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On Dzi beads and study luck

Weekend Mail
25th – 26th August 2007

Hi Lillian!
I'm a high school student and I have a question to ask you. I study hard for every test I sit, but I only manage to achieve just-above-average scores.

As a high-achiever, I want my marks to be excellent. Do you have any tips to help me improve my studying methods and raise my grades?

By the way, my desk is pointed in the 'half of east and half of north' direction.

Thank you very much, Yen

Dear Yen,

Feng Shui can help you improve your examination luck. First, determine your Kua number and then find out what your personal development direction is. This is based on your year of birth. Then, when you study and sit for your exam, always face your best personal development direction.

Next, get yourself a natural quartz crystal - a small one will do - and cleanse it to make it your own. Place it in the sun and rain for seven days and nights, then keep it by your side each time you study and take your exam. It will really help you remember all that you've studied. Always take this crystal with you when you take your examination.

Finally, place a crystal globe in the Northeast of your bedroom. Also, if your parents
can get you the Dragon Gate lung men water feature and place this near the entrance to your here, you will enjoy a lot of examination luck.

Dear Lillian,
I began reading the World of Feng Shui magazine earlier this year and recently attended the Feng Shui Extravaganza '07 event held at the KL Convention Centre.

I'm attracted and interested to know more about Dzi Beads. From reading your website and other materials, I've managed to learn a bit about the different types of Dzi Beads and their functions.

However, when I deeded to purchase one, I was surprised to discover that Dzi Beans are normally sold with various crystal beads like Citrine and Jasper - and now I'm a little unsure of which to select.

Could you possibly point me to information that can guide me in my Dzi Bean and crystal selection? Is there a rule of thumb for deciding the best combination of Dzi Bean 'eyes' and crystal beads? (eg. 9 eyes Dzi Bean + Citrine; 21 eyes Dzi Bean + Clear Crystal).

Or should I decide based on the Kua number of the person wearing it? I am Kua 4 male, by the way. Lastly, should the Dzi Bean be worn on one's right-hand side or left?

Thank you very much. Beh

Dear Beh,
I did write a very long and elaborate article on Dzi beads in one of the issues of World of Feng Shui magazine, I think it was three years ago and that is what started the huge craze for Dzi beads. I discovered them while on a visit to Tibet (where they are very expensive, but thankfully, more affordable ones are widely available).

For many centuries, they were believed to be the jewels of the Gods, but today, we know that they are chalcedony and quartz, and their "power" comes from the number of eyes they have with the most powerful being the nine-eyed Dzi and the 15-eyed Dzi.

Different animal signs benefit from different eyed Dzis in different years, and I usually make recommendations on them in my annual books on the animal signs. So took out for them when they arrive in stores sometime in November.

I myself learned about Dzi beads from a special Tibetan text that was given to me some years ago. This is also where information on the affinity between different Dzi beads and semi precious stones can be found. So yes, to answer your question, there are indeed special affinities between Dzi beads, and the crystals and citrines used to string them.

You can wear Dzi beads on your left or right hand, but they should touch your pulse point. Wear them on the right hand to receive money and on your left hand to give money.

Dear Lillian,
I have a split-level home. At the main entrance is a foyer and a set of four stairs going up to where the living room area (right) and the kitchen (back) are located.
The kitchen is in the 'fame' area all the way in the back.

I cannot change the stairs because it would require that I do work to elevate the front door and the roof! So what can I do to counteract the effects of having these stairs facing the main door?

My kua number is 3. I was born on Jan 24, 1962 (0x). The last few years have been difficult. I've been dealing with separation and I'm about to get divorced. Also, my children are depressed, especially my older son, who is a teenager. He's doing so poorly in school and he'll have to repeat his classes next year. Also, my career is going nowhere and money is realty tight. Help.

Thanks, your fan

Dear fan,
May I suggest that since you cannot do anything drastic to improve your feng shui that you at least give your house a good clean? Move the energy. Look for the Northwest corner of your home and if there is a door or window there, keep it open to bring in precious new chi.

Next, try to find as many things as possible that you do not need and throw them away.
This symbolically enables you to throw out old energy, thereby making room for new energy to enter.

As for your son, throw out a couple of his old clothes, take him out and buy him something new. Hopefully, this will cheer him up and bring new energy for him.

You also need a bit of cheering up, so give yourself a treat. Only after you have strengthened and revitalized your energy should you go back to your house and see if you can find a way of blocking the stairs so they do not face the main door. If you cannot, then check the direction of the door and use element remedies to diffuse the energies there. Sometimes, increasing the light in the foyer area can also help.

Good luck to you and I hope your troubles would go away. If they don't, can I suggest you get the mantra ring to dispel all the obstacles in your life? Usually, bad luck is caused by bad karma ripening and if you can purify some of the bad karma, things are sure to improve.


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