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On money and matrimony

Weekend Mail
23rd - 24th June 2007

Dear Lillian and Team,
I love all things associated with feng shui.

My house faces South and I am a Rooster born in 1969. I chose the design for my house with feng shui in mind, so it is well-balanced and has no missing corners. Construction was completed in 2003.

I’ve had a few feng shui consultants into my home. I have applied their recommendations but, I feel that nothing is really happening.

For example, one issue is my finances. I’ve bought a six-tier mountain feature and placed it in the south west of my home; and another six-tier mountain water feature in the southwest of my living room. I’ve placed a water feature in the north of my home. And I was recommended to place a water feature in the northwest and west.

I have bought dzi beads to attract more money. I have implemented other cures, too, but to no avail.

I noticed that everyone who enters my home comments that my home has a nice feel and energy; it is a peaceful home. These comments come from friends and relatives, as well as complete strangers like furniture delivery and sales people.

I do love my little home. I would like to do more feng shui-related home improvements, but that is contingent on my finances, and at the moment, I’m quite low on that. I do have a good job with an OK income, but to be honest, I am bored and not challenged.

I heard that bringing more money into your life is the easiest feng shui philosophy to implement. However, there must be something I’m doing wrong, or not implementing correctly, as nothing appears to be coming into my life. And I’m tired of struggling financially.

Can you please help me?
With love, Diana Davidson

Dear Diana,
Ah, you are foolish to think feng shui is not working for you when really, it has and continues to be doing so. Look at you – you have a good job with friends who encourage you. You have a home you love and you are feeling bored. If you are feeling bored, it can only mean you have few problems and perhaps too much time on your hands.

Why don’t you try taking up a hobby, a new interest, perhaps engaging in some community or charity work – this should bring new challenges and new opportunities into your life.

And as for more money, well, you are certainly not badly –off, it seems. If you want wealth and more, be proactive, instead of moaning and groaning, and sitting at home waiting for money to pour into your home. Go out there and actively try to create new wealth – work, be an entrepreneur and be creative – feng shui can only help you if you are also helping yourself. Do not expect feng shui to do everything.

Hi Lillian,
I was born on Jan 27, 1982. When will I find love? What should I do?

Thanks and regards,

Dear Sita,
The arrival of romance in your life depends on what we call your ‘nesting period’. According to the old texts on fortune-telling, there are five periods that govern a person’s life cycle and the cycle that governs romantic love, marriage and starting a family is described as the nesting period. When you are in this period, which can last from two to nine years for different people, your chances of finding love and getting married will be excellent. Another indication is through the annual astrological readings based on your animal sign.

Alas, the sign of the Dog does not enjoy special ‘peach blossom luck’ this year. However, if you like, you CAN tap into the peach blossom direction for the year. This helps anyone activate their peach blossom and the direction for 2007 is West, so place all the romance enhancers such as the double happiness sign, the peony flower or simply a symbol of marriage, such as pictures of brides and grooms – in your home. Mandarin ducks, dragons and phoenixes should also be placed in the West of your bedroom, or your living room. It should be a room that you spend a lot of time in.

Hello Ms. Lillian,
I am Reshma Rao, residing in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I had heard a lot about you, so today, I thought of dropping you a line.

I need your help. Both me and my husband’s careers are not taking off. He is stuck in the same company and same position, having received hardly an increment. He really feels down, as people junior to him have gone up the corporate ladder, but his is stuck.

As for me, I’m always being looked over whenever increments are handed out at my company.

Also, my health especially my reproductive system, does not function properly, and there is always an irregularity.
Please help us out by recommending some simple solutions.

My birth date is Sept 28, 1975, while my husband’s is July 6, 1967.

Reshma Rao

Dear Reshma,
Life is not very fair is it? And good things do not always happen to good people. If your career and job seem to be stagnating and going nowhere, it can be due to the fact that your surroundings have also ‘stagnated’. This tends to happen to many people, so I suggest you give your home a massive spring-cleaning. When was the last time you did this?

Has ‘rubbish’ (which we all accumulate through the years) been piling up? Are your carpets well worn and in need of a shampoo your curtains in need of a wash? Many people do not realize that their luck and their careers often reflect their environment, so let me suggest that you take a good look around your home. Give it a good clean and more the energy by rearranging your furniture. Then throw out one piece of unwanted or old furniture and bring in one new piece. This will instantly introduce new energy into your surroundings and it is sure to benefit you and your husband.

Dear Lillian Too,
My family and I always work long and hard, and earn high salaries - but at the same time, the money always seems to just flow away the moment we get it. Our pay cheques go to paying bills and to other things, and we can never seem to keep any of our money. There’s always something sucking it away.

Is there a tip you can give us to help us retain some of our wealth? We’ve been working for years and still have nothing to show for it.

Greetings and thank you,

Dear Jenny,
What you need is a wealth vase. When you crate a wealth vase, it is like making sure your prosperity does not leak away, and instead, is able to accumulate over the ears. Please note that wealth and income are two different things. To have wealth, income needs to accumulate – so please get yourself a vase and fill it with all the ‘normal’ as well as ‘secret’ ingredients. I have put together a wealth vase ‘package’ and you can get started on this immediately. Store your wealth vase deep inside your home, in a high place and unseen by prying eyes. This is how you can prevent money coming in from going out.

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