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Best time for home renovation works

Weekend Mail
12th – 13th January 2008


Dear Lillian,
Thank you for all the great advice that you have given on feng shui.

I was born in November, 1975 (Rabbit - Kua 8) and my husband was born in December, 1976 (Dragon - Kua 6). We have a daughter, born July 2006 (Dog - Kua 2) and will be expiring a newborn in March this year.

We recently purchased a second-hand, two-storey landed property and are planning major renovation works on it before moving in. The house sits in the South and faces North.

The main door is in the Southwest sector of the house.

Appended is the rough draft of our house's ground floor plan and the main door: I read in Lillian Too & Jennifer Too's Fortune & Feng Shui 2008 that for the Rabbit, a house that faces South will undergo serious affliction if any major renovation work is conducted on its South sector.

The renovation work that I mentioned earlier on will involve practically the whole house, and entail the removal of the house floor, replacement of windows and doors, internal water piping and many more.

I have two questions that I would like for you to answer:
1) As I am pregnant, is it advisable that we go through with the renovation of the house this year, before Feb 7, and before I gift birth in March? Or do I need to wait till our baby is delivered? (We are currently staying in our apartment).

Living Hall
(Main Door)
Dining Hall

2) The South sector is badly afflicted with the 5 Yellow Star in 2008. Can we proceed with the renovation of the house if we don't stay in it in 2008? We only plan to move into the house after work is completed. Otherwise, would this bring affliction to our family, like disaster, sickness and lost of wealth? Appreciate your advice on this.

Thank you, Angie

Dear Angie,
Congratulations! What a lovely way to start the new cycle year of the Rat (who will be the ally of your husbands the Dragon). So this is a birth to look forward to. And with you being a Rabbit, this coming year should be most auspicious for you.

My advice is to wait until after the baby comes and then start the renovations in your new house. As long as you do not live there, all the building work taking place with not affect you in any way, but as you're pregnant, it is always better not to take the risk of being 'hurt' by the renovations. My advice is to start your renovations about a month after the baby arrives, as this makes sure all is well with the baby, too.

Also, renovating your house in a year that is good for both you and your husband is very auspicious even though the house is facing South. No one is living there yet, so that makes it all right. Just make sure not to begin renovation works in the South or the Southwest.

Instead, try to start renovations on a good day (check my Almanac), and start in the East sector of the house and then finish in the Southeast sector. Please also try to complete everything and move into the house during this same year, as it is a good year for your family.

Dear Lillian,
I am female Rat whose kua number is 2; my husband is a Monkey whose kua number is 8; and our only son is an Ox whose kua number is 3. We moved in to our house in London at the end of 2004 (it's a Period 7 home facing east, 2 or 3 (100 degrees compass reading). The tiling room is at the back of the house,
in the Southwest, West and Northwest sectors. The kitchen is in the front, on the just floor. Our son's bedroom is on the second floor, at the front (East section) of the house, with an en suite bathroom in the Northeast section.

As regards our house, what do we need to do to ensure our son's good education prospers?

Thank you so much, Rada

Dear Rada,
What a great combination of Zodiac allies and friends! You and your son are ‘secret friends’, and good for each other. The house is beneficial for your son who belongs to the East group. His bedroom is in the correct place, as East is not only his good location, it also benefits the eldest (only son). I suggest that he should activate his Fu Wei direction by placing the Dragon Gate Waterfall in the Southeast, and a Crystal Globe in the Northeast. When he studies, makes sure that he always faces East or Southeast (and avoid facing the South or North as these directions are afflicted in 2008).

Dear Lillian,
I have just bought a new house and my son's room is situated above the car garage. I understand from one of your books that the quality of the bedroom's feng shui suffers from a lack of a base with substance.

Also, the occupant will definitely be lacking in luck and success is elusive.
Does it help if I install rollershutters for the car garage? Please advise on what can be done to improve the bedroom's feng shui.

Thank you, JM Tan

Dear Mr Tan,
There is a very easy solution for this kind of problem. Yes, it is not auspicious to sleep above an 'empty' room, as it suggests a lack of foundations, making success difficult to come by. The best thing to do is to energise the garage with lights, sounds or movement.

Anything that enhances the yang energy there will improve things for the bedroom above, so maybe keep the lights turned on or keep a radio there? And as long as you do not treat the garage like a storeroom and you strengthen the Yang Chi there, the energy will be good.

Dear Lillian,
I am a great fan of yours and am constantly visiting your website for feng shui tips. I must say the website is very interesting.

I have a problem and I would very much appreciate it if you could help me.

I have been luckless in love. I am female, born on April 24, 1967, (Sheep) and my kau number is 9. The living room of my house is Nrothwest-facing. I have already placed the Mandarin Duck and Peach Blossom Friend (the Rat) in the Southwest sector of my house to activate my love luck but nothing seems to have worked so far.

I had two short relationships in my early twenties, but both men were very possessive and I broke off with them. I would like to share my life with someone special, but I have had no luck since my fast relationship.

I really need your help and advice.

Warm regards, CC

Dear CC,
Well, the energisers are bringing potential love interests into your life but you are the one being choosy. Now there is nothing wrong with being choosy, but this means that you will just have to play the field until someone who catches your fancy comes along.

Don't give up hope, my dear. Sometimes, it takes time for the Peach Blossom method to work, but you can speed things along by wearing a Double Happiness ring and a Dzi charm made of silver. Another excellent feng shui way of attracting potential husbands into your life is by enhancing the Northwest corner of your house with bright lights. Hang the picture of a good-looking man there as well and see if this can bring you someone you can fall for.


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