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On compatible companions

Weekend Mail
13th – 14th October 2007

Dear Lillian,
I've been following your feng shui tips for quite some time. This year when I moved into my new house, I placed a bejeweled horse in the south of my room to activate my peach blossom luck. I'm a Wood Female Ox, born in 1985, and my Kua number is 9.

Previously, I had always attracted the wrong kind of guys and that's the reason why I have never been on a serious date before. Not long after I placed the bejeweled horse in the south of my room, I met a guy which I think will be my Mr. Right. We seem to find each other compatible, but remain friends, because we want to get to know each other better, and now, it's been almost a year. He works outstation and comes back to meet me whenever he is free. We communicate via online frequently. We are like soul mates who will support each other and will cheer up each other all the time.

But recently, he has been asking me but for a 'date'. I'm quite happy with his actions actually. However, there is doubt in me that make me pull back as he is an Earth Sheep, born in 1979, and his Kua number is 3.

Based on your Fortune And Feng Shui book, Ox and Sheep are natural foes and are not compatible, but this year, they'll find each other rather compatible. I'm worried that if I accept him, our relationship won't last.

Meanwhile, I'm still thanking about whether to accept his overture and take our relationship to the next level, or remain as a friend. If I follow my heart, I would have to accept him, but at the same time, I'll be wondering whether my decision was right.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Warm regards and thanks, Confused Girl

Dear Confused Girl,
I am really happy to hear that your peach blossom luck manifested after you placed the horse in the south corner and that you seem to have found your soul mate. I truth rejoice in your happiness and I want to tell you not to worry about the natural foes aspect of the relationship. We cannot all have perfect lives and if we wait for the perfect relationship to come atone, life will simply pass us by.

So if I were you I would follow my heart and not lose this chance at happiness.
Sure, the Sheep and Ox are not compatible, and you might find things about each other which you might not like later on, but let's face it, many marriages are exactly like that - we need to live with our mates, warts and all!

However, to improve the chances of you both finding tasting happiness, use the double happiness symbol to keep the love flowing. When there is love it can overcome anything, even astrological incompatibility! What is more important is that you can love him and he can love you. So please be happy!

Dear Lillian,
I read your article in this month's Feng Shui World magazine on the topic of Lions in the house. I myself have two pairs of Pi Yao of different sizes. When I bought them I was told to place them inside the house, facing the main door.
After reading your articles, however, I learned that I should put them outside the house by the main door. But this would leave me with a space constraint problem.

Is there anywhere else I can place my second pair of Pi Yaos? I was considering placing them in the living room, facing the front windows, which offer a view of the front lawn. Please advise. Thank you so much.

Yours faithfully, Janet

Dear Janet,
Lions are best placed outside the house, as they are very fierce protector creatures. But Pi Yaos are more benevolent and these can be placed inside as well as outside. You can place one pair franking your main door and a second pair at the entrance into your Living room or dining room, or if you have another door, they can also be placed there.

Dear Lillian
Thank you for sharing your knowledge of feng shui with the world. It has changed my life immensely. I'm happier now and have more luck than I used to.

I have a question for you and I really hope to receive your reply, even though you probably receive thousands of e-mails like mine.

My family has just moved into a small log house (cottage) in the village. I am concerned that the presence of the wood element is significant here - we are talking about floor, ceiling and sides of the house being all wood.

I have read in one of your books about the importance of a balance of elements in the house and I am really concerned now. Is there a cure for this problem, and how would too much wood affect the residents of a house?

Your biggest fan, Jenny

Dear Jenny,
Yes, a log cabin would have too much wood, but if you have lights on in every room, then you have adequate Fire energy.

Then there is also Water in the bathrooms and kitchens, and below is the Earth energy, so what is really missing would be the metal energy. These are supplied by all the appliances in the home and I guess you can supplement it with other metal objects as well. So, even if the house appears to have plenty of wood, it also has the other five elements. Now, as to whether the house is good for you, you'll have to consult your Paht Chee chart; it'll help you determine if you are the kind of person who benefits from wood energy. The answer is 'yes' if you are a weak Fire or Wood person and it is 'no' if you are a strong Wood or Fire person. It will also be detrimental to you if you are a weak Earth person.


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