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The Backstabbing Brother-In-Law

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 22nd July 2008

Dear Lillian,

I have been practicing feng shui for some time after reading your books. Two years ago, my husband’s sister and her husband approached me. The husband has lost his job and they were having financial difficulty. The husband even cried in front of me to help him. My sister-in-law who have never been nice to me since I married her brother, has also visited me many limes crying because there was no food in her house.

I felt sorry for them and went to their house to feng shui minor things. I told them to rearrange their furniture and change their front door. I bought some feng shui enhancers for them as presents. I even asked my husband to take his brother-in-law in as his partner in business. At first, my husband refused. He agreed only after much persuasion (for the record, I work with my husband). Then we realised his brother-in-law didn’t have any money to put in as capital. I dumped in RM50,000 upfront for him as his capital into my husband’s business and made him partner. He took two years to pay me back every month and now his is doing well under my husband’s care. He has a lot of money now and he and his wife are now as proud as a peacock.

About three months ago, he backstabbed me by asking my husband to terminate my services because he says they are paying me too much. He also said that he can employ a better person to work with them. He also said he doesn’t like my looks. His wife has stopped talking to me and his children ignore me. All this after I have helped them!

My husband stood up for me and told this man off. But my husband refused to terminate his partnership with him because my husband knows very well that if the partnership breaks so will his brother-in-law. My husband cares for his sister. My husband would not let me resign either.

Since this incident I am very, very angry. Is there any way to revert what I have done? Why did both of them backstab me? What am I to do?


Dear Angered,
Oh dear, how awful for this to happen. I know how you feel, as it is not easy to swallow this kind of ungratefulness but you know there is something really good that came out of this situation — you now know and that is that you know what a really good man your husband is. He really loves, you and cares for you, and even though he may appear to side with his, brother-in-law, if you analyse it carefully, your husband is being very wise indeed. If he was to break off the partnership, everyone will suffer.

Don’t be angry. You have been kind and whether you believe it or not, your kindness will be rewarded. The story does not end here. Who knows what else is in store for you in the coming few years.

As for their children and they being “proud as a peacock”, never mind, lah. What to do when people want to be so proud? As long as you are not like that, and your husband is not like that, it should be good enough. I suggest that instead of wasting thne feeling angry, why don’t you concentrate on your work and see if there are ways to improve things.

These days with the economy looking so bad it’s better to focus on surviving, rahter than fighting with each other. Forgive them for their ingratitude and carry on with your life.

Check your West sector. Maybe it’s causing you some trouble. Place a bright red light there.

Dear Lillian,
I’m born in 1978, a Horse with kua number 4. I stay in my own house facing NE with the main door facing the same direction, which is my total loss direction. I have installed all your recommended items to counter the bad flying star. My problem is that money that comes in goes out just as quietly. Is it because of the direction? I have brought a new house which faces NW (good for patriarch) but its main door is at North, my mishap direction. Will it affect me, and is there any way to overcome inauspicious facing directions? Thanks for your help.

Mr Horse

Dear Mr Horse,
As a Horse, this is a year which is very challenging for you. There is nothing wrong with North this year.

It is next year that it becomes afflicted. But if you face North then the house is sitting South and here lies the problem.

You need all the cures for the South to be placed inside the house which is the five element pagoda, the pi yao and the three celestial protectors to overcome the three killings.

Dear Lillian,
Hope all is great with you.

My husband and I have been married for 14 years but have no children. We have almost given up now. I’m a Dog (born 1970) while my husband is a Dragon (born 1964). Is there any possibility of us having our own biological child? Will adoption work for us? How can I enhance our children section so obstacles disappear and either option works out for us?

Both our careers are going, great and recently my husband received a great opportunity that involves moving to a new country. It’s a huge change, for we may never return. Do you think 2008 is the year to go for it and this move will work for both of us?

Sincerely yours,

Dear Bindu,
Better to try for awhile more before thinking of adopting. This is a good year to keep trying. Place an elephant with its trunk down in your bedroom and also have a pink lotus made of crystal placed in the West of the bedroom. Thirdly, try sleeping with your heads pointed to your husband’s nien yen direction. Often when we try too hard it becomes hard to conceive. Perhaps drink a glass of wine before trying? Since your husband is a Dragon, this is a  great year for him so if you feel confident by all means go ahead. Next year
is also good for him so it’s OK to be brave and go or it, just make sure when you move into a new house to have it properly feng shuied.

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