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On activating luck

Weekend Mail
18th – 19th August 2007




Dear Lillian,
How are you? I am an ardent reader of your books/ magazine and a believer that feng shui really does wonders!

I bought a really nice set of brass Fuk Luk Sau recently. Can you please advise me on the best position to place them? Is there any special ritual that I should perform when inviting them in? How bout the date?

Also, I already have a smaller set of Fuk Luk Sau in my house. Will that have any effect on my new set? I noted in the WOFS magazine (CNY edition) that Fuk Luk Sau are best placed in the dining room…

Thanks a lot, Yeoh Seok Hwe


Dear Seok Hwei,
Indeed, yes – the Fuk Luk Sau are best placed in the dining room, facing the dining table. This symbolises that the family has plenty to eat and that the food brings good health and long life.

It is a good idea to invite them into your home on an auspicious day in the waxing cycle on the moon – this means the first 15 days of the new moon. Never invite in the wealth deities of Fuk Luk Sau during the waning cycle of the moon, as this is not so lucky.

Usually, the Chinese love to bring in really big-sized Fuk Luk Sau, as the larger these Star Gods are, the more powerful they are supposed to be. I myself have two very large sets in my home and both are in my dining rooms.


Dear Lillian,
I’m a 24-year-old woman who’s been plagued by bad luck since I was 15 (at least, this is how I see it, based on all the mishaps which have occurred in my life). I know life is not supposed to be a bed of roses, but I reckon there should also be ‘lights’ at the end of my dark tunnels, just like there are for everyone else. But life continues to be difficult for me.

I would therefore be really grateful if you could help me to see through my problems. My Kua number is 7. Thank you very much and your advise is much appreciated!

With love, Sharon Ong

Dear Sharon,
I am sorry you feel this way about life – especially as this is one of the surest ways of attracting bad luck. Every one of us has good times and bad times, but bad luck surely does not last continuously for nine years. It is simply impossible! Take it from me.

Now, let me tell you how you can improve your luck. Start by taking a deep breath each morning and when you open your eyes, say to yourself, “Today, I shall experience good fortune and something wonderful is going to happen to me”. If, after reading this answer, you start doing this faithfully, you will immediately feel better.

Next, try doing my 49-day ritual. Sit down every day at the same time and write the three things that will make you really happy. Write it out 49 times without stopping. And do this for 49 days without stopping, even for a single day.

You will find that at the end of the 49th day, you will have received the three things you wrote down on the paper. And you will be feeling much happier because you would have broken the spell of your unlucky nine years.

Dear Lillian,
We’ve known each other for more than seven years now. He got divorced from his ex-wife two-and-a-half years back. He is currently working overseas as top management personnel and we only meet when he returns once every two or three months. I feel comfortable with him and we’ve even made love.

How can feng shui help to activate my love luck by allowing me to take a step further and develop our relationship from close friends to soul mates?

I wear the mantra ring and also have the love enhancers that I have read about in your books and magazines. Will this help in activating my love luck?

Thank you, Alyssa

Dear Alyssa,
So you got involved with him when he was still married? If that is the case and he has still not taken your relationship further along, it can only mean that he either does not wish to get married again so soon, or has no intention of marrying you at all. Feng shui can help you speed up your marriage luck, but it cannot make someone love you. For that, you will have to look for another solution.

Maybe you can try to activate your peach blossom luck and then see if this brings another man into your life. Then maybe you will not moon over this guy so much. To find out your peach blossom animal, check our Feng Shui Almanac calendar for 2007 – then activate it by placing this animal sign in the right place in your bedroom. And since you have mantra ring, focus your thoughts and pray very hard while reciting the wish fulfilling mantra. Do this daily, and while reciting the mantra (from the booklet which came along with the ring), rub the mantras on the ring.


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