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Weekend Mail
9th - 10th June 2007

Dear Lilian,
I HAVE been an avid reader of your feng shui books for many years. I have tried to make many changes in my home and my work environment but just do not seem to be making progress. By the way, I live in South Africa. I was promoted to Branch Manager of Absa Bank Pavilion Branch in 2002 and since then it has been one problem after another, especially with staff members and senior management. I am always in trouble and now that Absa is going through restructuring, I feel very uncertain about my job. My office’s south west corner is missing and I do not know how to rectify this problem. Please help.

Kind Regards.
Manny Reddy, Durban South Africa

Well, the first thing is not to let the situation defeat you or affect your confidence. From what I can see, the move and change of premises at work and in the home definitely affected you negatively – it happens to many of us. In the hustle and bustle of moving, we often forget and lose sight of the importance of ensuring that our good feng shui continues. If your south west corner is missing, it is quite a shame because the SW is really auspicious this year. But there are other ways of improving your luck. I can suggest two things: First, “move the energy” both at work and in the home. In your work place, move your desk and chair to the SW direction about eighteen inches or so … then clean the space and move the desk back. While doing this also take the opportunity to spring clean your work environment. Then get a bright light and place it on the SW of your desk.

Secondly, try to find where the mountain star 8 is located in your office. It governs the luck of your colleagues and also affects your effectiveness as a leader. Get my book Feng Shui For Period 8 and look for the chart that applies to your office. It will give you the location of the mountain star 8. Then get a crystal geode and place it there. This is sure to improve relationships with your colleagues and staff members.

If all else fails, try placing a red lamp on your table to make working life less aggravating. And try smiling rather than looking as harassed as you sound.

IT is nice of you to answer letters despite your busy schedule. We live in a house built in 1992-1993 and it was very lucky for us till 2004. Social life was great till then. Since 2004, we have been lucky with everything except relationships.

Our kids are doing well, finances are great. The only problem has been relationships and social life with friends and family, and as husband and wife. In some cases, relationship has deteriorated completely.

We have a west-facing house which is a foyer and our southwest is the garage with a bedroom above it. My kua # is 3 and our southwest is the living room and I have tried to energise that for love and relationship.

We have bought a lot and are making plans for a new house which will take about a year to complete, but till then, what can we do to improve our relationship problems?

Please help if you can. Vinty Judge

IF you want to use feng shui to improve your relationship, I would advise you to immediately activate all the auspicious mountain stars in your home. This means mountain star 8, 6 or 9. They will add zing to your social life without you even trying. So get my Flying Star book, find the chart that applies to your house and determine the sectors of your home that are the mountain stars I mentioned. The most important is mountain star 8 – and you activate this with the image of a mountain. Shine a bright light at the mountain.

It can also be that your home is suffering from a real lack of yang energy. Is it too quite? Or has the energy gone stale? Are stacks of newspaper blocking any of your doors and windows? Sometimes, junk builds up in the house without us knowing and they start to affect certain aspects of our lives. It is so vital to be alert to changes in energy. Once you find out what is wrong, get some new energy into the home to revitalise it. Open doors and windows and play loud music. Nothing very difficult – just adding more life and zing into the energy of your home. You will find that things will improve. As for the relationship between you and your husband, I suggest you activate the peach of blossom star at your entrance with a variety of crystals. Then, in the centre of the house and the northwest of the living room, place a few crystal apples to create peace and foster a rediscovery of each other..

I AM an ardent fan of yours. I always look forward to seeing your programmes on air. You are so beautiful!

Anyway, most of the time, I try to follow all the methods you suggest on becoming rich, the latest being wearing the 9-eyed dzi purchased from WOFS. Most of my feng shui things are purchased from

I am a retired person and working in a private company and so is my husband. We have two children studying overseas. Of course, a lot of money is spent on their education. I am still waiting for some serious wealth luck to be blessed upon us. I am a Tiger and my husband is a Monkey.

Please guide. - God Bless You, PD

IT’S always lovely to receive a compliment. Thank you – I do try to look good by paying attention to my health and my skin, as I believe that this is what can also attract good feng shui.

You ask about getting rich.. well, this is the result of many factors, as I am sure you know. Feng shui is one dimension of the get-rich process. You can use feng shui to improve your income levels and raise your standard of living - but to become really wealthy, I believe one must also have the ‘life destiny’ or karma. In your case, it sounds like you are doing fine. If you want to do a little better, you can always activate the water star 8 or install a water feature in the south west which is the indirect spirit of this period of 8. When you place a special kind of water – one with six levels and three mountain peaks incorporated into the design – and in the correct corner of your home, it does make a good deal of difference to your wealth luck.

In addition, do also consider placing a few three-legged toads under your sofas and desks – these cute little fellas are really excellent for attracting money into the family. If you have a staircase, place them on a few steps going up as well. Then make sure your home is well lit to ensure a good supply of yang energy.

Finally, I do want to sat that getting rich is as much an ‘attitude’ as anything else. Think rich by being generous, not miserly. And consciously work at prosperity programming. Never, never succumb to poverty programming – always saving for a rainy day that you’re too scared to spend. That is what makes people poor, no matter what the feng shui. So it has a lot to do with your attitude as well.

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