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Prayers For The Dead

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 15th July 2008

Dear Lillian,
I have been following your feng shui advice for three years now. It has worked very well for me.

My father passed away in March. During the wake ceremony, I kept all the feng shui remedies that you advised for the ceremony. After the funeral, my family decided to mourn for my father’s death for one year. It has been 100 days since his death. Can I place back all the remedies in their respective positions now? Will they be in conflict with my mourning?

My late father’s prayer table is currently placed on the south corner of my house. If I were to place the feng shui remedies such as the five element pagoda;. three chi ling and wind chime under the prayer table, would that be appropriate? Hope you can help me.

Cassidy Thie

Dear Cassidy,
Yes, once 100 days have passed, you may do so. In fact even after 49 days, it will not conflict with your mourning. You can place all the remedies to counter thebad luck of the South this year under the prayer table. This is the proper place for them as it is not good to put them on the prayer table.

It’d be a good idea if you could arrange for a puja for your father. When you organise prayers for the dead, it’s the best gift you can do for them.

Dear Lillian,
My son is a Rooster (2005), and I am a Horse (1978). He is three this year. He is very active and doesn’t really listen to my husband and I. Sometimes, he understands but will forget about it later and repeat the mistake. Sometimes I can’t take it as his behaviour is so naughty.

Some people have told me that his behaviour is normal for a kid, but can you help me so that he behaves better?


Dear AGL,
I don’t know what your problem is. There does not seem to be anything wrong with your son.

Gosh, he is only three 3 years old, of course he is naughty. You will worry if he is not
- it’s quite normal. Why don’t you just sit back and enjoy him? You are so lucky to have him but being a Horse, this is not a great year for you, so it’s possible you are seeing problems where there are none.

Dear Lillian,
I have read and applied your feng shui advice for more than six years now as it has an antidote to most bad energies. I would be grateful to know what to do when the bedroom is above a garage and there is no way to change that (the whole apartment is in fact over a garage).

Thank you very much.
Désirée Gieser

Dear Désirée,
It’s not good to have a bedroom above a garage as the energy below is 'empty'. To overcome this, you can create yang energy inside the garage. Play the radio there to simulate sounds and activity or keep a pet like a cat or a dog in the garage. The idea is to ensure that the yin spirit formation doesn't take place in the garage, so as long as you can counter with yang energy, the remedy will be in place.

Dear Lillian,
I am a big fan of yours. I have bought some of your books, including Eight Characters. From the chart, I am a yin earth person. In my basket of elements, I have four yin metal, one yin fire, and two yin water. Am I a weak earth or strong earth person? What should I do to balance my chart?. All of my elements are yin. I don’t have any wood element. Should I have many plants around me or should I strengthen my earth element? I want to enhance my wealth luck.

My kua number is 1. To activate thy nien yen, my head should point to the south if I sleep, right? But according to the Flying Star methods, south is really afflicted this year. What should I do? Can I still sleep with my head point to the south?

I also bought a statue of Tua Peh Kong and Choy San Poh. Can I put them in my bedroom? Where is the best location for them? I am really,waiting for your answer.

Thank you very much.

Dear Eddy,
From your description of your paht chee chart, you are definitely a weak yin earth and that is because although there is one yin fire producing earth there are four yin metal exhausting the earth, thus making you a weak yin earth. This also means that yin fire is great for you but from your chart, you seem to be missing a wood element so wood is good for you, too.

However, wood destroys the weak yin earth so here we have a situation where although wood element is missing, it is an element that will hurt you. However wood creates fire which is also good for you. I would suggest that to improve your luck, it is good to create wood and fire energy in the earth sectors of your house. This means the NE and also SW will benefit from plants and bright lights.

This is not a good year to activate south, so wait until next year. You might want to try to energise the SW with lights as this will benefit you. Do not place the Wealth Gods inside your bedroom. That is not a suitable place. They are better placed in the living room.

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