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Feng Shui Malaysia

Ask Lillian Too ( Issue No. 25 )

Weekend Mail
10th – 11th November 2007

Dear Lillian,
On Oct 12 this year, the most horrible incident happened to my family. As a feng shui follower, I never imagined such a thing could happen to us. A robbery occurred when my mother was alone at the house. The robbers not only snatched all the jewels and money, but also threatened to kill her. She was badly injured (she was kicked and slapped), and I am now constantly worried about her safety.

The thing is, I referred to the horoscope book that month, and, according to it, October would be a month when she would prosper and when nothing bad would occur (she is a Rat). So I am completely at a loss as to what went wrong.

My mother has been traumatized. She cannot forget the incident.

I have installed a water feature in the north of my house; a Five Element Pagoda in the northeast; a Whirling Wu Lou in the centre of the house; 8 immortal Wu Lou in the North and Northeast (where my parents’ bedroom is); and a Kwan Kung in the living hall facing the main door.

I would just like to know if I’m doing anything wrong – and what I can improve on. Incidentally, I always carry the Blue Rhino key chain (as per your recommendation), and so far, nothing bad has happened to me. So I thank you for that.

And I would like to say that I will never lose my faith in feng shui.

Thank you, Deeply Sad

Dear Sad,
I too am deeply sad that this happened to your mother. It is really devastating and it could be that her bedroom was afflicted by the violent star number 7. In fact, the way you describe it – all the violence and the robbery – makes it sound like the 7 star coupled with the number 5 star to afflict her. Not that this year, the very dangerous Wu Wang number 5 star is in the Northeast, i.e. in her bedroom. The 7 star - which was in the room from Sept until Oct 7 – needs to be suppressed with the Five Element pagoda and the Rhino as well. The effect of two afflictive stars could have caused the tragedy. The 7 was probably still lingering in the room on Oct 12, hence the terrible accident. And don’t forget that in September, the violent robbery star 7 in the North was considerably strengthened by the magnifying star 9 – so that, too, was a factor in the incident, especially since you did not bring in the Rhino to counter the robbery affliction. You MUST place the Rhino in the North to counter the annual 7.

I am so sorry this happened, but thank goodness she is a Rat, as the year was on her side. That is probably why, despite the traumatic experience, she survived the incident. Please remember to place the right cures in the right place. It is so vital. For example, because you had the Wu Lou cures in the centre, things were prevented from becoming truly tragic.


Dear Lillian,
I ‘m a big fan, and I think you are really amazing during your feng shui extravaganzas. I find you so interesting, lively and funny.

I always browse your web site,, as there are so many interesting articles that there further deepen my understanding of feng shui.

Recently, I read a piece entitled Feng Shui For A Better Kitchen and I discovered that, unfortunately, my apartment’s kitchen is in the Northwest. I worked out that this is probably the reason my husband (a 1969 Rooster) experienced a patch of bad luck in his career and our wealth was affected. Will ad luck thus afflict me too? I am a Pig, born in 1971. Please advise what remedy we can introduce to suppress the bad luck. We are really in dire need for our help. Thank you very much.

Regards, Christina

Dear Christina,
I’m afraid it’s true. A kitchen located in the Northwest of one’s home will have a very harmful effect on the patriarch of the family. It is also ‘fire at heavens gate’ which is likewise harmful and inauspicious. The best solution is to try and move the stove and cookers to another location, but if you cannot do this, then I would suggest that you place a water-filled urn in the kitchen to counter the fire energy.

I look forward to seeing you at the coming 2008 extravaganza at the KL Convention Centre.

Meanwhile, let me also use this opportunity to announce the airing of my brand new television series – A Taste of Good Fortune with LG and Lillian Too – which debuts on Dec 3 on Astro’s channel 304. You can catch it every night, from Monday to Friday, at 9pm.

Dear Lillian,
I live in a West-facing apartment. Outside, a long the corridor, there is a window diagonally opposite my main door. Today, as I was going out, I noticed an owl perched at the window, facing my main door. It stayed there for quite a while, until my neighbor shut their door with a loud bang, which startled the owl and caused it to fly away.

I am rather confused, and wonder if this is a good or bad sign.

I also noticed another sign. Recently, I had a Medicine Buddha Mandala painting hung in the centre of my home, with just nails around it for support. It did not have a glass pane. After some time, I noticed that the painting was slightly tilted, and I thought to ask my husband to adjust it. But just before we could correct it, the nails gave way and the painting dropped.

But the painting was undamaged, and my husband immediately replaced it to its previous position, properly adjusted, then blessed it with kemenyan. Have we doing the correct thing in this case, and again, is this a good or bad sign for us? Please advise and we than you in advance.

Regards, Y.A. Mooi

Dear Mooi,
I too am very sensitive and attuned to portentous ‘signs’ because usually, they have a definitive meaning. Usually, when you see an owl, it portends good things associated with educational opportunities (if you are still studying) or some kind of good decision that you’ll make which will have a long-lasting and significant effect on you. So this is something be happy about.

As for the medicine Buddha painting dropping, it is just Buddha’s way of gently reminding you to do something about the tilt. Now that you have responded, things should be fine. So yes, you are doing the right thing.


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