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On work environments and ‘poison arrows’

Weekend Mail
21st – 22nd July 2007

Dear Lillian,
Firstly, let me say that I love you very much, because, over the years, I have practiced feng shui based on your books and I have had great results.

My question is: I recently moved from a period 7 house that my husband and I had renovated, to a period 8 house and sold our prior house within 8 days. The new house was built in 2005, and it is a South West 1-facing house. The problem is, at the back of the house, we have a poison arrow from the house behind ours pointing at the back of our house.

(Incidentally, the north side of the house was missing, and I remedied that with azaleas to complete the missing section and placed a water fountain there for career luck).

As for the poison arrow, we immediately placed nine leyland cyress trees to block the arrow and placed a bagua facing the arrow. I know the North East is afflicted, so I placed three pagodas at the back in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Our front door is parallel to the sliding glass door located at the back. We remedied the situation by placing a loveseat there to stop energy moving so fast I also placed a bagua at the front of the house because my neighbor’s triangular roofline is in front of my house.

I have experienced no luck in this house, no job prospects, no income, and no social life. But I am also the one everyone says is "the luckiest person they know". My husband's luck is not really that good either.

Although our health has been good, nothing else is happening. We have been in this house since April 15, 2007. I have remedied all other afflictions. Is there something I am missing or is the poison arrow killing everything for us? My kua number is 2 and my husband's is kua 3.

Sincerely, Kim Guralnick

Dear Kim,
If everyone is telling you you're lucky, then believe them you have been in this house since April, which as a mere two months! It seems to me your knowledge of feng shui is pretty good, as you are doing all the things correctly. And on top of that, you even five in a Period 8 South West 1-facing house.

How lucky can you get, huh? Now let me tell you have forgotten to put a water feature in the South West, at the front of your house. This is the most important thing to do.

Maybe all those poison arrows were distracting you. If you immediately dig and construct a pond in the South West front part of your garden and let the water appear to flow into the house, you will definitely experience great tuck. In doing so, you will be agitating your water star 8, as well as the indirect spirit of period 8. This will bring you serious wealth luck. Try and see.

Hello, Lillian,
I sincerely hope that you're doing well and I thank you in advance for answering my question.

I would like to get a tattoo with the symbol Chien (3 solid lines) on my back, just below my neck. Is there anything 'unfavorable' about placing it there? Another location for the Chien tattoo would be on my left wrist.

Would appreciate your valuable comments.

For your reference, I was born on 25 Aug, 1967 (sheep).

Awaiting for your reply,
Pang Fu Meow

Dear Meow,
The Chien trigram has many auspicious meanings. Amongst other things, it stands for the Patriarch, the leader, heaven and someone strong and supportive.

By all means, tattoo these three solid lines onto your body but I am not so sure about having it on your back like some kind of burden. The symbolism of having it on your back is not auspicious, so I would advise you to place it on your wrist. By the way, doing it this year is quite beneficial for you, as you are going through a good year.

Dear Lillian,
I have been working in a Government department for six months now, and we recently moved to Level 17 of a high rise office space is scarce and expensive and we have a tight budget so we make use of the open space to fit in as many desks as possible.

The layout of the whole office seems bad from a feng shui perspective but we cannot change anything because of the lease agreement.

I am the director of finance & performance and my staff sit close to me and face each other with very tow partitions in between. Luckily, I face another staff member who also works offsite and so is not in the office most of the time. I place a rooster in front of me to avoid conflict.

Unfortunately, I also sit with my back against a window, which is up most of the time. I place the dragon turtle behind me, but I still don't feet I have enough support at work.

I think I am sitting in the North or North West side of the building. I was born in 1958 (earth dog).

Worried, RT

Dear RT,

From the way you describe your office, it seems 1) you have no support behind you; 2) you are sitting in a confrontational mode with your staff; and 3) the office is cramped with insufficient space. So what can you do? A lot of things. Many people are like you - they have little or no control over the layout of their place of work. I have been to many offices like yours. But you definitely can do something to improve the feng shui. To start with, try to sit facing at least one of your good directions based on the Kua formula. This is always possible, as all you need is to swivel around to face the direction that benefits you. Secondly, keep your desk as clean as possible.

Do not allow it to get crowded with too much paperwork. Keep your drawers and whatever space that has been allotted to you well organized. Bring some flowers each day to cheer up the energy, and also see if you can somehow increase the lighting.
On your desk, place a bright Ruyi to give you authority and help you think positively. This is really very important for you, as you are holding a big job. Finally, once a month, move your table and chair a few inches, clean the nooks and corners under the table, and move them back into place again. This will help to move the energy, thereby making sure neither the energy nor your career will stagnate.

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