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When Your Love Life's in the Toilet

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 8th July 2008

Dear Lillian,
Both my husband and I have started our individual businesses just prior to moving into a rented house. Both businesses started with great promise but now we are starting to see some ominous signs that both businesses might fail. I’m manufacturing jewellery and my husband is an IT consultant.

Since moving in, we have been plagued with never-ending expenses, nonstop problems, ridiculous hurdles and unnecessary issues with authority figures. I have known past residents of this exact house and they were also experiencing exactly the same problems even though, like us, the market was good, their products great and theft business plans excellent.

The house is an old wooden high-set house (the ground level, which is all closed in, is for storage, laundry and a car space) and the upstairs is the living area.

The front door has a 6-rod metal windchime hanging beside it. The front door bell is also metal, and we have decorated the verandah itself with a golden Buddha, a painting of a mountain with cherry blossoms in front of it, decorations symbolising money and a wu lou.

We have a combined office in the SW (exactly above the closed-in car space). The combined bathroom and toilet is in the 5, which after reading a recent post on WOFS I have placed a metal wind chime inside the bathroom.

We keep the door shut at all times but have the lights inside the bathroom and the wall outside the bathroom lit most of the time.

My husband is a Monkey (1968), I am a Rooster (1969) and our little girl is a Dog (2007). My husband’s sign has the financial loss star affecting him this year but my career and financial prospects are supposed to be improving.

Our fortune for the year is tepid at best - can you possibly help us save our dwindling finances and most importantly our irrespective businesses?

Kind regards, Jodee

Dear Jodee,
This is the problem area of your house as the whole house is sitting on a junk yard, it seems, causing the foundation of your life to become terribly afflicted. You will need to do something about the ground level. Open it, clean it and fill it with light and infuse it with yang chi. if you cannot do this, move out of the house as this is a serious problem.

On your verandah, having a 6-rod windchime and the Golden Buddha here in the NW is excellent but a painting of a mountain creates obstacles.

Can you remove this painting and find a suitable place for it at the back? Similarly, the wu lou should be placed inside the house to ensure good health. If you like you can also place a wealth pot just inside the house and put a water feature on the verandah with water flowing towards the door.

The rest of what you have done sounds good. Both the Rooster and the Monkey are headed for an exceptional year in 2009. You must try to improve your feng shui based on what I am telling you and this will help you survive the strange cosmic forces affecting the world these days.

The spate of horrible disasters — both natural and man-made will continue through to October this year, but there is light coming at the end of the tunnel.

So keep low key and develop your businesses.

Try to get the Heart Sutra plaque that I have recently designed and place this inside your house. I designed this plaque to introduce serious spiritual blessings and protection for everyone this year, so do get one and, place inside your house.

Dear Lillian,
I am an Ox. I switched my career to try commodities trading, but the experience did not turn out well, and I left within two months as I did not want some of the shady things the new company was engaged in to affect my reputation. My health suffered badly due to stress. Then my father had a heart attack and had to be hospitalised. Fortunately, he now seems well.

Then my mother, who has been quite sickly to begin with, had to be hospitalised. It turned out to be nothing serious, and she was discharged after one day. Following that, my partner came down with rashes after our holiday.

I wonder about this spate of bad luck? I dare say I have done no evil and have followed the basic rules of feng shui in my home and office decorations, and they’re served me very well in the past years. What could be wrong?

Salmon Aidan Lee

Dear Lee,
How can you describe your life as bad? What you are going through is quite normal it is something we all go through in life. I think it is wonderful to be able to look after your aging dad and mum.

Look at it as an opportunity to repay all their kindness to you when you were younger. You should rejoice instead, of thinking it is bad luck. Be happy you have this opportunity. When they are gone you will feel so happy that you looked after them. It creates a lot of good karmic merit for you.

The Ox born has not had a good year for some time but don’t worry because next year, being an Ox year, should make you feel a lot better. There is nothing seriously wrong with your luck — you are simply going through what we call ‘purification’ — life is made of ups and downs.

Many people are feeling bad times these days due to the cosmic chi and collective bad karma. But if it is any consolation, 2009 does really look a great deal better, so hang in there.

Try wearing something red to increase your level of yang chi. You can also try wearing
something lucky to transform your stressful life into a more relaxed time. Get the mystical knot or some other lucky talisman as symbolic enhancers.

Dear Lillian,
To cure an affliction, I placed big chunk of stone inside the toilet as it is located in the SW corner of my condo. Have I done the right thing? I notice I have my share of admirers but most of them are married! I don’t want to fall in this kind of affair as I’ve been burned by this kind of relationship. Please help!


Dear Anon,
Oh dear! By placing a big rock inside your SW toilet you are activating your love life to meet men, but because it is the toilet you are attracting the wrong kind of guys. Your love luck gets afflicted by the toilet!

Here is what you should do instead. Bring the chunk of rock outside the toilet.. Now it is still activating the SW but being outside the toilet it is no longer afflicted. You should meet more suitable guys from now on. Meanwhile, place some plants inside the toilet to suppress the afflicted earth energy.

You will see a difference very fast!

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