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On romance and residences

Weekend Mail
1st July 2007

Good day Lillian,

I am having a problem with finding the right guy. I was born in the Year of Rooster - and I know that this is a good year for the Rooster. But nothing seems to work for me in terms of finding suitable guy. My house is sitting in the North, facing South and I am a Kua no.2. I’ve activated my room, which is in the Southwest, with mandarin ducks, a revolving light (to energized it), as well as all the usual lovely-dovey stuff.

All the guys I’ve known are either homosexual or spend most of their time in religious study – and the man I currently have my eye on falls into the latter group. How can I get him to commit to a relationship? Appreciate your help.

Thanks, Carene Chan

Dear Carene,
This year really is a great year for those born in the year of the Rooster, in terms of having excellent romance luck.  The peach blossom star flies in to assist you.  But the problem may not be your feng shui.  If you like this guy who is interested in religious study, then the way to his heart is for you to make an effort to understand his interest.You obviously find him attractive enough to want him to commit to you.  Yet you don’t like him being religious.  Better forget him and look elsewhere?

Anyway, here’s how to attract more romantic possibilities into your life.  Get yourself a really beautiful horse figurine that you instantly like – there are many stunning limited edition painted horses to choose from at World of Feng Shui Boutique in Mid Valley Megamall – then bring the horse home and place it in the South corner of your bedroom.  Then shine a light over it – this will activate your personal peach blossom luck corner.  You can also place a horse in the West, which is your home location.  This way, you might even attract two guys to choose from.

Remember to get as beautiful a horse as possible, because the horse is the peach blossom animal of the Rooster.

Dear Lillian,
We have a small tree growing next to our pond in the northeast corner of our house. The pond area has a brick wall that completes that corner of the house. I read your book on this being the year of the Boar, where you discourage the digging up, or trimming of, one’s northeast garden this year. Unfortunately, I read it just after New Year’s day. This little tree is very bushy and is seriously obstructing the view of the pond, so it will be necessary to cut down. What we can put in its place as a cure? The year it was the northeast corner, I didn’t have your book yet, and after digging, etc, my husband got laid off. So I really want to follow the guide for this year.

Thank you very much, Gloria Garza

Dear Gloria,
You, know this year, the Northeast has the five yellow wu wang afflictions, which are the strongest afflictions in the flying star chart. It is really dangerous to cut, to dig and to make any change at all to one’s garden. Instead, you need o place metal cures as the Five Element Pagoda.

However, if you really need to trim the tree, why don’t you cut off really little branches at a time, so the pond can be seen. If you do simple trimming, a little at a time, you will not be activating the wu wang, so it’s not so bad. But you MUST place lots of metal cures such as wind chimes and the five element pagoda.

Dear Lillian,
I need your help. Somebody told me that I am a weak metal (my kua number is 7), so I cannot rear fish in my house. But I have one lovely arowana and I placed it in the west area of my house. Should I remove it?

Also, the same person mentioned that I should not be facing South – and again, my house and front door both face south, so what can I do now? Please tell me what to do. I really need your help.

Thank you, Seah KY

Dear Seah,
According to your paht chee birth chart, you are weak metal, and you say your KUA is 7? Did you know that the number 7 is metal? So you already have some metal as your feng shui helper. As a weak metal person, you need Earth, the element that produces metal.

Now, when you rear fish, you need either a pond or an aquarium – both of which are made of earth element materials (bricks and cement for the pond and glass for the aquarium). Then, inside the pond or aquarium you have lights, which are a Fire element. So the water is only one of three elements… In other words, I really wouldn’t worry if I were you. Go ahead and get your arowana. Having it in the West activates your kua 7 corner, so leave him alone. These lovely fish are SO mega lucky!

Now, facing South means the incoming energy is of the fire element coming towards you – and this, of course, means fire burns metal. Also, you are West group and the door is in an East group direction, hence, there is a clash, which is not so good for you. I suggest one of two solutions for you. Either use another door to get in and out of the house OR try to change your door direction to face Southeast, a direction that is good for you.

Dear Lillian Too,
I live in New Zealand. I’m a Kua 7 and have a NE3 period 5 house with the lounge in the Northeast. I have completely renovated the house, including replacing front and back doors. Regarding the floors, I ripped up all the carpets and polished the beautiful wood floorboards that were underneath.

My question is: If I put up a new roof, will that put my house into Period 8? If so, what is the minimum time the house must be exposed to the sky before the new roof is put on? I appreciate your response as I have had a lot of sickness in this house, especially throat and respiratory trouble.


Dear Hillary,

If you change the roof, your house will indeed become a Period 8 house and since it is a Northeast-facing house, you will make yours into a very auspicious Period 8 house. Replacing the roof is enough to make the transformation, as the change itself will transform the energy. As for your sickness, please do invest in a large Wu Lou made of brass or some kind of metal and place it in the centre of the home. Try getting one with the Eight Immortals on the Wu Lou, as this is especially potent for this period of 8.

Also make sure you check the flying stars from my book Period 8 Feng Shui to make sure you activate the mountain star 8, as this will bring good health to the household.

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