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Feng Shui Malaysia

Enhancing career and marriage

Weekend Mail
5th – 6th January 2008

Dear Lillian,
I was born on June 28, 1963, at 1.12pm, which makes me a Rabbit.

My life has been miserable since I got married on June 17, 1989. It was a difficult marriage and we separated a year later, on Nov 8, 1990. I returned to my parents' home and was legally-divorced in 1998. But I was blessed with a beautiful son who is now 16 years old, and he has been a bright spot in my personal life.

My work life is alright, but I would like to advance in my career. I used to follow your feng shui tips for my office decoration and furniture arrangement. I invested in the Ru Yi, belts, the Laughing Buddha and many more.

But when my boss retired on June 30, 2007, I was forced to return to my old office. which is now different. I used to have a room before, but the once now has an open design concept.

The thing is, behind my new desk is a room separated from me by a glass partition. What do you think of this? There is also a door to my side, but I have placed a plant near it and it is growing beautifully.

My new boss is such a Covets guy and I adore him very much. So in that respect, I'm lucky. But I'm still an executive and I would like the chance to be promoted to senior executive this year. Is there hope for me?

Back to the personal arena - do you think there is any chance I might remarry? My son is almost fully-grown now and I would like to have some company. I bought the Rat figurine recently, but I've noticed no change in my love life.

Thank you and best regards,
Preyma v.

Dear Preyma,
Well, you can have all these things you wish for if you believe you can! As you are a Rabbit, the coming year is excellent for you indeed.

Luck smiles on you and it is up to you to make the best of whatever opportunities come your way. However, I do want to caution you about falling in love with your boss. Gee whiz, that can be quite dangerous, you know! Emotional entanglement at the office can play havoc with your mind and your concentration, so I suggest that if you want to remarry, then go get yourself a takeover and start mixing around more socially.

Yes. Activate your peach blossom luck with your peach blossom animal and tap your love direction when you sleep. Also, place a picture of a bride and groom in your bedroom. Wear a double happiness ring.

Dear Lillian,

My sister gave me, as a gift, a container with three bamboo stacks. I simply kept adding water to it every two weeks, instead of removing the old water first and adding new water (I didn't realise I had to do so). Two of the stalks have turned black and died, although a new shoot has emerged from one of them.
Also, the plant has some brown Leaves and it's not growing healthily.

The thing is, since this happened, I have been experiencing ill health and it is getting worse. Should I throw out the bamboo and would you recommend replacing it?

Thank you, Mary Ann

Dear Mary Ann,
I would just throw the whole thin away. When a plant like that dries up, dies, or turns smelly, it is bringing afflicted energy to your space.

Dear Lillian,
I am a big fan of yours and have used all your books and followed your advice as per your books. But the difficulties in my life never seem to be over. I have a job as a professor, but I always face a money crunch.

I have a water feature in the southwest direction of my house and it is always running, but the flow of money out is always a problem, and money does not stay with me. All my credit cards are reaching their limit, and I have huge payments due and am almost in debt.

Furthermore, I have to settle my visa issues and I am trying for a H1B visa, and the process is moving very slowly. Please advise me on how to activate my house and workplace to make them more lucky, and increase the flow of money.

My birthdate is July 20, 1965 (Snake). My kua number is 7.

I will be very grateful if you respond.

Thanks, Lopita

Dear Lopita,
Wow, a professor no less! And you say your luck is bad? If you are always short of money, why don’t you try thinking of ways to enhance your income? Meanwhile get my latest Flying Star Made Easy book and find out where the Water Star 8 in your house is located and then place a water feature there. When you can successfully energise the Water Star 8 in your house, money luck improves by leaps and bounds.

As for your visa problems and headaches, well, this is a universal problem. Check if there are any missing corners in your house, as this could cause problems. Place a light in the Northeast direction after Feb 4, and things should improve.

Dear Lillian,
I read your reply to m letter in the Sept 8-9 issue of Weekend Mail. Thank you. I am so glad you replied.

I have since placed the small amethyst geode as you advised.

But I need your advice on another matter – sleeping directions. My husband’s nien yen direction is southwest, but southwest is my Six Killings direction. My kua number is 9, and my husband’s is 6.

Should I go against my direction if I am to save my marriage?

Thank you once again, Sad

Dear Sad,
Yes. It is better to go sleep with your head pointed to his nien yen direction, as this will make him stay home. Also, make sure your northwest corner is not missing and is not afflicted with a toilet.

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