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Luck of the draw

Weekend Mail
2nd -3rd June 2007

I’M single lady and ready for commitment. Sometimes I think that I’ve been cursed for the last six years in the Love Dept. I could never find success in my love affairs. Currently, I’m in a relationship, but my boyfriend seems reluctant to get married. I’ve energized my Southwest corner with mandarin ducks and all the possible love symbols that I can think of. I even wear a 9-eyed-dzi bead. I don’t know how to cope with these difficulties anymore! How can I activate my love luck to finally get married with the help of feng shui?

HAVE you tried using the peach blossom luck method? This is very effective and depends on your animal sign. We have described this method of activating marriage luck in the WOFS Feng Shui Almanac Calender 2007, so you can try this. The peach blossom animals are Horse in the South; Rooster in the West; Rabbit in the East and Rat in the North.

When you get your peach blossom animals, get those that are beautifully made and which look rich and clean attractive. Never buy these images from roadsides or ugly, dirty shops. The better and more attractive the peach blossom image you use, the better, and the more high-class looking the shop is, the more high class will be the spouse you attract.

I have also discovered that placing the picture of a bride and groom or having a musical box with a bride and groom near you on you table is also an excellent energizer. It worked for several of my daughter’s friends – it should work for you too. I need to say, however, that while feng shui can help you generate marriage vibes, it cannot guarantee the quality of the spouse. That depends on your karma.

WE bought a landed property four years ago and my husband has been facing a lot problems in his business since we moved to this house three years back. My kitchen is in the Northwest sector, which is the Ox sector. My husband was born in 1961 (Ox). After reading this year’s Ox reading by your good self, I realize that our kitchen is suppressing him. We can’t move the kitchen and do not want to sell this house. Please advise us.

EVEN before you hear what I have to say, you are setting limits to solutions. I am not a magician. If you do not wish to implement the cures suggested, then how am I to help you? You already know that this is a tough year for the Ox, so when personal luck is low (as is the case for your husband) what you don’t need is to have kitchen suppressing your luck even more. Also take note that this year, the NE is home to the dreaded five yellows. So how?

Place lots of metal energy in your kitchen. The best is five-element pagoda made of brass. Maybe keep three here. Next, tell your husband not to go into the kitchen. Then try implementing a few luck-bringing feng shui tips. First – check his sleeping direction. Try to capture good luck by sleeping with the head pointed to his sheng chi direction. Second – wear a good luck charm. There are many luck-bringing talismas he can wear to attract good luck. I recommend the mantra ring to help him overcome bad luck and attract good luck. Third – place a brass fan symbol in the NW of the living room to transform his luck. Many people have found this an easy and effective way to change their luck. See if it works for him.

MY mother-in-law, who is fit as a fiddle at 65, has lived with us for the past 10 years and continues to wreak havoc on my personal life. What can I do to just get rid of her? We cannot kick her out, and she does not cook, clean, drive or do anything good for me, my husband or child, but gossips and bitches all day long, creating problems for us with the rest of the family, and emotionally blackmails my husband by making herself look like this harmless, most wonderful woman in the world. Having her in the house is like having a witch stay with us.

GOSH, I hope you felt getting that off your chest! Horrible mothers-in-law are the bane of young wives and mothers. My sympathies are with you. Hmmm … assuming she really is as bad as you paint, one way of reducing her influence in the home is to place a ceramic pagoda in the Southwest – the place of the matriarch. Better yet, place the pagoda inside her bedroom as this is sure to keep her negative energies under control without causing her any harm. If you find you need a stronger remedy, hang a couple of six-rod windchimes in her room as well. This is also for exhausting her energy. The problem is that in the year 2007, the power of the Matriarch is at an all-time high. This is a year when older women and mother figures enjoy excellent luck.

With that in mind, I would personally try another way. I would try making friends with her. I am sure if you made genuine overtures of friendship she would respond positively. Being skillful in your interpersonal behaviour towards her might be far more effective than a feng shui cure. Buy her small presents and suppress any hostility you might be feeling towards her.

I HAVE a tattoo of a dragon on my right shoulder blade. I am a Water Ox, 1973. Things have not been right since I had it done. Should I laser it off? Any other options? Thanks so much.

DEFINITELY. To start with, the Dragon is a powerful creature and while his image is auspicious and attracts luck, one needs to be very careful where one places him. The Ox has no special relationship with the Dragon, so having this tattooed on the shoulder is not beneficial. More importantly however, never tattoo any of the celestial creatures on your shoulder – right or left – as this symbolises that you carrying a burden. On your right, it means you will have money burdens and on your left, means you will have relationship burdens. So If you can, get tattoo off.

My boyfriend, whom I have been dating for six years, lied to me (just over a year into our relationship) about another girl. Since then, I have not been able to let go completely. I get very uncomfortable whenever he is with other girls. Is there anything I can do to ease my mind of these unnecessary troubles as well as to ensure that my partner will remain true to me?

AH, my dear – there is never a permanent guarantee when it comes to fidelity in a relationship. When partners stray into the arms of another lover, it is not about trust alone. I would like to encourage you to let go of this baggage of “not being able to trust him” and of feeling uncomfortable.

Let me set your relationship in perspective for you. You have been together for six years and you still feel insecure in this relationship. This is a feeling that will never go away, so either you accept it and learn to live with it or find someone else. Sure, I can suggest a couple of things for you to do to help him stay faithful – or at least, never to start something serious with someone else – but are you certain he is the right guy for you? Are you sure you are the right girl for him? Believe me there is NO guarantee of fidelity.

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