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Incorporating feng shui practices into your life

Weekend Mail
19th – 20th January 2008

Dear Lillian,
I am in a dilemma. I (a divorcee) live in a small one-bedroom HDB apartment in Singapore with my mum and five-year-old daughter. While I am a true believer on feng shui, my mum is the exact opposite – and a strong free-thinker, too!

I would like to include some feng shui practices in my life but not in my living space, because I do not want to aggravate my mum. I know this is not the best solution, as feng shui works in harmony with the environment. I have no choice but to settle for the best alternative.

Moreover, our living space is too small to place any ‘controllers’ or ‘enhancers’ without my mum’s notice.

I am aware that there are two distinct systems, where I should use the Kua formula to strengthen the self-element and use the Eight Characters system to balance out the chart. But I do not know how to interpret the Eight Characters chart.

I was born in 1974, am a Wood Tiger and my Kua number is 7. Am I right to deduce that I should wear ornaments of my allies, Dog and Horse, while Pig as secret friend and Rabbit for romance?

And are my colours white, silver, gold, yellow, brown and green (for power)?
My chart is as follows:

I appreciate your advice and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you, Wood Tiger

Dear Wood Tiger,
(I shall read your chart only, as your daughters is still too young to have her chart read).
When you read your paht chee (Eight Charecters), it gives you some very useful clues on the kind of elements that work for you from year to year, and if you also follow your 10-year Luck Pillars, it becomes extremely accurate in charting and improving your luck.
In the old days, the paht chee charts were used to determine ‘compatibility’ and to fine-tune the timing of significant events in a person’s life.

You did not provide me your Luck Pillars, but your chart tells me that you are weak Yin Fire, so you need Yin Wood energy. If you activate the East and Southeast of your space with water, it will be beneficial, especially in 2008, when both of these directions are auspicious.

Furthermore, your chart has all five elements present, indicating that you will have a very successful life. You do not have to worry about the future, as your spouse luck is not bad at all. However, you need to wait until you pass the age of 36 before you can meet the man who will bring you great happiness. So it is only another couple more years. That will be when the year of the Tiger comes around again.

In the meantime, wear lots of gold this year, as this will benefit you. If you like, you can also place the Rabbit in the East to activate your peach blossom luck; and get the Horse and the Dog to activate your allies luck. And your secret friend is the Boar.

Since you do not want to place them near you in your home, you can wear them as rings and pendants.

Dear Lillian,
I am a Rooster (born in 1969). My house was built in 2003 and it faces South. The front door is in the centre of the front of the house. When you open the front door, you’re led down a long corridor, and you can see the back wall of the house. This back wall is solid and is the North area.

I placed a water feature in the Northern sector soon after moving into the house. It is situated near the back wall and faces the front door. So when you enter the house, the first thing you see is the water feature.

Is it OK to place a water feature that faces the front door? I’m having doubts, because I’ve noticed that whenever I turn the water feature on, I seem to experience financial difficulties. I suddenly struggle with and run out of money.
But when I turned the water feature off recently, I’ve observed that my financial situation has improved.

Please clarify.
With love and blessings, Diana

Dear Diana,
Well, firstly, try to place some kind of barrier – a screen or some furniture so that from the front door, you cannot see the back door.

You see, my dear, if your back door is directly viewable from your front door, ALL your wealth luck AND good luck flow out the moment they come in. This is a major feng shui taboo!

So when you turn on the water, the flow of wealth OUTWARDS will speed up! No matter how much money you make, it will flow out. So put a barrier in place and then let the water flow into the house and let it stay IN.

Dear Lillian,
My boyfriend and I are planning to buy a landed property, and we wish for you to clarify a few feng shui issues for us before we make a firm commitment on it.

The house is facing Northwest and the house number is 4. I was born a Snake and my Kua is 1. My boyfriend was born a Rat and his Kua number is 7. I am Indian, while he is Chinese.

Is the house’s direction harmonious for both of us?

Whether the house number is auspicious for us?

If the feng shui of the house is good for us, when should we buy it? Should we purchase it this year, and if so, during which month? Thank you so much for your kind advice.

Best Regards, Kavitha

Dear Kavitha,
The house is good for both of you. Your boyfriend benefits from its facing direction and you benefit from its sitting direction.

As for the number 4, Taoists usually believe that if you are born on the fourth day of the month, then the number 4 benefits you. In Compass Flying Star feng shui, 4 stands for literary and romance luck, although the Cantonese do not like 4 because it sounds like the word ‘death’.

From a feng shui perspective, however, 4 is a good number for certain people. As your husband-to-be (I assume you folks are getting married) is a Rat, this is a good year to buy property especially landed property. And with you being a Snake, this coming year is a year attainments for you. So go for it!

As for when to buy, just check by Almanac, dear.


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