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On straying husbands and deadbeat debtors

Weekend Mail
8th – 9th September 2007

Dear Lillian,
I am facing a problem with my marriage. My husband seems to be devoting time to another woman and always makes plans for himself, even on the weekends.

We have two sons, aged eight and six.

I am a Fire Goat, born in September 1967, while my husband is an Earth Dog born in November 1958. We sleep facing east on a southeast location.

I confronted him recently about our marital problems but he seems to be refusing to take action to improve things.

Is there any love anymore? I am disappointed with myself because I seem to be the one who s more keen to mend things, while he continues to give me the cold shoulder. I hate myself for not being strong enough.

I feel that I have been building my whole life around him all these years - only to have this happen.

Since we were married, I have not been enjoying any activities on my own.
This is the second time in our marriage that he's been fooling around with the same woman, although, up till now, he still denies any wrongdoing.

To tell you the truth, I have not got over the first incident and I have lost trust in him. But I am not going to give up my marriage and lose to this woman, who, incidentally, is also married with two kids.

Please tell me what I should do.

Thank you, Sad

Dear Sad,
Oh, dear! Yours is such a sad story, yet it is something that is, unfortunately, common in many households. The husband meets someone else and thinks he is in love and doesn't care if he hurts his family. And also, these days, there are many predatory females who don't care whether they're breaking up a family when they go after a married man.

Here is what you can do. First of all, be strong for the sake of the children. Do not confront him. Why provoke a confrontation if you are not prepared to lose him anyway?

It is good that he denies it as this shows he at tease knows he is wrong not want to hurt be his will blow over.

In the meantime, here is a Taoist ritual, which is said to ensure that husbands stay faithful. Place a small amethyst geode, tied with fed string, under your feet under the bed. Then tie the red string to the bedpost. Make sure you are sleeping on the right hand side of your bed.

Another thing you can do is try and let him sleep in his nien yen direction. This will make him think more about his family and less about extra-marital pleasures. Check this out from my book, Basic Feng Shui.

Dear Lillian,
I'm living in a studio room apartment and, unfortunately, parts of my unit are located behind the lift shaft. Recently, I've been sleeping on a sofabed with my head pointing towards the lift, but I have a wardrobe between my solaced and that part of the wall (which is the rear side of the lift shaft). The wardrobe is a customized one that fully covers the wall.

Should I move my sleeping position? And is it OK if I place my solaced parallel with the toilet?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Best regards, Lina Ho

Dear Lina,
It is usually not a good idea at all to sleep with the head so chose to the elevator shaft.
In addition to disturbing your steep, the constant movement up and down is sure to disturb the energy that is entering your room and into you. So if you ask me, I would recommend you move your bed to another position.

Even though there is a cupboard between the lift shaft and your head, it is still bad, so change your sofabed to another position.

But do not exchange one bad thing for another. If your head is pointed to the toilet on the other side of a wall, it is even worse. My suggestion is to try and peace the bed against a wall behind which is the night sky.

Dear Lillian,
My husband and I are planning to build 10 units of townhouses and a small swimming poet on land we acquired this year. our architect has finished working on the designs and we are ready to begin building work.

We had originally planned to begin construction last August, but my father claimed that it was unlucky to start construction in that month. Is this true?

If so, could we start construction this month (September) instead?
Please advise. Thank you for your kind attention.

Incidentally, I was born on Nov 24, 1962, while my husband was born on Oct 20, 1968.

Faithfully yours, Lilibeth

Dear Lilibeth,
How exciting! This sounds like a lovely project and I do wish you luck.

Your dad is right, of course, because August is the month when the Gates of Hell are opened and all the naughty and hungry ghosts are roaming around. The Chinese describe this as the Month of the Hungry Ghosts when there will be more than the usual number of fatal road accidents and other mishaps.

It is also not a good idea to stay out late at night during this month, so it was good of you to delay your construction. I suggest you get my Almanac calendar and select a good day in September that does not conflict with you or your husband and then select a good time as well. This will ensure that the construction will take peace harmoniously and without obstacles. By the way, your husband is going through a good year, so this is a good time for him to do property-related business.

Dear Lillian,
I have a problem regarding a person who owes me money. It has been years since the loan, but I'm having a hard time persuading him to repay me. I've appealed to him in so many different ways.

The thing is, we are friends, and I don't want to do anything drastic like taking legal action. I just want him to give me my money back.

He is 55 now and a Dragon, while I am 30, and a Snake. I hope you can give me the solution to my problem.

Thanks, Prince

Dear Prince,
The best way to get someone to repay their debt to you is by activating a flow of money into your house from that person's animal sign direction.

Find out what animal sign he is, then peace a ship 'sailing' in the direction of your house from that animal sign's direction.

Another way is to hang the Wish-fulfilling Bird in that person's animal sign direction and have the bird facing inwards. In its beak, place a rolled-up sheet of paper and on it write the amount owed to you.

These are two very effective ways of getting someone to pay the money owed to you.


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