rect­angular.

Our house is located in SE. Both my husband’s and my kuanum­ber is 4.


Dear Edlie
There is nothing wrong with having a staircase in the middle of the home - it is not the best place, but it does not do that much harm. The problem is that if it goes straight up without turning, it could be sending chienergy upstairs too fast so I hope you can hang a bright light above the staircase to slow down the en­ergy.

As for printing your calling card for your baking business, you can use any colour you like, really, although something  that reflects your business in an auspicious way would be great. You will be going into a fire element business and if fire is good for you then the business should do well.

As for your sons, they both belong to the East group so I would suggest that you get my compass and start helping them to tap their auspicious direction while studying. This is sure to help them once they get into the habit of always using their lucky directions. The NW section sticking out benefits the husband. Your house benefits you both.

Dear Lillian
I wish to seek your advice regard­ing my kitchen which is located in the southwest of the apartment that I stay in. I read in your books that if the kitchen is at the SW, it is not good for the matriarch staying there. If I don’t choose to move, how can I rectify the position? I am a married woman, born in the year of Ox (metal). I also have a toilet at the Northeast. Does it have any negative influence on me?

Kitty Lee

Dear Kitty,
Actually, the kitchen be­ing here is not so bad as the stove being there. However because the SW is earth and the stove is fire energy some people say that this enhances the SW.

So I would not worry too much. But a toilet in the NE is more of a problem.

This does not affect you di­rectly but could affect your son if you have any. If not, then there should not be ally problem.

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