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Hopping good year for Rabbits

Weekend Mail
9th – 10th February 2008

Dear Lillian,
I enjoyed reading your yearly Fortune & Fengshui book and have tried following the advice given as close as possible. I am a Female Rabbit born on Sept 26, 1963. My husband is also a Rabbit born on Aug 24, 1963. We have a son born on May 23, 1991.

We live in a North-facing double-storey house. I placed a small pond and a 6-rod chime at the front of the house when we first moved in 1999. Our front door is in the Northeast and there is a big sliding door in the Northwest. Our master bedroom is in the Northwest, with the toilet in the Northeast, above the front door. My son’s room is in the Southwest, above the downstairs toilet and guest room.

In the East direction of our house, there is a small, dark store room under the staircase. I have just recently removed the door in order to let lights in and to make it part of the living area. With that in mind, I have activated it with a table lamp and placed beneath it a water feature of the money frog, a laughing Buddha, a dragon-head tortoise and recently, a pak choy.

Both of us wear the 12-eyed Dzi-beads on our right wrists. I wear a jade pendant, while my husband wears a 9-eyed Dzi-bead necklace.

Despite 2007 being forecasted as a great year for the Rabbits, it had been a very rocky year for us. Exactly on Valentine’s Day 2007, my husband’s infidelity was exposed to me. It was just a few days short of the 2007 Chinese New Year. Since then, my health and career have been negatively affected. Things are, however, slowly picking up, though the trust is still far from being mended.

Wealth luck, meanwhile, had always been near, but it always slips away beyond reach. Career progress had been good for me, but for my husband, it had always been a possibility that never materialised.

In the workplace, you are so right, as we seem to have a number of envious colleagues. Financially, we are not well-off, but comfortable. We have also traveled quite a fair bit this year, both domestically and overseas.

I truly hope you could provide me with some advice or comments on what you think is hindering my progress.

Thank you, WY

Dear WY,
Well it’s a good thing you wore the Dzi beads and did a few things..but let me tell you exactly what happened to you last year, which, by the way, was good for Rabbits, but not as good as 2008 is going to be. Alas, since both you and your husband are Rabbit born, the East part of your home is the desired direction. So you MUST absolutely safeguard things. And if you had read my Feng Shui and Fortune book for Rabbits carefully, you would have seen that I strongly emphasized that the kitchen, the toilet and the store room should not be where you say yours are. If they are, then all your luck gets locked up! This is what happened in your house.

Next, you have a door in the Northeast and last year, the dreaded wu wang or five yellow (which brings misfortune) was there! And obviously, you did not use the cure I recommended because you did get beset with misfortune. Your husband was unfaithful and this is because the Northwest (which affects him) was afflicted by the quarrelsome star last year. So he and you just quarreled and he was unfaithful. There is also a sliding door there that activates the quarrelsome star. And worse: the North sector was also afflicted last year because the cheating star was there, and hence your husband cheated on you.

So many afflictions which could be easily have been prevented if you had either followed the cures and remedies I recommended in my book, or if you had come to my Extravaganza last year, where I told everyone what to do about such afflictions.

So, moral of story: Please take note of everything recommended in the Rabbit book for 2008 and follow them closely, because this is going to be a great year for Rabbit people.

Please tear down the store room in your East and forgive your husband and try to start anew. If you had attended my Extravaganza earlier this year (held at the Convention centre in KL on Jan 13), you would know all the cures to put into place. This year, the Northwest has the illness affliction, but the Northeast is safe. And the North is also enjoying good luck, so it should be a better year all round. But your son should be careful, as his bedroom is afflicted.

Dear Lilian,
I have been an ardent fan of yours and I’ve been buying things recommended by your yearly animal book almost 10 years now.

However, my luck has not been good at all, especially in terms of career and business prospects. I am a male metal monkey aged 51 (1956) and I have just started a wine business on my own.

But my business has not been smooth sailing in terms of marketing and revenue collection. As such, I would like to seek your advice, since I realise that my master bedroom toilet is facing Southwest and your recommended remedy is to place a plant or hang a five rod solid wind chime in the area. I would like to ask which remedy is better, at least where my business is concerned. I eagerly await your reply.

Thank you, Desperate Man

Dear Desperate Man,
You know, it is not about buying things. It is about getting the right things and placing them in the correct place in your house and then updating your feng shui from year to year. You should read the book carefully from month to month and you should place the remedies for all the afflictions according to the chart of the year, and then you will be able to suppress bad luck and enjoy good fortune.

For 2008, the Monkey could get cheated, so it is so important to be careful and to place the Blue Rhino in the Southwest.

Also, the wine business belongs to the water element, which, in 2008, is going to have hard time as it is not a good year for water element industries. So I would be a little wary about this business if I were you.

Dear Lillian
I have attended your Feng Shui Extravaganza 2008 in Singapore. It was really great seminar and I have learned a lot from you about Feng Shui.

There is one question which I have , and I hope you can advice me.

I am living on the 13th floor and my living room is located in the Southwest sector, which has big window facing West. According to your book Fortune & Feng Shui 2008,water is not to be placed near the front door as this will make the #3 star stronger. In this case, will I still be able to place my steel water fountain in the Southwest sector?Hope to hear from you.

Many thanks, Alice

Dear Alice,
Yes, the Singapore Extravaganza this year was simply amazing. .I had such a great audience and I enjoyed it so much.

Regarding your question: If your water is in the Southwest, it is excellent as the Southwest benifts from water, as it is the indirect spirit of this period of 8. But if your water is in the West, then it is really dangerous, as it will activate the quarrelsome star, which also bring s litigations and misunderstanding.

So use a compass to check. Stand in the centre of your apartment and mark out two directions as accurately as you can. Then just move the water more to the Southwest and it should be good.


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