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When cracks appear in a relationship

Weekend Mail
17th – 18th November 2007

Dear Lillian,
I have several issues weighing on my mind that I hope you can help lighten:

1. I am a Rabbit (Nov 18 1975) and my boyfriend is a Dog (July 19 1970). Based on our animal horoscope, we are 'secret friends'. But according to our kua numbers, we are the complete opposite of each other (my best direction is his worst and vice versa). Are we actually compatible? What should I do?

2. Our romantic relationship is now five years old, and he has yet to propose to me (although he did say he wanted to marry me during our courtship). I did try activating my Peach Blossom Luck (blue Rat) - but it didn't have the desired effect. In fact, now it seems that OTHER guys are interested in me (maybe I didn't place it in the correct position, as my rented room is small?). I have also been wearing the small, Canada Jade Necklace for quite sometime now. I alternate this with the Mystic Knot Pendant. I'm hoping for a big change in my relationship (leading to marriage). Is this correct?

3. My boyfriend has changed a lot over the last five years of our relationship. He always seems so busy now (with his NGO projects and new work assignments, which I can make allowances for) and has less time for me. I also notice that he doesn't talk to me much and rarely shares his problems, etc with me. Whenever I broach the subject of our relationship, he becomes verbally defensive and aggressive and tell me that I ask too much of him.

4. If he doesn't love me anymore (and I told him that I thought this), I would appreciate if he could just tell me the truth. But he said he still loves me and no one else.

But I just can't tolerate the fact that he ignores me most of the time. To make matters worsen he has just been transferred to another city on a new job assignment.

All I want is for him to be more loving and sensitive to my feelings, and to share his thoughts with me.

So are there any simple remedies that I can apply? God bless you Lillian, your wonderful family and your team at World Of Feng Shui!

Thank you, Nel

Dear Nel,
1. According to the feng shui of astrology, you are definitely very compatible. As for the kua numbers, they don't mean you are not compatible. They only indicate that what is good for you in terms of directions, is bad for him and vice versa. This is different from compatibility, which means being good for each other.

2. Your time has not yet arrived and that is why he has not yet proposed. But in 2008, the Rabbit enjoys exceptional luck, so that is the time to activate your peach blossom luck. Since it is also a Rat year, things took very promising for you - so be patient for just a little longer. The year of the Earth Rat is when you will have the good fortune to enjoy a hei see - which is a happy occasion.

3. Oh dear. This is probably because he has much on his mind. This is quite a tiring year for the Dog and he is also very quarrelsome because he is afflicted by the number 3 quarrelsome star. So my advice to you is to not keep nagging him, but instead be understanding.

4. There you see! He DOES cove you! But you are the one being realty annoying - if you do not watch out, you might lose him altogether with your constant nagging. Instead, why don't you focus on what is stressing him out, because he does sound very stressed ...maybe because of you?

So my advice to you is to take a few deep breaths and if you really love him, stop nagging him and give him some real loving instead. He is sure to appreciate it.

Dear Lillian,
I have a question about South- west corners. I live in a house where the South-west corner is our master bedroom and bathroom. My husband is a Goat (1956) and I notice that things are not going so well for him, especially this year. And we seem to have missed a few valuable opportunities. It seems that our good luck is being flushed away.

I am aware that the North-west and South-west are patriarchal and matriarchal sectors, and that the South-west is the sector for the Goat.

Is there anything we can to counter the negative effects of this, other than not decorating the bathroom? The bathroom has two doors which open onto our study area and our master bed room. It also has a window which opens onto the garden outside.

Would putting boulders help - and can we hang mirrors in the bathroom which would face our study and bedroom? Do we activate this corner, since it is my husband's lucky corner for 2007? And how do we prevent our good tuck from being drained? Please advise.

Thanks, Your Fan

Dear Fan,
When such an important corner as the South-west gets afflicted by the toilet, and if your animal sign is also the South-west location, then the affliction gets even more severe.

The way to clear with this is to suppress the afflicted energy of the South-west, and this can be done by placing metal windchimes inside the toilet. Meanwhile, just immediately outside the bathroom, place bright lights and glitter lamps.

Dear Lillian,
My daughter's study desk sits against a watt which is conceded, on the other aside, to the shower start in the bathroom.

Is this as bad as sharing a watt with the toilet? I suspect this is adversely affecting her study luck, as she does not seem to be excepting at school and is never picked for any important distinctions - even though she tries as hard as other people.

Her room is realty smart, and it is the only logical place to locate her desk, so is there any way to remedy this?

Thank you, Miki

Dear Miki,
I'm afraid you'll need to move the desk to another location. The shower is, indeed, as bad as the toilet, as it is where one bathes and rids oneself of dirt.

Also, check her facing direction.

Get the compass with my booklet on tapping your lucky direction and let her try to activate her personalized lucky direction. Once she has found her direction and faces it, it is one of the best ways to ensure better performance. Also, activate the South of her room, as this will energise the 'recognition' luck for her.


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