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Weekend Mail
16th - 17th June 2007

Hi Lillian,
I’m an avid fan of yours. I do a little feng shui at my apartment. I have a chihuahua too. But I don’t seem to have any luck at all.

I’ve been sitting for professional examinations recently – but I fail each time. And the last time was my fifth attempt at the paper.

The thing is, I’m a hardworking, independent and dependable person. What’s wrong?

Please give me advice. I’m 41, my zodiac sign is Scorpio born and I was born on 11/4/1965.

Thank you so much.

Dear Julie,
IF you have taken the examination so many times and failed, then something could well be amiss with your “education corner”. Is your north east missing? Or is a toilet or a storeroom located there? Sometimes, this can have a negative effect on your exam luck.

You could also be trying too hard and investing too much energy in your studies (yes, this is possible). This can also have a negative effect on the outcome.

From a feng shui perspective, you might like to try facing your personalized direction (of west) when you sit to study and do your exam. According to personalised feng shui formulas, this is the best direction for you if you want good personal development luck. Get yourself a compass and try to tap this west direction as you sit for your examination. This direction is especially powerful this year for studies and knowledge-enhancement luck. So tapping it can be very helpful.

Finally, my advice to you is to get rid of the ‘failure’ syndrome by thinking positive!

Hi Lillian,
I have your book, Lilian Too’s Little Book of Feng Shui and in the A Secret Feng Shui Ritual section, you state that if you write your wish list 49 times on a piece of paper 49 days in a row, and sign and burn the list everyday, your wishes will be realised. Well, I had just completed the process four days ago. I’m just wondering if you can tell me how long it will take for the wishes to be realised.

Thank you.
Melissa Radich

Dear Melissa,
YES, this is a wish-fulfilling ritual that is said to work every time because in doing it – i.e. writing and signing you wish 49 times, it will engage your mind to actualise your wishes. What you want usually manifests very fast – within nine days – if you have written it clearly and with concentration each time. Sometimes, the wish actualises even before you have completed the 49 days. I always advise people to think carefully before wishing because wishes have a funny way of coming true and then you may not actually want them after all.

Dear Lillian,

My husband and I are the market for an old home. Each home we’ve seen has problems. In one of your books (365 Feng Shui Tips) you touched on the subject of the ‘U’-shaped home, and avoiding the spiral staircase.

The home we have our eyes on has an A-Frame design. If we decide to buy this home, what can we do to avoid its potential problems? It’s very difficult to purchase an old home without building a new one in the way that feng shui suggests.

Any help on this matter would be appreciated.
Carol Ann

Dear Carol,
YES I do appreciate that it is difficult to find the perfect home, but here are some pointers. Best to find a house with a regular shape – squares and rectangles are ideal. Next, ensure that there is some ‘space’ in front of the home, as this forms the bright hall where good fortune ‘chi’ settles and accumulates. Survey the general environment and see what the neighbouring houses look like. If they seem to you to look ‘abundant’ and ‘flourishing’, then you can be sure that this is a good neighbourhood. If the houses around look ‘tired’, ‘worn-down’ and ‘unhappy’, chances are that the air here is not very good.

If you want to go further, you can then start to apply the compass formulas. Do this by getting a good handle on the facing direction of your home and then get my book Total Feng Shui to investigate the different formulas and how they apply to your potential home. Here, you can either use the personalised formula of eight mansions to make sure the house is suitable for both of you OR you can go even further by applying the Flying Star formula. So you see – there are different ways to apply feng shui and the best way to approach it is to do it step-by-step. In no time at all, you will get the hang of it.

Dear Lillian,
I HOPE you will be able to help me with my problem. My husband and I have been unemployed for three years now. Just recently, my husband accepted a job which gives us just enough to pay the rent. So I really need to learn to help my family improve our financial situations.

I found out about feng shui by chance two years ago after coming across one of your books. Since then, I have been trying to learn this science by myself, with the help of the few books of yours available in my country.

I don’t have the financial means to attend your classes, so could you please refer me to book that comprise essential reading on feng shui? I realised that I still have a lot to learn when I skimmed through your book Feng Shui Life Planner and found it confusing (all those natal charts are really complicated!).

Thank you very much.
Nada Bouhadir

Dear Nada ,
THE science of feng shui is easy to learn, but hard to master and to understand natal charts of the Flying Star systems, you will need to read the book carefully and then do some exercises. First, learn the basis of the charts and how they relate to compass directions and locations. Next, learn the meanings of the numbers and combinations of numbers. It is necessary to sign up for a short course to really understand Flying Star feng shui. When you learn this way, it will not be difficult. As for helping you with your feng shui education, the best recommendation I can give you is to read a beginner’s book like Basic Feng Shui, which is easy and has enough information to get you started correctly and in a fun way. Do not read too many books at once. Take your time and you are sure to pick it up. Also subscribe to the Feng Shui World Magazine as this contains many examples of how to apply the different concepts and formulas. Good luck.

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