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Feng Shui Malaysia

It’s a Jungle out there

Weekend Mail
11th – 12th August 2007

Dear Lillian,

Your column is such a treat for me and I am so happy to have discovered it. I am currently learning the various types of feng shui and am unsure what to do when different variations conflict, for example: 8 Mansions, Flying Stars, Bazi, etc.

I was born in September, 1970, so I am a Metal Dog, and should seemingly use more earth and metal colours to enhance my metal, per Bazi. However, I am also a Kua 3 in 8 Mansions, which is big wood; and is not enhanced by metal, but instead, water and wood. And, the most auspicious flying stars in Flying Star Feng Shui for this year are in some of my least auspicious areas (southwest, west), according to the 8 mansions theory. Do I still try to enhance them; or just focus on my auspicious areas?

Also, how does one enhance a bathroom for career success in the south? I feel like red is a bad idea for bathrooms, but the south does seem to call for it in everything I read, particularly if this is your career area, like it is mine. Please advise and thanks in advance!

Keep up the good work!
All the best, M

Dear M,
You must be having fun with feng shui! It sounds like you are getting a good grip on the subject as you peel away the layers of this living skill. There is usually no hard and fast rule as to which formula is stronger, as this changes from year to year.

Now, though this usually depends on overall circumstances, the Flying Star numbers, especially the annual and monthly numbers, are really powerful when it comes to bringing bad luck and afflictions. So we must always keep an eye out of these time stars.
The astrological directions based on animal signs are also important and that is why our Fortune & Feng Shui books on the luck of animal signs are so accurate – it is simply because astrological feng shui is very powerful.

But the Phat Chee readings of one’s weak and strong elements are also important. The challenge is in knowing just how weak or strong our self element is. This can sometimes be tricky to determine.

My advise is to take note of all the taboos and not to mix up space with time dimensions of feng shui. So each year, keep your feng shui updated by determining which element is good for the year. Then determine which element is good for you. If they are the same, then it’s easy. If they are different, then go with the year element that is good.

Also for personalised facing directions, always follow the Kua formula of good directions that are not afflicted. So if you are Kua 3, your good direction (to use and face) would be south and you would avoid north, as its afflicted with the 7 star.

Meanwhile, since the northeast and northwest are afflicted, and since both are also bad for you, simply avoid these two directions. So you see, it’s not so tough once you practise using a system of elimination and careful analysis. Once you get the hang of it, you might even find feng shui rather easy. And once you get it right and it starts to work for you, that’s when you will get hooked - just like I’ve been for over 30 years!

Dear Lillian,
I’m Hema from Kajang, Selangor. I’m a great fan of yours and a feng shui lover too. Even though I’m an Indian, I used to make great efforts in studying and applying feng shui to my daily life. And I can say I achieved a lot.

For instance, I have a nice and kindhearted boss. This came about after I placed the Dragon Tortoise behind me and my boss started to pay me positive attention. He also provided me loan facilities, even though I’d just joined the company.

I’d like to thank my friend Jesilin for highlighting your books to me. Now you are my idol, madam.

I have a few doubts to clear:

  1. Recently, I bought a Metal Monkey on a Horse at WOFS. I wonder whether I should place it behind me or in front of me on my desk?

  2. In the bedroom, where there sharp edges, can I stick Red Ribbons on to diffuse them (as I can’t put plants in the bedroom?)

  3. My Kua no is 6. My Tien Yi direction is northeast. This year, it’s afflicted by 5 yellow. I wonder how to tap my health direction.

  4. I thought of generating some side income by playing the lottery and buying shares in the stock market, among others. How and what do I activate before I do that?

  5. According to my monthly horoscope (I am a Dog) I will soon enjoy a job promotion, increase in income and job satisfaction. I’ve been working performing multiple jobs in my office – will I be paid my desired amount? How do I activate my luck?

  6. In the southwest of my living room, which is facing the main door, I place a tabletop Water Fountain with a Crystal Ball rolling on top of a Chinese vase. Is it okay if I place it there (directly facing the main door), where the water flows symbolically into the vase? Please do advise me whether to keep or remove it.
Thank you so much for your attention, Hema
  1. Place this in front. This will help you get promoted.

  2. Yes, that is a good idea.

  3. Better not sleep in the northeast, or with your head pointed to the northeast. Instead, sleep in the opposite direction i.e south-west, and also place a brass wu lou at the foot of your bed in the north east.

  4. What you need is wealth luck and there are many things that you can use to activate wealth luck. We have some great Three-legged Toads. Place these facing the door under the coffee table. Or you can also get other symbols of wealth, such as the six-level water feature and place it in the southeast or the north. Bringing dragons into the east also brings growth luck.

  5. Carry the astrological ally of the Dog and also its secret friend, the Rabbit.

  6. This is the wrong water feature for the south west of your home. What you have is more for business-turnover. For the home, it is better to use the six-tier waterfall.


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