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Feng Shui Malaysia

When luck is so close, yet far away

Weekend Mail
15th – 16th December 2007

Dear Lillian,
I am a female Boar born on Sep 21, 1971, while my hubby is a Sheep born on Nov 25, 1967. I recently developed a keen interest in feng shui, thanks to your book Lillian Too's Fortune & Feng Shui 2007 Sheep. The months which were identified as being 'good' actually turned out to be just that for me, as I saw many good opportunities coming my way. Unfortunately something must have stood in the way, because I was not able to avail myself to them.

For example, the extremely lucky month 3 for the Sheep (which was from April 5 to May 5, 2007, was especially filled with such opportunities and there were many chances for striking it big in the 4D scene. Somehow, they did not translate winnings for me at all. But we came very close several times: we had our car serviced recently, and the mechanic had quoted the price for the four tyres to be replaced. He repeated the price a few times. I had a feeling about buying the number, but in the end, we did not take action and proceeded home instead, as I was feeling unwell. The next day, the number struck second prize.

Prior to that, the mobile phone company had offered a new number to my hubby which was a permutation of his existing mobile phone number. My hubby had insisted that the last four numbers should stay unchanged. A few days later, his existing mobile number won. At the same time, he suddenly had persistent fever (at a temperature which mirrored his phone number - as confirmed by the doctor) one day before the number struck first prize!

There were sad consequences to these misses, as we were lamenting over our missed chances, of conversation led to the last number my hubby had ever struck it big with.

However, we thought nothing of it. But the next day it struck third prize! There are other examples, but in these instances, we missed the top three prizes.

That third month has proven to be unforgettable and we don't want to miss our boat again. As yesterday was the 1st day of my hubby's doubly lucky tenth month (Sheep) and the same thing happened again. We missed the first prize yet again! I am just wondering if there's something hindering these lucky months. In your book, you advised to wear or carry along a Horse (his secret friend) to tap the remarkable luck this month.

I hope you can provide us with some timely insights as we hope to profit from this month, which will end Dec 6, 2007.

Thank you so much,

Dear Springrose,
Oh dear. You make all these misses sound so funny! Actually, two of my Sheep friends did have a great April and they continued to enjoy a really good year. This year favors Sheep people very much indeed. When I talk about opportunities, I am thinking of opportunities related to your work or career or business - although, of course, playing the lottery or four digits is also one kind of opportunity.

I am not good at advising on numbers, as I do not gamble myself, but it would seem that there could be something inside your house blocking your luck.

So can I suggest you check and see if something may be blocking the Southwest corner, such as old newspapers? Or, maybe your Southwest corner is missing altogether? Or there could be a cupboard there 'locking up' your luck. This is because the luck of the Sheep is related to the chi of the Southwest direction. If you have a toilet or a kitchen there, this can also be the culprit.

Whatever it is that is blocking the Southwest, try to clear it - and your husband's luck will instantly improve. Also, do wear some lucky amulets to ensure that the luck can ripen.

I hope you finally strike your four digits this coming month!

Dear Lillian,
I have loved reading your witty comments and book. My husband (Tiger - 6.6.1974) and I (Horse 11.5.1978) recently invested in a house facing the Northeast. We are concerned with a few things though:

1. There is a powder room (with a toilet) facing the kitchen
2. The toilet on the second stored is above the stove and changing the stove area may lead to it facing the Northwest.

This has been the only house we've lived in so far without missing corners and has perfectly matched our directions as wet! as numerological quest. Could you kindly suggest some remedies for the problem?

Thank you for your advise,

Dear Harita,
Congratulations, first of all, for being so compatible. You are zodiac allies. Your Kua is 2, while your husband's Kua is 8, so both of you make the sum of 10 and you are both earth element numbers.

This being the period of 8, things should just be great for you, and of course, sitting Southwest and facing Northeast means you will benefit from what we in Feng Shui circles term the 'specials'.

In tight of all this, your Feng Shui 'problems' seem pretty tiny.

But here's what you do. First of all, keep the powder room door closed at all times and hang a tiny bunch of flowers on the toilet door. Secondly, as for your second- floor toilet above the stove, it's definitely easier to move the stove than the toilet. Facing the Northwest is fine, as long as it is not in the Northwest. So see, your Feng Shui is a piece of cake!

Dear Lillian,
I'm Vanitha (born on 26.11.1977) and my husband's name is Selvadurai (born on 12.12.1976). We just got married last year on Nov 25. After calculating our Kua numbers, I discovered that mine is 1, while his is 6.

We are new to feng shui, but I've always found it very interesting. So we'd like to explore it as a way of solving our current problem.

My husband was recently promoted to a good position in his career and I'm a housewife. Even though he earns nearly RM3,000 per month, we can hardly put aside any money for savings, no matter how hard we try. We often force ourselves not to spend, but at the end of the month, the money would be gone. Things get realty bad when unexpected expenses crop up, and things have gotten realty bad in the past few months, as we have been forced to pawn off some of our goad.

Please let us know if there is any way that feng shui can help save and increase our wealth.

Please help us.
Thank you, Your fan.

Dear Fan,
I guess everyone else is making the same observation, because of course, the cost of living really has gone up quite substantially From cars to houses and now to food bills and transport bills and so forth, not to mention entertainment and shopping. Ayoh can die just thinking about it! So don't fret. These days, it is getting harder to make ends meet. it's called inflation, my dear! So what's the solution? Use feng shui to improve your income luck.

There are so many ways to do this.

You can choose from using water to activate the North or the water star 8; using a Sailing Ship which you position in such a way as to appear as if it's sailing into your house from your best direction; using any of the other wealth enhancers, such as Three-legged Toads, Wealth Pots (placed liberally throughout the house) and, of courser making the Wealth Vase and creating ingot-filled urns and trays, and placing them on your coffee tables. These all symbolise wealth in the home.

You can also try this ritual. Place 10 ringgit notes under your rice urn and keep adding to this 'wealth' each year. You will never be short of money again.


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