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Symbolic Feng Shui In Limited Spaces

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 1st July 2008

Dear Lillian,
I like reading your books and I have been practicing feng shui for almost 6 years now. I am having a problem because right now, I stay in a dormitory with 12 people in one room!

I want to do some feng shui in my room but because I live with so many people, I can’t make any major changes.

I was born in the year of the Monkey, and my kua number is 4. There are two toilets inside the dormitory, one is the right side (North) and the other is on the left side (South). Both happen to be my lucky positions. After I moved in, I have found it hard to save money. My career luck is also bad: it is hard to concentrate and I am making the same mistakes again and again. It makes my boss so disappointed.

My dormitory’s main door is in SW sector and facing the W sector, while my sleeping position is facing E. We are sharing a double decker bed, where I sleep on the top bunk.
Please help me with this situation. I am really desperate.


My very dear Susanty,
Yes, I know how hard it is to create feng shui when sleeping in same room with so many people but what you can do is create a small, clean space for yourself and mark it out inside your head by imagining there is an invisible light around your space. Make sure to keep it clean at all times. You are already sleeping with your head pointed to the east and this is a good direction for you. Anyway, this year the East is a lucky direction.

To help you sleep better and increase your concentration at work, place an image of a Monkey sitting on a Horse in the SW part of your space. This is sure to help you, especially since you are also born in the year of the Monkey. Usually when there is only a small space available for you, it is a good idea to use symbolic feng shui to help as this can really be very effective.

Dear Lilian,
I need your advice so much. I was born in the Rat year (1984). I am renting an apartment with my sister (Dragon) in one room and a friend (Monkey) in the other. In May, my other sister (Ox) moved in with me.

Since then, things have not gone my way. I feel that my money comes in but goes out just as quickly. I was cheated by salesmen and sought legal help. I keep going through mediation sessions for the past three months in court and this feels like it’s taking forever. Also, I feel overloaded with my work. My personal and career life is really stressful. Overall I’m feeling bad in whatever I’m doing.

Are we not meant to share a bedroom? Or is it because of the wrong bedroom placement? What can be done to avoid bad things and to speed up my court case?

Thank you so much!

Dear Fong,
Actually, from what you’re told me I don’t think your problems have anything to do with your sister sleeping in the same room as you. In terms of Zodiac allies, all of you are compatible and no one is bringing anybody bad luck. So, the main thing I need to ask you is if you had to rearrange your sleeping direction and location to accommodate sharing the room with your Ox sister? Perhaps in doing this, the energies changed and caused you to get inadvertently affected you without you realising it.

Now, you need to overcome the court case problem. I suggest you invest in new red curtains or have a red bed sheet and duvet for your bed. The colour red is an effective antidote to subdue quarrelsome vibes that often lead to court cases. This win help you get a favorable settlement.

Also, place a double headed blue Rhino in the SW part of your apartment. This should appease the cheating problem. Finally, please do not feel so discouraged. Life is filled with ups and downs. Give your apartment a thorough cleaning. It will make all the difference as this will move the chi and transform your stagnating luck.

Hi Lilian,
I’m very new to feng shui. I would like to know how do you determine the directions of an apartment? For instance, how do I determine if the kitchen is in the north and bedroom is in the west, etc?

Warm regards,
Confused Girl

Hi CG,
Taking directions correctly using a compass is very much a part of feng shui practice, so you must first learn to read the compass. Now, to determine the different compass locations of any building or home, stand in the centre of the house and see where the compass points to north and then mark that part of the house as north. Next find out which is the south, east and west part of the house. You can do the same for each room separately by standing in the middle of the room. Form there, you can determine which part of the room is north, south, east or west. Make sure the compass is placed on a flat surface and you take your readings correctly.

To take the facing direction on the other hand, it is important to stand at the front of the house and then, using your compass, see what direction the needle is pointing to. This becomes the facing direction. Now, the opposite of the facing direction is the sitting direction.

Many feng shui formulas are based on the compass facing directions and locations in any home or building, so learning to use the compass is essential in practicing feng shui.

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