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Feng Shui Malaysia

Luck: the good and the bad

Weekend Mail
23rd – 24th February 2008

Dear Lillian,
I am new to the art of feng shui. I cannot remember how my interest began but it seems as if it was always 'just there'.

Incidentally, I sometimes visit Kuala Lumpur and never fail to drop by your shop at Mid Valley.

I am writing to you in the hope that you could advise me on a certain matter.
As you stated in your book, last year was supposed to be difficult for me, but I managed to keep my head above water. I was born in the year of the Rat and I know and feel that this year is my year.

I am currently looking for a home for myself and my daughter. As February is
said to be the best month to move, I am putting all my efforts into it. But what will ensure that my future in my new home will be more promising - renting or buying?

I would also like to change careers and go into the writing/translation business. Would that be advisable?

As for relationships, my estranged husband and I are on relatively good terms. I try to be supportive and gave him a Rooster for his office, as things are not going too well for him there. He is often depressed because of work and from being apart from his daughter, who lives with me. He was born in the year of the Boar. Are things going to get better for him?

I have decided to start going out again just to see what's happening in the outside world. However, I sometimes wonder if my husband and I will get back together, or is it not worth waiting for? Could you advise me on this?

Thank you for your time, SA

Dear SA,
The good news about life is that good and bad luck comes in cycles, and the Rat is in for a good year, at least better than last year. And yes, you must get out and imbue yourself with yang energy. It is always bad when we gather too much into our shell and allow yin spirit formation to subdue our essence and our vitality. Sometimes, just going to a mall on the weekend and consciously breathing in the active energy of the shopping crowd can bring new energy into our lives, so try doing that.

As for your husband, ask him to do the same and to consciously break out of the depressive yin energy formation. Place a Hundred Birds painting near the entrance into your home and let these birds bring you new opportunities. Shine a bright light at the birds and activate the East sector of your home with a nice water feature.
Add fish in the water feature if you like, but use small, lively fish. And finally, move the furniture around in your living room. Move your stuff and change your life! Free up stagnant energy and feel the difference. Good luck!

Dear Lillian,
I am very interested in feng shui and I have been a fan of yours for nearly 10 years now. I must thank you for all the effort you have made to help so many people.

l have been very happy to follow your advice over these 10 years, and my life is getting better thanks to you.

I still have one matter for which I require your expert advice.

My home has a West-facing front door. To increase my income, can I paint this door black?

Also, my friends come to me for advice on their personal problems. I try and help them with feng shui tips that I know. But the thing is, I always have problems in my own life. Why do I have problems when I help others?

I look forward to getting your advice on these two questions.
Many thanks for your kind assistance.

Regards, Krutika

Dear Krutika,
First of all, I would definitely advise you NOT to paint the West- facing front door black. I would advise you to paint it red instead to improve your luck, especially in 2008.

As for you having problems in your private life, well, there are a zillion possible reasons for this, so all I can say is, that maybe you might want to look within yourself and determine if it is because you might be unconsciously bringing problems to yourself even as you help others. Sometimes, when one is so keen on wanting to be a do-gooder, one can fail to see the woods for the trees. Focus instead on improving your own life before trying to improve the lives of others!

Dear Lillian,
I have a few copies of your books, and have been getting myself updated by surfing your website. I have some questions regarding relationship matters.

1) My boyfriend's Kua number is 3 (Sheep), whereas mine is 5 (Rooster). According to the WOFS Compatibility Readings, we are not so compatible. What can be done in this matter?

2) We have plans to get married in the year of the Tiger (2010). Previously, I have heard of the elderly saying that it is not good to get marry in the Tiger year. Is this so? We can't choose the year of the 0x, as this is not a good year for my boyfriend.
That is all and I eagerly await your advice.

Thank, Rooster Lady

Dear Rooster Lady,
Compatibility according to the year of birth is only the first level of analysis for Chinese astrology. Usually, we also go deeper into the Eight characters chart. But at least your boyfriend is not a Rabbit - otherwise, the incompatibility would be even more serious.

Wear the nine eyed silver DZI. It is sure to help you as it suppresses all negative vibes for the Rooster person.

As for wanting to marry in the year of the Tiger, what you hear is inaccurate. There are 365 a year and it is easy to choose a day in a month that is beneficial for you both. Check my annual Almanac calendar when the year of the Tiger comes around, as I do indicate good dates for getting married. That is, if you still want to marry each other in three year's time...

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