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Killing Energy and Fretting About Fish

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 24th June 2008

Dear Lillian,
Thanks for your kindness in helping people to answer all the questions about feng shui.

I hope you have time to help me with my situation.

We have lived in Ireland for close to ten years. About 8 months ago, we moved in to a North-facing semi detached house.

Recently, my husband, who was born in the year of the Rat, lost his job. While I work, I also look after our two sons.

Now, we face financial difficulties. My front door is in the NE section of the house. When you walk in the door, on your left is the stairs to the first floor, while the living room is on the right.

There is a 5m long corridor that leads to the back door through two other doors. If I leave two of the middle doors open, then you have a passageway to the back.

On the first floor, we have four bedrooms in each corner, a bathroom in the East and a small room in the middle for the hot water tank.

I am a very positive thinking person, but I feel so tired all the time.

Hope you can help.

csf 2008

Dear CSF 2008,
You know it’s really difficult to give feng shui solutions based on descriptions like this, even when you send floor plans. Most of the lime these are not accurately drawn but from what you are telling me, your main problem is having three doors in a row.

The energy entering your home is rushing right through and then having caused havoc, leaves. When you can see the back from the front as you describe (when the doors are left open), then energy entering the home is called a ‘killing energy’. The solution is to close one of the middle doors and leave it closed as much as possible.

Also, your 5m long corridor operates like a poison arrow. The solution here is to keep the corridor well lit at all times, otherwise chi energy will stagnate.

Your husband, being a Rat should be enjoying good fortune this year. From your description the North of the house has fire energy when you should actually have water here to help him along in his career.

Place an aquarium in your living room on the North side and this is sure to help. Fill it with little fish that swim vigorously. Finally to get rid of bad luck vibes, give your house a re-energising clean up by opening all the windows, moving furnitures out, cleaning the whole house then moving furniture back in again. This forces energy to move and should transform your luck and enhance the energy of the home.

Dear Lilian,
I am a great fan of yours, and a serious believer of feng shui.

Sometime ago, my three big arowanas (which I have kept for about 3 years) died when my husband changed the water. Does this symbolise something?

I have about seven fishes in the tank all died except for two parrot fish. I am still keeping the fish tank with the parrot fish, which have been laying a lot of eggs that have never hatched into fries. After the fishes died, I went to a temple and prayed for them.

Both my husband and I have new jobs. My husband will be stationed overseas for one year while I will be travelling substantially. Is that the reason why my fishes left me? Before my fishes died, I dreamt of two fortune gods. One dropped three pieces of chilli from its shoulder. Does it mean that the fortune god has taken the fishes with him? Then, my electrical appliances started breaking down on me. First my washing machine, then my stove vacumn cleaner and even my curtains were spoilt recently.

Please help.

Dear FS Lover,
You are definitely being very superstitious. Come on, snap out of it and enjoy your new job! When your three arowanas died, it means that they have already absorbed whatever bad energy that came in to your home. There is no need to read too much into fish dying. Do not worry, just get new fish.

As for your parrot fish, you know that keeping and breeding fish requires some expertise. It is good to pray for the fish but maybe you should get a fish specialist to come in and clean up yout tank and redo the water balance. Maybe a smaller tank might be a better bet. It’s also better not to mix the fish as they may not be compatible with each other.

As for your appliances, they do not last forever. I wouldn’t read too much into this if I were you. Normally, when my electrical appliances start breaking down I give my house a once over space clearing with the singing bowl and some incense. I usually like to use special incense from herbs taken from the high mountains for this purpose. My favourite is lawado incense from the Himalayas. These house cleaning rituals are excellent for rejuvenating the energy of your home.

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