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Weekend Mail
4th – 5th August 2007

Dear Lillian
I'm an Ox born in September 1973, with a Kua number of 6. I recently read an article stating that activating the south (of one's home) would bring about 'total loss'.

The problem is, I had planned to hang red curtains in my green living room to activate my fame and reputation luck.

As my house sits in the south (with the male door located in the north), would this be a wise decision? Also, do you have any recommendations on activating the love sector of a home where the laundry room is in the southwest?

Thank you for your advice;

Your fan

Dear fan,
As you are a west group person, the south/east direction is one of your unlucky directions, based on the Eight Mansions formula.

However, this formula is meant to give you guidance on what directions to face and which locations in your house are good for you. If you activate the south of your house or the south of your living room this will not only benefit you, but everyone else living in the house.

The south is the universal location of good fortune as regards gaining recognition and fame. Furthermore, if yours is a south-sitting house, you should keep the interior well-lit, with plenty of yang energy. This is sure to benefit your entire household.

However, you have to make sure that you yourself do not sit facing the south, which includes not having your bedroom in the south. In feng shui, we must be very careful how we use the formulas.

As for activating the love sector, I would say go for your 'nien yen' direction. Sleep with your head pointed to your personal love direction based on your Kua. The southwest is excellent for jump-starting romance luck.

You might also like to activate the south with a Horse, as this is how you can energize your peach blossom tuck for romance. Get one of our painted ponies and peace it in the south.

Dear Lillian,
I was born in the year of the Dog. I would like to advance in my career and make more money.

My problem is that I do not know how to curry favour with my bosses. I am also shy and do not know how to make small talk, and hence, have difficulty networking.

I recently bought the Wish- fulfilling Bird to help change all this. But now, I'm afraid that my wishes will be granted in exchange for something precious in my life.

Please advise, Cheryl

Dear Cheryl,
Oh dear! Where did you get this idea of the Wish-fulfilling Bird? I think you are mixing things up a bit, because the bird is not for this purpose. If what you want is career success, and you feel too shy to mix around, then what you need to do is boost your confidence.

Sign up for some kind of cause where you can meet new people. This is always helpful, as a new environment can sometimes stimulate you to come out of your shell.

To help you along, instead of the Wish-fulfilling Bird, may I recommend you get the mantra ring, which has the wish-fulfilling mantra? Wear it daily and if you like, you can also learn to recite this wonderful mantra. You will find that it will help you become more focused, and over time, your confidence will improve.

Meanwhile, you should also place your astrological secret friend next to you, as this will also bring you a psychological ally to help you.

Hi Lillian,
About a year ago, my fiancé and I moved into a house with my sister, her family and my mother. My fiancé and I occupied the room above the garage.

After a few weeks, my fiancé lost interest in going to work, and at the same time, I was involved in a very bad car accident.

Soon, we began fighting a lot. Once, my sister got so mad at my fiancé that she wanted to kick him out of the house.

For a while, I was in denial that all this happened because of the location of our room, but now that I've learned about feng shui a little, it all makes sense.

We moved out after my fiancé and sister fought, but we'll be moving back in soon as the situation has changed slightly (my sister has since bought a new house in another neighborhood). We will now share the home with my other sister and her family.

So I need your advice. What cures can I use for a bedroom above a garage in the south west direction?

Thanks a lot, Irene

Dear Irene,
It’s hard for me to help you without seeing your house, but I would definitely not live above a garage as this is seriously bad feng shui. Since the house is not yours, you cannot do much about this other than getting another room.

Otherwise, can I suggest you paint the garage wall red? I think that the hostile star of quarrelling is in this part of the house and is causing your fiancé and your sister to fight. Red and bright lights should help.

Also, install a radio in the garage and at nights, just turn it on. This will make sure there is yang energy under your room and hopefully, this should help. Since the bedroom is in the south west, it is auspicious this year, so keep the garage well-lit.

As for the bedroom itself, also keep the interior well-lit. I also suggest that you bring in a red glitter lamp into the bedroom and keep it turned on all night. This is sure to help.

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