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When debtors give you the run-around

Weekend Mail
24th – 25th November 2007

Dear Lillian,
I read an interesting article in the March/ April 2007 issue of Feng Shui World concerning your featured 'Feng Shui babe of the month', Katarzyna Dajka. In it, it was mentioned that her boyfriend was facing problems collecting the substantial amount of money owed to him by a debtor. But thanks to your feng shui advice, her boyfriend was eventuated repaid.

I have a similar problem - but on a much larger scale: I am owed money by around 10 people! In some cases, the debts are many, many years old.

The money owed me was either borrowed outright or accrued when my debtors sold off items they acquired from a business that I run, without forwarding me the proceeds.

I have tried chasing after some of my debtors, but to no avail. In fact, when I managed to get in touch with them, they expressed annoyance with me! As for some of the others, I've haven't seen hide nor hair of them for a tong time now.

I desperately need your advice on how I can recover my money. All my money was earned through my own sweat and tears - so it's not fair that I get shortchanged like this.

I thank you in advance for your response. More power to you, and may God always be with you and your family.

Sincerely, Mary Rose

Dear Mary Rose,

First of all, I want to tell you that I am not a miracle worker and I am also not a magician. I do the best I can and share what I know and I also pray that whoever comes to me for help I pray I can help them. But luck is a complex matter that depends on many factors.

In the case of Katya's boyfriend, even I was surprised because it took less than a month for my advice to work. But please remember that they both flew all the way from Poland to Mataysia to took for me and seek my help. So, behind it all was their strong belief that I could help them and then it worked.

In your case, all I can do is advise you on what to do. Place a six-tier water feature in your East garden. There must be a window or door there for the water energy to flow into your house. If you live in a link house or apartment where there is no East garden, then use a sailing ship. Place money and a piece of paper listing the names of all those who owe you money (and how much each one owes you) in the ship, then peace it in a position that makes it appear as if it's sailing into your house from the east direction. Good luck!

Dear Lillian,
Thank you for providing such good feng shui advice over these years.

I am a married Dog. My husband is a Pig. We live in an apartment which has a big kitchen located in the Southwest sector.

Does this have a negative effect on me? If so, what can I do to counter the negative effects? By the way, the facade of our apartment building faces North and the main door is located in the Northwest sector.

Yours sincerely, Cindy

Dear Cindy,
The kitchen in the Southwest does not have a bad effect on you, except that as the Matriarch, you could occasionally get unnecessarily 'burnt'. But Fire energy is good for Earth, so I wouldn't worry too much as you are a Dog, which belongs to the earth element.

But this year, the Southwest is very 'lucky' and the kitchen could be suppressing its luck.

Having the main door Located in the Northwest benefits your husband, but this year, the Northwest is afflicted with the 'misunderstanding star'. So, tread carefully.

Dear Lillian
I have most of your books and I follow their instructions carefully.

In general, I know that having a 'good star' is magnificent - and I consider myself as having a good star. And that leads me to my question.

You see, I have three children, a son and two daughters. I have energized
the West and Southwest of our house according to the instructions in one of your books - and I'm happy to say that I have achieved good results.

However, the good luck seems to have only benefited my son: he married last year, which made me very happy.

But my daughters remain unmarried, and I fear that when they do finally find potential partners, they're prove to be unsuitable - or even bad - for them. Is there anything you can suggest that I can do?

My eldest daughter is a Rat, with a Kua number of 5, while my youngest is a Sheep, whose Kua number is 3.

Any help you can provide me on this is highly appreciated.

Regards, Sonia Hoy

Dear Sonia,
Feng Shui cannot determine the quality of a potential husband or wife. That is up to each person's own karma. All feng shui can do is facilitate one's romance and marriage luck.

It's better to give good advice to your daughters and hope that they will listen to you. To help you achieve this, try letting them sleep with their heads pointed in their Nien Yen direction. This is sure to help, as this will not only bring them the luck of family and marriage, but also make them more willing to listen to their mother's advice.


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