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Ensuring your unborn child’s gender

Weekend Mail
8th – 9th December 2007

Dear Lillian,
I've noticed that many people who are planning to have children, use feng shui to ensure that they get a baby boy.

But in my case, I am seeking your help to have a little girl instead. I already have two little boys and I want to add a new member to our family, hopefully in 2008. I very much want a girt to join my boys. My Kua number is 8 and I was born in the Year of the Rabbit (1975), white my hubby's Kua is 9, and he was born in the Year of the Ox (1974).

What can I do to have my wish granted? Hopefully, dear Lillian, you'll be able to help.

Thanks, Your Fan

Dear Fan,
Well, join the club! We, too, want Jennifer (my daughter) and her husband to have a baby girl, as we think it will be nice to have a granddaughter after having a grandson, but of course, these things are not entirely up to us.

In our case, I have checked their paht chee and it seems that they are destined to have another boy! But we do know of a special method for determining the baby's gender.
it's based on a formula and we have reproduced the chart and formula in our Feng Shui Almanac Calendar. I would suggest that you get the Almanac to see if that can help you.

According to this formula, whether the baby is a boy or a girt depends on the woman's age when she conceives, and the month of conception, As you are a Rabbit born in 1975, that means you'll be 33 years old next year, so your chances of getting a girl are higher if the baby is conceived next year - but you might as well get the month exactly right. So get the Almanac!

Dear Lillian,
I have read pour books and magazines, and watched your DVDs for pointers and advice, and tried to follow them. But I cannot seem to solve the problem I am now facing. Luckily, I can ask you directly for advice through your Weekend Mail column.

I was born on Nov 2, 1967, and my Kua number is 9. Six months ago, I moved to a new room in my office. Unfortunately, I cannot tap my lucky direction in my new workplace. Now, I am sitting facing the Southwest, with the door located on the West sided If I sit facing the Southeast (the only good direction for my Kua number), my body will be directly hit by the chi from the open door.

Please advise on whether it is better for me to sit facing my good direction (white being hit by the door's chi), or sit without facing my good direction, but with my table positioned further away from and diagonal to the door.

Is there any solution for my problem? I have considered sitting facing the Northwest, but this year, that direction is afflicted and is not my good direction. Thanks a lot for your advice!

Regards, Lili

Dear Lili,
Indeed, with your Kua number 9, you are an East group person, so this direction is not good for you (based on the Eight Mansions formula of Feng Shui). However, facing the Southwest is not a bad thing for you because this year, the direction is auspicious, as it is blessed by the energy of 8. Also, the Southwest is a very good direction for those born in the years of the Monkey and Sheep. If you are either of these animal signs, then the Southwest is sure to benefit you (this is based on the ZODIAC formula of directions).

Finally, since you are a female (and if you are also married and have children), your family 'status' is that of Matriarch, for whom the Southwest direction is truly excellent.

So, you see, even though you're an East group person, there are exceptions to the rules on directions. To answer your last question: if the Southwest has not been good for you and you wonder whether to face either the bad direction or the door, I would say that it is preferable to face the bad direction and then have something to block its chi (this being the Southwest, a plant or a vase of flowers will do). Alternatively, you could have your back to the door, but not before installing a mirror that allows you to see anyone entering the room.

So you see, feng shui is a very flexible practice. One just needs to be creative in one's solutions!

Dear Lillian,
I'm having a problem with my daughter. My husband and I were born in 1969, the year of the Rooster. My daughter was born on June 28, 2003, (the year of the Sheep) at 11.20 AM.

We've always known that our age and our daughter's are not compatible. The signs are all there: she falls sick frequently, almost on a monthly basis. She's also very stubborn and disobedient. And she's very skinny because she doesn't want to eat anything.

It's very hard for us to raise her. We've tried all the relevant remedies you've suggested on your World of Feng Shui website: hanging a Double Happy Fish in her bedroom; placing her figures in longevity frames; having her wear a Green Dragon... but these haven't given us the results we wanted.
Please help us. Give us your advice. What can we do to ensure that our daughter is healthy, obedient and cured of her 'eating disorder'?

Or should we accept the fad that this is our destiny and that nothing can be done?

Thank you, Hoang Loan

Dear Hoang Loan,
To begin with, Roosters do jet along with Sheep. Wherever did you get the idea that they couldn't? So as far as I can see, there is no Zodiac conflict here.

The problem, however, is the 'cures' you are putting near your daughter to fix the situation. In fact, they are to blame!

Please take proper note of what you actually require to solve the problem: Firstly, what your daughter needs is a Horse not a Dragon. The Horse will bring her better inspiration and better luck and support. While the Dragon with help her, its strength only gets really powerful next year in 2008. These past couple of years, the Dragon has been quite unlucky.

Secondly, what's a Double Fish doing in her bedroom? If she always gets sick, then what she needs is the Wu Lou. Place one next to her bed and remove the Double Fish. And also have her sleep with her head pointed in her best direction, which, this year, is the Southwest. Do this as soon as possible. And next year, Let her sleep with her head pointed towards the Northeast.


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