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A Father's Lament, Career Advice and Hell's Gate

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 10th June 2008

Dear Lillian,
RECENTLY, my husband and I bought a painting of nine fishes in clear water and a single lotus. The fishes swim upwards. We thought that the best place to hang it would be in our living hall, directly facing our front door.

However, a friend advised us that a water feature should not face the front door, as this would mean the water flowing out.

I am having sleepless nights now, thinking if I should place it elsewhere ever since she said this to us.

Also, where should we place another painting that features a side profile of buddha?


Dear Rohini,
I would prefer to place the Buddha painting directly facing the front door as this is a far more powerful image than the nine fishes. Note that the Buddha image facing the door will draw in blessings that benefit your whole family, and blessings are more precious than luck.

As for the fish, if you can place this on an East wall, it will be very beneficial. Note that water directly facing the front door on the inside is not necessarily auspicious and fish may be swimming inwards but water can be flowing in another direction.


Hello Lillian,
I AM a female snake, while my husband is a rabbit. He often works far from home and is away from me often and I am worried about him being unfaithful/untrue to me this year.

Ideally, I would like for him to work closer to my home and be closer to me, but what should I do or can I do to help prevent this infidelity from happening?

Also, I am worried about my career and employment status. How can I improve my luck and find a stable job without constantly getting laid off?

C. Nguyen

Dear Nguyen
Why do you worry about your husband being unfaithful? Sometimes, when we worry too much, we inadvertently cause it to happen, so better to think of more pleasant things;

Here is a ritual that works every time since you are both apart. Take a picture of you and your husband (with your children too, if you have any) and then blow up the picture. Hang it in a prominent position in your home, hopefully facing your husband’s nien yen (or love) direction. This will ensure he will always think of you and the family, even if he is far away.

As for your work, stabilise your career luck by making sure the North sector of your home is not afflicted - there should not be blockages in this part of the home or your room. The North symbolises career luck.

If what you want is a stable job, then place an auspicious image there, like a Dragon Tortoise, a three-legged Toad or a Monkey on Horseback. You can also place a golden rice bowl with chopsticks to symbolise landing a really great job. Then stop worrying! Doing so could set up negative chi energy.

Dear Lillian,
I’M an accountant, born in the Year of the Dog (1982). I'm moving to a new apartment, where the toilet is in the NW.

I heard that this position can affect family luck and keep the breadwinner away from the house. Can you advise me ways to avoid negative effects of this?

Also, how do I improve my career prospects?

Best regards,

Dear Irina,
IF the toilet is in the NW, it creates a negative effect for the patriarch or breadwinner. It also causes problems for those born in the Year of the Dog, so for you, the afflicted NW corner brings a double negative. The only way to correct this problem is to NOT USE this toilet in the NW. Better yet, do away with it altogether. If you find this difficult to do, then at least try not to use it as a toilet.

Meanwhile, to improve prospects at your career place, energise your NORTH corner with the presence of a water feature.

The best kind is the one I designed with three peaks, where the water collects at the base of a simulated little waterfall.

You can also place another water feature in the East this year and move it to the Southeast next year. Water in the North brings career luck while water in the east and SE creates long term feng shui luck.

Another way to improve your career luck is to display a monkey on a horse on your desk. This brings recognition and promotion.

Dear Lilian,
MY husband and I are both Tigers, born in 1974. In your book, Tiger 2008, you advised that houses facing SW or NE are best for period 8.

But I have heard some say that SW faces the Hell’s Gate while NW faces the Heaven’s Gate.

Which is the best direction for us?

Best regards,

Dear MR,
I HAVE heard this belief about the Devil’s Gate so many times it is no longer funny. I always wonder why on Earth the dev­ils from the hell’s realm would be able to come up to anyone’s home.

As long as they belong to the hell’s realm they cannot possibly transcend and come into anyone’s home unless we are talking about wandering spirits. So be reassured that the SW/NE axis is incredibly lucky during this period of 8.

If it makes you feel better I have had my house facing SW for over 30 years now and I have only the nicest things to tell you. I feel its benevolent effects all the time. As Tigers, you and your husband are sure to benefit from this axis direction and next year is particularly attractive for you both, so try to capture the magic of this axis direction as soon as you can.

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