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When one’s career is in the wrong gear

Weekend Mail
22nd – 23rd December 2007

Dear Lillian,
I have been due for promotion a for a long time but there always seem to be some sort of obstacle. My house faces South and sits North. In my living room on the Northwest corner is a storeroom where we keep our shoes. At my dining area in the North is a small toilet. In my kitchen in the Northwest corner is another room where my wife keeps her provisions, refrigerator, broom, etc. In my bedroom on the Northeast is an attached bathroom. I was born on the 4/1/1962 and I am an Ox. Please advise how I can counter this affliction and move on in my career.

By the way, the Northeast sector which has a storeroom, can be countered with a bright light. At the moment, I have placed a Five element pagoda on the floor entrance to the storeroom. Really need your advice.

Thank you so much.
Regards, JS

Dear JS,
The Northeast is afflicted this year, so the five-element pagoda is a cure there, and since your bedroom is there, you might be feeling the effects of the wu wang or five yellow. This year has also been really bad for those born in the year of the Ox, so the coming year will improve for you personally, although other problems rear their ugly head in 2008. What you need is a brass fan to transform all obstacles into something positive. I would also look for another door to enter the house through because next year, the South is terribly afflicted. There will be more obstacles coming your way because your South facing direction will attract a great deal more misfortunes. There are several things to do but the first is to make sure you do not enter and leave the house using the South facing door. Try looking for another door.

Dear Lillian,

I live in Singapore and was born in the year of Monkey. Lately, I have been having some problems at work. My boss has put me in charge of the team but my colleagues are unhappy about it. I don’t seem to be able to get along with them and they are always trying to make things difficult at work. Also, my boss is not doing much to help me out of the situation and continues to pile more work on me.

I read in your website that I can display the figurine of a rooster at my work desk to counter office politics. However, I do not have a dedicated work desk and would not be able to display any feng shui items in the office. Where else can I display the figurine?

I have gotten my ally and friend amulet but I can’t carry it with me at work. So I leave it in my car. Is it alright?

Appreciate if you could give me some advice.

Thank you, Upset

Dear Upset,
I have to tell you that your problem is not so much office politics as not having enough authority luck to lead your team. They make life difficult for you and you lack the chi energy to exert your authority over them. The feng shui answer to a problem such as yours, is to arm yourself with the RUYI, which has always been the scepter of authority. Go and find yourself a good sized solid RUYI, selecting a design which also appeals to you and display it on your desk. Or wear a golden RUYI which you can get from any of my feng shui boutiques. This will definitely help you exert your leadership more effectively.

Dear Lillian,
Thanks for making feng shui and bazi understandable to many of us. Your works have helped me learn to appreciate Chinese culture and lucky miracles in life in greater depth since I started reading them in 2003.

Since putting relationship remedies in place, I have also gotten into a growing relationship for the first time with a partner who shares similar religious background, family values in upbringing and temperament. He was born between 1100 and 1300hrs June 24, 1976 and 1 1100-1300hrs Aug 23, 1975. after knowing each other through thick and thin at work since 2004, we discovered strong mutual feelings for each other, started a relationship a year ago, and he is now asking my parents’ permission and my nod to get married next September.

This is a happy progress and there is so much gratefulness – for we were not lucky in previous relationships, and seeing my father’s girlfriends outside marriage often saddens me about faithlessness. I sometimes feel worried to fall into the same trap as my parents, that somewhere along the 50 or 60 years of marriage, we meet someone out there with naturally better astrological match? Right now, a colleague is being so sweet and friendly to him, though he assures me it’s professional. I sometimes think that if I truly truly love him, then I should free him to find a rooster, monkey or rat out there for longlasting smooth-sailing happiness that would know no interference, but such silly thought saddens us as we love each other dearly (still).

You’ve seen life and you’ve spoken to many people. May I seek your wisdom and feng shui remedy on how you’d approach this type of concern of a couple please?

May you continue to be blessed with abundance and a heart that shows so much care and love for others.

Much appreciation, LL Hue J,
The Phillipines

Dear LL Hue,
You should really rejoice for having found your soul mate and don’t be afraid to lose him. Relationship are not so easily broken unless jealously and insecurity cause you to allow doubts to creep in. Having said that I do know how you feel and indeed I have also seen some very strong and loving relationship fall apart due to the carelessness of the other side, so you are wise to be concerned. Stay cool, my dear, but be clever. Make friends with the ‘competition’ and don’t let her get too intimate or familiar with your man. No need to be jealous, but do be alert so nothing has a chance to develop between them. These days, there are many predatory females around. Meanwhile do get the double happiness symbol. Wear it to display it near you and make him wear it, too. Then make sure he sleeps with his head to his personal nien yen direction. This will ensure his mind does not get easily tempted to risk his relationship with you.


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