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Feng Shui Malaysia

Opening the ‘door’ to happiness

Weekend Mail
8th – 9th March 2008

Dear Lillian,
I attended your feng shui extravaganza on Jan 13 and must say that I tremendously enjoyed the session. My family have been using the sliding glass door in SW1 (very near to South) as our main door for the past 20 years without any mishaps. There is a wooden door at the side of the glass door in the direction of NW, which we rarely use.

However, during your extravaganza, you mentioned that both SW and NW are afflicted. Thus, do you have any professional advice on which door we should use?

For your information, my husband is retired, aged 57 born in the Year of the Rabbit on April 29, 1951 (East group); my eldest son is an IT specialist), aged 29 born in the Year of the Ram on Nov 1, 1979 (East group); my second son is a programmer, aged 26 born in the Year of the Dog on Oct 23, 1982 (East group); my youngest daughter is a production assistant), aged 24 born in the Year of the Rat on Oct 6, 1984 (West group); and I am a personal assistant, aged 52 born
in the Year of the Monkey on Aug 9, 1956 (West group).

Thank you for doing a fabulous job for all your readers. I am sure your kind deeds will be rewarded manifold.

Warm Regards, SL Kok

Dear Mrs Kok,
You and your daughter benefit greatly from the SW door and direction your house faces in this period of 8 as do the boys in the family. It would be a good idea for the father and the boys to use the NW door, and for you and your daughter to use the SW door.

The SW direction is very auspicious in this period of 8, but this year 2008, it is afflicted by the burglary star. This is easy to overcome and keep under control with the presence of the Blue Rhino image. The SW continues then to be auspicious. As for the NW, it has the illness star which needs metal energy. So use the metal wu lou and metal windchimes to overcome the illness star, and then it should be fine. Feng shui is all about knowing what is wrong and then using remedies to subdue what is wrong.

Dear Lillian,
I have just started to learn about feng shui and know that it can help to enhance luck if it is done right. I was born in 1977 which means I am a Snake personality. I've bought your book Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2008
- Snake. However, I'm a bit confused as the book says that a nine-DZI bead can enhance my luck while the WOFS website says wearing that a 10-DZI bead will help to ensure smoothness. Can you help to clarify this matter?

I will be sitting for my final professional exams this year. Do you have any tips on how I can pass my exams and advance to a professional level? I am also seeking love this year, if possible. Can you advise on what I should do to enhance the possibility of finding Mr. Right?

Thank you very much, Aivee

Dear Aivee,
Both the nine and 10-eyed DZIs will benefit you this year. The nine-eyed is always excellent for attracting good fortune and that is why it is the most popular of the DZI beads. To overcome small obstacles and to ensure that life goes smoothly, the 10-eyed DZI will help considerably, so wear both. It is for this reason we all need more than one type of DZI that I came up with my DZI bead silver charms. They also really help to activate your peach blossom luck for love. I have just been told that a dear friend of mine just got her boyfriend to propose after seven years! This happened after she generated activity in her peach blossom direction (which is North) by placing a stunning bejewelled Rat there. As for you, your peach blossom is in the South direction and your peach blossom animal is the Horse but since this year the South is afflicted, you should maybe wait until next year to do so as it will be very effective then.

Dear Lillian,
I read your magazine, love visiting your shop in Taiping and also try to follow the principles of Feng Shui to an extent. At times I am lucky, at times not. My main problem is that I am a member of an NGO, we work together but there is never any peace. There are always fights, unpleasantness and hatred, so much so that we lose members quite frequently. This usually happens when we reach a certain number, such as 13 - we would lose members to go back to 10.

I try to maintain peace, I am born in the Year of the Monkey. The meeting room is a hotel conference room. I think the president sits with her back to the East and the tables are rectangle. I am supposed to take up presidency in July and I don't feel so good about it.

Can you please advise me/ my club on how to keep the peace and harmony and the membership in the club.

Thanking you, Aquarius

Dear Aquarius,
It is usual for people who work in an honorary capacities, such as in NG0s, to allow their differences of opinions to turn into anger and temper tantrums. Often, there is also a lot of politicking. As your president sits with her back to East and is therefore facing West, she with get hit by the quarrelsome star. My suggestion is for you to place a Rooster image there. It will also help to have six round glass or crystal balls on the table as this will create a greater sense of harmony and balance. Things will go more smoothly after that.

As for you becoming the next president, I think you should as you are entering a good period in your life. Use this opportunity to create a more harmonious and less contentious atmosphere. As the leader, you can set the tone and discourage politicking. Give everyone a job to do, and use humor and praise to dissolve hostilities. I am sure you can do it. Good luck.

Dear Lillian,
My house is facing South and my room is sitting on the Southwest (to be exact, 20 per cent South and 80 per cent Southwest). Can I place the five-element pagoda and three-divine protector in my room near the window which is facing south too? Or should I place it a t the living room and buy other ‘cures’ for my room? I can’t move into another room as the rest of the rooms have been rented out. I was born a Water Dog and my Kua number is six.

Thank and best regards, Water Dog

Dear Water Dog,
As your house is facing South, the cures against the afflictions hurting the South must be placed outside the house as the negative energy should be dissolved before it ha sa chance to hit your door.

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