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On marriage and misunderstandings

Weekend Mail
7th – 8th July 2007

Dear Lillian,
I’m a 31 year-old lady. For the past nine years, I have not been in any romantic relationship. I would consider myself above average (in appearance and intelligence). But no guy ever comes after me. Even my close friends can’t believe my bad luck.

One day, I decided to activate my peach blossom luck using a ruby-red horse in the south corner of my bedroom. True enough, just two weeks after activating it, a man approached me.

We progressed well for two months. However, one day, he suddenly just refused to answer my calls and SMSes. We had never even quarreled! In fact, two nights before that, we were chatting happily for hours.

I really don’t know what to do. I’m really depressed. As we work in the same company, it’s very difficult for me to concentrate on my work, and I can’t sleep every night thinking about what went wrong. Please help me.

Thank you,

Dear Depressed,
I am sure something did happen to make him suddenly stop talking to you. I suggest you ask him straight to his face. If he still does not say anything, drop him. Throw out the old horse and get a brand new one. In no time at all, a new guy will come into your life. In the meantime, do not waste your time or energy thinking about this other guy. He sounds like he is a coward for just dropping you like that.

There are many nice guys out there, just waiting to be discovered – so do not feel bad or sad. When something like this happens, there is no point in trying to speculate. Just ask him, deal with the situation and get o n with your life. Move on! Don’t agonize over him.

Remember - it’s his loss!

Hi Ms Lillian,
My boyfriend and I will be married this year. After checking the World of Feng Shui website, we discovered that Sept 15, 2007 is an auspicious day for our wedding.

However, my boyfriend’s horoscope is Horse, while mine is Sheep. That leaves me to wonder whether we should also have taken into account of horoscopes and times of birth when choosing our wedding date (which we did not do).

Please advise.
Best regards,

Dear Sam,
When choosing auspicious dates, it is advisable that you take into account your animal sign to make sure that there are no conflicts.

Having said that, while some feng shui experts believe in making detailed checks (by looking into your horoscope charts) when choosing dates, I have discovered that it is not necessary to be so detailed. This is because you’ll end up finding that there are so many things that need to be taken into account – so much so that you will end up worrying unnecessarily.

Just make sure your date does not clash with you and your beloved, and that is also does not clash with your parents and potential in laws. Once you establish that, things should be fine.

Hi Lillian,
My name is Bee and I was born on the 5th of May, 1979, at 11.36pm.

I resigned from my job in April as an IT programmer due to my ill health. My health has since improved, but I am still unable to find a suitable job.

I’m originally from Kota Bahru, Kelantan but currently reside in Singapore. I am quite worried about my future now. I feel like a small boat drifting on the big sea.

Hopefully, with your feng shui expertise, you can help me improve my life.

Your sincerely,

Dear Bee,
Don’t’ worry. Look after your health and when you are fully recovered, then look for a job. Singapore is a growing and vibrant city, and I am sure you will have no problems there. Go and select one of the enhancers for improving career and work luck from the World of Feng Shui shop in VIVO city – something personal that you can wear – and then activate the North corner of your living room with 8 rod metal windchimes. This should jumpstart your work luck.

And do remember to think positive. Visualize yourself going happily to work – this way you will also engage the power of your mind and you are SURE to find a good job.

Hi Lillian,
Could you advise me on how to arouse passion in a marriage? My husband has lost interest in me, and lately, we do not seem to have any kind of intimacy with each other.

Could you advise on any symbols one can place in the bedroom or in the house? My husband’s date of birth is 27/06/1970 (Dog). And mine is 30/03/1974 (Tiger). Our main door of the house faces the south and our bedroom is located above the garage and lies in the southwest direction of the house. Please help me!


Dear Mira,
What you and your husband sorely need is something to jazz up your love life. Whenever something like this happens, I always blame the bedroom feng shui. What you need to do is to “move the chi” inside your bedroom. Choose a nice, sunny day to do this.

Move the bed a feet or so away from its current position, then vacuum the underside of it thoroughly. Then take the mattress and pillows for a good sunshine bath (the longer they are in the sun, the better, as what is needed is a massive infusion of yang energy). Then, get new sheets and new cases for the pillows (red might be great to bring in some love energy). Next, change the lights in the bedroom and hang a painting of peonies. You are both in the prime of life so you can do with some sexy red peonies!

Also, invest in a small red lamp for the bedroom, as this is an excellent way to bring the loving back into marriage, and also, place the double happiness emblem next to you. For good measure, place a small crystal amethyst under the bed (under your feet) to make sure he won’t have an affair outside the marriage. If he is, this should help to stop it.

Finally, pamper yourself so that you feel good about your body. Remember – never lose your confidence at a time like this.

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