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Look for those auspicious signs

Weekend Mail
6th – 7th October 2007

Dear Lillian,
My family and I will soon be moving into our new house. But there is something very peculiar about this house, quite unlike those of our soon-to-be neighbours.

When the house was still under construction, a very big owl (more than a foot tall) spent lots nights under the car porch roof for quite a period.

Not long after the owl disappeared, many bats would come in the night and hang from the external roof beams. They would leave in the mornings and there would be droppings on the floor surrounding the house. The bats stopped coming when the contractor started the paint work.

Following the bats episode, a tortoise found its way into the compound and stayed there for almost a month.

Before we received the keys to the house, a pair of swallows began nesting under the balcony roof. Now there are five in the family and the mother is nesting again. Looks like they are there to stay.

Lillian, could you please share with us what you think of the above?

Best wishes, Andreen Yap

Dear Andreen,
My, my, - so many auspicious signs! ALL the omens you mention are excellent signs that the house has some special energies which are sure to benefit the residents.

The owl, of course, indicates wisdom luck and scholastic opportunities, so this is sure to benefit your children.

The bats bring abundance and great wealth, so I am sure you will get rich in this house.

The tortoise is for support and protection, and now the swallows are bringing you plenty of opportunities and friendships - so please enjoy and be good to the swallows!

Also, look out for more good signs. Perhaps one day, a dragon (the iguana) could make an appearance?

Dear Lillian,
You're a very wise lady, and I admire you for your knowledge and wisdom.

My problem, my husband and I are not compatible and we seldom talk to each other. He was born in the year of the Rooster, while I was born in the year of the Dog. His Kua number is 7 and mine is 9.

I rearranged my bedroom recently after reading your article on the subject. My bed is now at the west wall, but according to my Kua number, west is my 'Five Ghost'.

Could you tell me more about 'Five Ghost'? l've also put an amethyst stone under my bed, but to no avail.

Please help, as we've not spoken to each other for two months.

Thank you, Sharol

Dear Sharol,
You know, based on all the information you have given me, it sounds like you are suffering from the 'east group / west group' syndrome. You see, he is west group and you are east group. Your present sleeping location is west and this is good for your husband, but it is not good for you. So can you make sure you sleep on the right hand side of the bed? This will help make him less cold.

The Five Ghosts direction is not good for you because it brings bad gossip and bad people into your Life. So place a rooster image here. This will help you very much. If your husband asks about it, say it is for him (and it is, because the Rooster's direction is west).

The amethyst under the bed is designed to prevent husbands from being caught by sweet young things, or for them to cease if they are already unfaithful to you! If your husband is aware of this, it could be the reason he is not speaking to you!

To make him speak to you again, bring some peonies into the room, perhaps in the form of a painting? Or place a red lamp in the southwest corner of your room. It is important that you keep the southwest well energized and well lit to protect your role in the family.

Dear Lillian,
I've been reading your Feng Shui World magazine for some time now. I never knew feng shui could be so interesting!

I'm a male who was born in Singapore in the year of the Rooster (May 30, 1981). The problem I have concerns my love life. I've been single for around six years now and I just don't know why I've no luck in love. Most of my friends find it weird that I'm single. Everywhere I go, I see happy couples and I envy them. I wonder where my other half is?

Last year, I got back in touch with an old female friend. We soon became quite close until a guy friend of mine got into the picture. After going out with me on a few dates, she soon found excuses not to go out with me. We've been distant ever since.

I've been trying to sleep with my head pointing in my personal love direction, which is west, and I've placed a horse in the south of my room. But this hasn't been effective because there is a big cupboard covering the entire south of my room.

I wonder if I could put the horse on top of the cupboard? Please advise.

Thank you, Ike

Dear Ike,

You sound so sweet that I am sure you will meet someone lovely one day. Just wait and… Wham! It will happen for you, too.

In fact, as you are a Rooster, I am sure it will happen for you too this year.

Yes, activate your peach blossom luck. Place a really nice looking house in the south (on the floor please) and also energise the west direction of your bedroom with a dragon who is your secret friend.

Meanwhile, stay cool and don’t get too anxious. This month is not so good, buy by the end of the year, things are sure to look up.


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