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Weekend Mail
29th – 30th September 2007

Dear Lillian,
I’m a huge fan of yours and, have received a lot of help and success from your feng shui books.

The problem with my family is that we live in a south-facing home. The entrance to our house is in the eastern side. We have placed a large crystal chunk on the roof to activate the mountain star. Is it right to have crystals on the roof top? We also have round crystal balls on the south verandah.

Over the last year, my family and I have been experiencing health problems. My father fell sick last year with cardiac problems, which are persisting. I am a Water Ox, and I, too, have been experiencing cardiac problems. I stay in the southwest part of the house and have a lot of metal in my room.

Please help me, as I am in great trouble.

Regards, Sushant Singh

Dear Sushant,
There is nothing wrong with a south-facing home. In fact, if you belong to the east group, your house is excellent for you.

But you should NOT place the crystal chunk on your roof top! Please take it down, or your health will deteriorate! And your dad is having heart problems. This is usually because the south is afflicted, or the ‘heart’ of the home is being hurt by something. This year, the illness star is in the middle of the home, so do place metal wu lou there to suppress the illness star.

As for you, being an Ox, you need to be wary this year, too. But as you are staying in the southwest, you really do not need the metal energy inside your room. The southwest has excellent luck this year but the metal in your room exhausts the luck. What you need in the southwest are your crystals! So it seems you have several of your cures and enhancers located in the wrong places.

Dear Lillian,
I am a great fan of yours, and never miss any of your programmes aired on TV and always read your feng shui magazine.

When I arrive at my office even morning, I feel dizzy or develop a headache. Is it because of the sharp wall edges pointing at me in front of my office table? What can I do to soften this poison arrow? I would appreciate it if you can suggest something that I can put on my table.

I've also been feeling anxious, lately. What position in my house must I pay attention to in order to remedy this? I also feel that my relationship with my family and friends is getting bad, as there seem to be so many misunderstandings and disagreements. Please help.

Thank you, Christina

Dear Christina,
Please get a plant, one with (heavy) foliage and peace it directly in front of you to block off the edge. But note that your plant will die within a month, so you need to keep changing it. Or, you could use a big vase of artificial flowers. Block off the edge and your headaches will go away.

It sounds like you are suffering from the effects of the quarrelsome 3 Star, which, this year, is in the northwest. Check if you are facing, steeping of are located in the northwest. The best cure for what you describe is to wear red. The color is not just powerful yang energy, it is also a very good cure for people who feel they may be having relationship problems due to misunderstandings and arguments. Red does not make you more wrathful. Instead, it is excellent for pacifying the afflictions of the quarrelsome stars.

Dear Lillian,
I am Josie, born under the sign of Scorpio, year of the Goat (Nov 2, 1967, at 12:05am), while my partner was born under the sign of Libra, year of the Monkey (Oct 21, 1956, at 12:40am).

We have a business, which is now going down the drain, as we have too many debts. I've noticed that luck hasn't been good for us over the past two years, especially with my partner. We have been living together for seven years and there seems to be a lot of problems.

I've noticed that my partner is very impatient with work and always looks for a fast way to conduct things - and this has put us into a tot of financial problems. Friends easily influence him to get into new things, which usually turn out to be loss- making ventures.

Our company is in a really bad situation now (closure is just a matter of time).
We both run this company and for a while, I believed that we could do well, until the last two years when my partner began looking for fast ways of making money.

I pray that someone could give him the right guidance and help us recover what we have lost and start all over again, as time is running out. I hope that you can help us.

Thanks, Josie

Dear Josie,
I do sympathize with you. What you are experiencing is one of the drawbacks of a partnership, especially when the two of you have different views about risk and management of risks. For now, however, you will have to decide whether to cut your losses and get out of the business, or try and make a go of it.

To make this decision, you need to decide whether the business is worth saving, indeed, whether it can be saved at all. You also need to decide if you want to carry on with your partner. It might be wiser at this stage to get out altogether rather than borrow more money. If you do want to carry on, first, have a heart-to- heart talk with him and agree on a plan, a strategy, then stick to it.

Next, give your business premises a good Feng Shui 'cleansing' of energy. Use my singing bowl and move the furniture, clean the place and then move it back. Open all the doors and windows. The idea is to clear out the old energy and bring in fresh new energy. Then place a pair of camels and some sailing ships on your premises to help you reduce your debts.

Arrange the ships and camels so that they appear to be coming from your and your partner's Sheng Chi directions. This is sure to help you!


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