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When everything falls apart

Weekend Mail
3rd – 4th November 2007

Dear Lillian,
Please help me turn my current situation around.

All of a sudden, every aspect of my life has fallen apart, all at once. My loving boyfriend has lost his loving feeling for me overnight, and is now putting away. Still, I am certain that because we share a very strong bond and have a strong foundation, our relationship is not beyond repair.

Despite agreeing to make up, I feel that he is unable to let go of negative feelings towards me, mainly caused by my earlier lack of commitment to marriage. He proposed to me during Valentine's day, and I was rather evasive in my response to him. I have yet to agree to a date, and this must be causing him to be resentful.

I am sure he still loves me, but how can I open his heart so that it can feel again? What's making things worse is that there might be involvement of a 'third party' in this situation, which is causing him to hold back and avoid me.

We had bought a condo together, but its construction was deferred just around the time things started to go sour between us.

And my work-life is not exactly problem-free either.

Both of us were born in the year of the Boar (1971). My birthday is July 20 and his is Oct 11. According to your book which touches on the luck of Boars in 2007, Boar-Boar relationships will experience hardships this year.

And that seems to be the case with us. All our problems seem to have started with a small misunderstanding.

But I have strong faith in the relationship and love him too much to give up trying. What can I do to save it?

Thank you, Helpless


Dear Helpless,
To start with, you will have to be patient and wait for the bad year to come to an end.
But I must tell you that 2008 is not going to be a bed of roses for the both of you either.

What I suggest you do in the meantime is ensure that your relationship does not come to an abrupt end. I think you should both visit the nearest World of Feng Shui outlet and took for the brass Ksiddigarbha's staff and peace it in your Northwest location.
Also, wear the Ksiddigarbha staff, as this with make all your problems subside.

It appears that what you are both suffering from is the annual afflictions of the year hitting you both simultaneously and with a major 'wham'. But that's the way it is. Annual afflictions really are awful and are one of the most important feng shui concerns to take note of each year.

Use the prescribed remedy above and you will see that your relationship will improve and your other problems will also begin to subside. Also, wear lots of gold - this year and the next. I have designed some very powerful remedies done in 18k gold, so you might want to check these out. 2008 will also be a year when everyone benefits from wearing gold.


Dear Lillian,
I've enjoyed reading your books and visiting your website.

I would like to ask if feng shui can help improve a person's character or personality?

For example, can it help a person be less shy, more sociable, or more optimistic, etc?

I will really appreciate your advice. Please tell me which of your books specifically tackles this issue, and I will get it from the bookstore. Thank you very much.

Regards, Christine Png

Dear Christine,
What you need is extra doses of 'yang' energy. When people lack yang, they also lack confidence. How about wearing brighter colors and bringing more music into your life. Invest in an iPod - let music bring you out of your shell. It is also great for bringing noise and action into your aura, and this is sure to help you be less shy.

Dear Lillian,
My name is Ramona, I am 31 years old and I live in Romania.

Recently I have discovered the beautiful world of feng shui, and I bought some books and magazines about this subject which I am now reading with great pleasure.

I have a problem and I wonder if feng shui can offer me a solution for it, because I have not found the problem addressed anywhere in the feng shui books that I have.

When it comes to romantic relationships, I am a very jealous person. And although my boyfriend is a good boy and he does not give me any reason to be jealous, I am still obsessed with this feeling.

Can I put something in the house, or can I keep something in my purse to get rid of this feeling? Thank you very much and god bless you!

Ramona C., Romania

Dear Ramona,
Oh dear! It isn't feng shui that can help you, but you yourself.

Perhaps if you realised that jealousy will cause you to eventually lose him, you might wake up to how dangerous it can be.

Also, you should go to the root cause of your jealousy. Is it because you feel inadequate and insecure? Is there a good reason for you to feel like this? As for feng shui, try sleeping and working in your good luck directions and wear the element that makes you strong. To find out which element this is, check your paht chee chart. Get my book Eight Characters to study this system of destiny-analysis.

It is sure to help you.


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