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Improving your property luck

Weekend Mail
29th – 30th March 2008

Dear Lillian,
I am a water Rat (1972) and my husband is a wood Dragon (Feb 1965). I have two kids (Tiger, 1997 and Sheep, 2003). My family and I have been hunting for a new house over the last couple of years, but we've yet to find anything.

There always seems to be a last-minute problem or requirement that stops us from buying any property. It's usually because the seller backs out; or requirements on either side suddenly change; or we discover, for example, that the kitchen is situated in the Northwest sector of the house.
It seems that we have no luck in acquiring property.

I recently read in one of your articles that 2008 is a good time to move. Is there anything we need to do to enhance our luck? Among the criteria you mentioned for appraising a new house was to ensure that the kitchen is not in the Northwest sector. However, if we happen to really like a particular house, is there any sure we can implement to counteract the ill effects? In terms of our livelihood, I've also noticed that it is difficult for my husband to close big business deals and gain approval on legal matters.

For instance, if he applies for something, the processing period is always so grueling, and he faces many difficult challenges before finally winning approval. It's like going through a crazy obstacle race. I hope you have some advice for him.

By the way Lillian, your books have helped me a lot in life and widened my knowledge in feng shui. Thank you so much for that. And I hope to hear from you soon.

Regards, Sam


Dear Sam,
Maybe you should check if the Northwest corner of your current house is blocked. Perhaps you've unknowingly piled up boxes, newspapers or other big pieces of furniture there, which could be blocking your husband's luck.

Or check his Dragon direction which is Southeast 1. Extend your investigation into the garden (if you have one) for these directions. If there is a pile of rubbish in either corner, this, too, can create obstacles.

As for looking for a house, it is really difficult to find the perfect house, and usually, any house you buy is sure to need some renovation to be done to it. In any case, better change the entire house into a Period 8 one. So, while making general renovations, you can make all the changes necessary to make the house as perked as possible.
Be patient. It's worthwhile going through all this trouble to get yourself something you really like. Don't give up!

Dear Lillian,
My dilemma is to do with love. I have no doubt you have heard that one million + one times!

I am 45 (born Dec 9, 1962) and as yet, have never been in a long-term, committed relationship. I have had two short-lived signiscant relationships, but it has mostly been headache in my life, romance-wise. I have done and continue to do the love remedies that you suggest, but nothing seems to work.

Last year, however, I placed a gold rabbit in the East, and then later, a green rabbit in my bedroom, also in the East.

And after that, I met someone! And we're slowly building our relationship now.
But when it comes to my life, when something sounds too good to be true, it is. Our greatest obstacle? He lives in the US, while I live in Australia.

I do plan to move to the US eventually, but in the meantime, we have to communicate by email. What can I do to make this a more committed relationship?

Anyway, thank you far all your great work enthusiasm and kindness.

Sincerely Daniella

Dear Daniella,
You don't want to sound desperate, which is good. But you do you know (and herein lies the secret of finding love) one should never give out the vibes of desperation. Men smell it somehow, and this scares them away, so it is good that he is not near you to smell it.

The feng shui cure you are using is to activate the peach blossom luck, which is very effective and has helped many, many people.
So keep the Rabbit in the East activated by shining a bright light on it, and also sleep with your head pointed to your Love direction. Calculate this direction according to your year of birth (you can get this from any of my books on the Kua formula on eight mansions feng shui).

Also, wear the double happiness ring/pendant, as this is quite powerful. Above all, stay relaxed and value yourself. Commitment is a two-way thing just as love and marriage require a relaxed attitude on both sides for the relationship to work. So stay cool and value yourself. Do not read too much into the relationship yet or expect too much.

Dear Lillian,
I am a frequent visitor to your World of Feng Shui website. In fact, I check for new updates almost daily, especially for the 'Ask Lillian Too' section.

I recently read the article 18 Omens of Good Fortune on the website and am very curious about the section When your date of birth adds up to eight.

My interest in reading about feng shui is, of course, mainly driven by my hope of finding ways to enhance my luck. Based on your book, I'm a wood Snake (born Oct 13, 1965).

Based on your formula, my birth date adds up to '88'. And based on your calculations, I've determined that my Kua number is '8'.

What does this mean? Do I have very good luck in store? It's strange, because right now, I've yet to come across that luck.

I have your book on fortune & feng shui 2008 (snake). Based on the book, I've bought some of the amulets you suggested to enhance my luck. These include
the Dzi 9, Mystic Knot Made-Jade which I have made into a necklace using red thread. I've also attached a jade Monkey (my secret feng shui friend) to the necklace.

Right now, I don't own my own house or apartment. I'm just renting a bed in a house whose main door is facing the Southwest sector.

Thank you, Eduardo U. Saguing

Dear Eduardo,
According to numerology, when the date of birth adds up to 8, it is auspicious for the period of 8 - just as your Kua number 8 is also auspicious.

But my dear, I must point out that your date of birth 10/13/65 adds up to 16, which adds up to 7 and not 8.

But yes, your Kua is 8 if you are male. The rules governing the interpretation of numerology and the Kua formula of directions are different, so we should not read them together. It is like mixing apples with oranges. The method I use is the Tao method of reading the meaning of numbers, and this says that 7 is a lucky number for you.

But you were born on the 10th, and this also means that the number 1 (or 10 or 100) is lucky for you. The Chinese Astro Sciences have many ways of interpreting numbers, and much of this is also tied up with elements and animal signs.

By wearing the 9-eyed Dzi, you'll invite good fortune not only for this year, but also 2009; and the jade knot is also excellent for the coming year.

Also, as you are living in a Southwest-facing house, it should benefit you in the current period of 8.

So there, Eduardo. You're all set! Good things are ahead for you.

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