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Weekend Mail
22nd – 23rd March 2008



Dear Lillian,
Firstly, I’d like to say that I am an avid fan of feng shui and love reading your book.

I am staying in a condominium together with my three kids.  My two daughters and I are working, while my son is still studying.  My eldest daughter and I are both Rats, while my second daughter is an Ox.  My son is a Dragon.

I need advice on how I can boost my family’s wealth luck, as well as promotion luck.

My home faces the East and my main door is in the East position of my house.  The master bedroom is in the Northwest, while the bathroom is also occupying the Northwest of my master bedroom.  I sleep with my head pointing towards the North.

Is this fine?  I read in one of your books that Rat should not sit facing the South or North this year.  The problem is I can’t rearrange my furniture, and thus have to sit facing North when I am in the living room.  Is there any remedy for this?

Secondly, what I can do to boost the scholastic luck of my son?  He is 20 this year and, as mentioned, is a Dragon.  He sleeps with his head pointing towards East.  His room door is directly opposite the bathroom door.  His room also occupies the Northwest sector of the house.
I really need your advice and hope that you can help me.  Thank you.

Yours Truly, GK

Dear GK,
I can tell by your animal signs that your family is very close and that you are exceptionally close to your daughters and son.  This is a good year for Rats, so I strongly suggest that you try to adjust your sitting direction so that you do not face North directly.  At the very least, swivel your body away from the North just a little bit while you’re in your living room.  That should be fine.

Your son the Dragon is just entering his good year, so do not worry about him.  With his head pointed East, he should benefit from this year’s East chi – very auspicious indeed.  Can I suggest that he get hold of the Education amulet?  This is sure to help him.  Also, get my compass with its free booklet on how he can tap his best directions while studying and sitting for his exams.

Dear Lillian,
I attended your 2008 talk at Suntec City in Singapore in January.  But there were a few things which were not touched upon, and I need some clarification on them from you.  I hope you can advice me:

   1. What do we do with the Rice Pot this year?  Last year, I was told to fill it with foreign currency.  How bout this year?  And what do we do with our old foreign currency notes?
   2.  I’ve bought a new Five Element Pagoda for this year.  What do I do with my old set?
   3.  Which day is good to put up the new Feng Shui item I bought for 2008?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks, Winnie Loh


Dear Winnie,
This year, the Rice Pot should be the same as in previous years.  Let there be continuity, but ADD some new notes and money to symbolise ‘addition’ to your family wealth.  Leave the old notes there for the year.

As for the old Five Element pagoda, keep it in your store room – it’s good to use a new one to subdue a very strong Five Yellow in the South this year.

You should have placed the new remedies up by Feb 4 but you can still use my Almanac Calendar to find a date that is auspicious for your animal sign.

Dear Lillian,
I’ve come across several articles which mention feng shui taboos regarding storage beds (beds with drawers underneath), written by other authors.  But I can’t seem to find any advice on this topic at your website or in any of your books that I had read.

Is it true that storage beds interfere with the flow of chi, thus making them bad?  I live in a small apartment in Singapore and am running out of space.  I am seriously considering the empty space under my bed as a storage area.

Regards, Lily

Dear Lily,
Yes it’s true.  I myself prefer not to sleep on things I value.  I also do not sleep on junk, so the best way to answer your question is not to have storage drawers under the bed.

But I also sympathise with you regarding the lack of storage space, so if you are absolutely cramped, store your items in the bottom half of the bed (without drawers).

Just make certain the things placed there are not your books, holy objects or other auspicious things.


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