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On money problems and marital strife

Weekend Mail
1st – 2nd September 2007

Dear Lillian,
I have praised Feng Shui, as well as bought and placed in my house most of the important Feng Shui items from World of Feng Shui. But when it comes to my facing direction, I am very confused.

My brother has been following your Feng Shui advice since the day he moved house (by the way, your student in Klang helped him with the house's Feng Shui). According to him, my best facing direction should be southwest because my personal element is Ying Metal. However, when I check my personal Kua (4), southwest is the worst direction. According to the Kua, north is my Sheng Chi direction. But my brother told me that I'm a weak metal, and facing north, which is water, will exhaust me.

I am so confused now and do not know what to do. Hope you could enlighten me a bit regarding this matter. I look forward to receiving your kind teaching and blessing soon.

Thanking you in advance.

Warm Regards,
Cassidy Thie, Klang

Dear Cassidy,

Your confusion is something many people experience when they first start to go deeper into the different formulas of Feng Shui. This is because each formula focuses on different aspects of Feng Shui practice and the challenge is to know how to accommodate the apparent contradictory advice offered under different formulas. Masters of Feng Shui do not view them as contradictory, rather, we see them as the nuances that add subtle differences that can sometimes make a great deal of difference to the overall effectiveness of the practice.

In your case the Kua number should determine your best sitting, steeping and facing directions. The Kua number also teats you which locations in the home, according to the compass, most benefit you.

When your brother's Feng Shui friend speaks of your personal element as being Yin Metal, I can only assume he is speaking about your self-element according to your paht chee chart.

Now, here we are tasking about something totally different. The Feng Shui implications of a paht chee reading complement the Kua formula, but one needs to learn how to interpret the paht chee before making recommendations.

For example, I will need to know if you are a strong yin metal or weak yin metal before I can make any further recommendations. So for now, I would advise you to follow the Kua number formula. Your brother's friend's knowledge is obviously inadequate and he has served only to confuse you. I am glad you write in to clarify.

Dear Ms Lillian,
I have bought many of your books (eight at last count) and I have tried to put into practice what you suggest.

My husband and I are both rabbit persons with Kua number 1 and 5, respectively. My husband and I earn a moderate income, but at the moment, we are experiencing some cash flow problem. I was wondering if you could suggest ways and means for us to increase our income.

I am wearing a 9-eye dzi bead bracelet and I have put a smart water feature in the southwest of my living room. I am also doing some part-time work to supplement our income.

But it seems money comes in and goes out very quickly. I hope you can help me and my husband. Thank you for your time and trouble.

Yours sincerely, Poor Rabbit

Dear Poor Rabbit,
Hang in there, because you will not be poor for long. The coming year 2008 promises to be a really great one for you. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to make a quick investigation of your home and see if the northeast of your house is afflicted in a way that causes you to 'feel' poor. For instance, check if there are bright lights or anything red there.

This strengthens the bad luck. It would be good to peace metal energy in this area to suppress the existing 'five yellow'.

Next, look at the southwest and see if, in addition to the water feature, there is also a bright light there. If you ensure that your southwest is more brightly lit, your water feature will work a lot better. Of course, you have to make sure that there is water in your southwest water feature!

Finally, place a camel on your desk top as this is the best creature to help you through periods when money is in short supply. Wear your Dzi beads (9 eyed) on your right hand, making sure it touches your purse point.

Hi Lillian,
My mother, sister, brother-in- law and their children moved into their new home about two years ago. Since then, my sister seems to have a problem getting along with other family members.

Lately she and my brother- in-law would bicker almost everyday and sometimes, they even fight. Not only does this affect the children emotionally, it also affects my mother's health.

I told them that it could be due to bad Feng Shui as their stove is next to the sink. Also, most of their furniture have sharp corners.

As they do not have money to fund any house renovation or replace their furniture, what else can they do to improve their situation? Would appreciate if you could provide some advice on this. Thanks.

Best regards, Joanna

Dear Joanna,
I would say that it is bad Feng Shui that is the problem here. The stove being next to the sink is just one of the red flags. I have always said that bad Feng Shui is the REAL cause of relationship problems, especially marriages that go bad. So you are right to suspect that it is the Feng Shui.

Always check the annual and monthly stars first (this is why my Annual Feng Shui
Extravaganza is so important, as that is when I give my annual updates.) This year, for instance, if your sister and brother-in-law's bedroom is in the northwest, they will fight like cats and dogs, especially if one of them is a Dog or a Boar. This is because the hostility star is in the northwest this year. The northeast sector is also in focus this year, as it is afflicted by the 'five yellow' which brings misfortune.

Also, check if there is a hole or a depression in the northeast of the house. This, too, can cause the marriage to come under stress. Use a good compass to check these possibilities and if you still cannot find anything wrong, try asking your sister and brother in law to change bedrooms.

Another thing you can do is get a few of my red mandalas, and peace them in the house near the entrance and in the northwest area. This is sure to help.


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