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Weekend Mail
26th -27th May 2007

WHAT can I do to make sure I never see a particular someone, and that the person will never bother me again? She is someone who has married into the family and she brings heartache and anger to everyone with her attitude and it is getting quite unbearable. Her mere presence brings hatred and anger among the rest of family and is creating negative chi for all of us. Can feng shui help? Thank you.

WELL, first, lets deal with your problem – if she does not stay with you, it is easy enough to avoid seeing her too much, but if you are living in the same house, it can get a bit sticky and you might to try using feng shui to bring some semblance of calm and peace into the house to overcome her energy.

Get two things: one, a red mandala print or painting and hang it in the Northwest corner of the living room. This is sure to make suppress quarrelsome energy in the living area of the home. The second thing you can do is place a plate of red apples in the centre of your home – either on the coffee table or the dining table. Keep replenishing with red apples. The Chinese believe that the presence of apples in the home brings peace and harmony and the colour red suppresses anger. Surprising, I know, but red is ‘fire’ energy, which exhausts the wood energy of anger. If you use water, the anger get worse, did you know that?

But most of all, you should also make a real effort to “tolerate” and be magnanimous. Perhaps she is not as bad as you think. Give her a chance. Her “attitude” may well be due to her own feelings of insecurity and if you give in to your dislikes, the situation is sure to deteriorate.

I HAVE some problems with my family. My husband can’t find work and he has become depressed because of this situation. It is getting difficult living with him. I have a job but my work is not enough. We do not have enough money to live on.

We are staying in my mother-in-law’s apartment with our 7 year-old boy. Our apartment has windows orientated to the North and the main door to the South. The kitchen is in the East. After the kitchen is the bathroom and living room (in the centre of the apartment) and the bedroom is in the West. The bedroom continues onto the balcony.

By the way, my husband was born on Oct 27, 1968 and he is kua number 5. I was born on Nov 12, with kua number 7 and our child was born on Jan 26, 1999 with kua number 2. Please help. Thank you!

To start with, your husband is a Metal Monkey, so 2007 will bring him a very exciting new opportunity. In terms of his personal luck, there appears to be little to fret over. Being a Monkey person, he is probably feeling frustrated and also a little bit insecure. Be strong, my dear. Marriage is about good times and bad times. It is about helping one another and lending support during difficult months.

The feng shui problem here is that your husband is a West group person with a Kua of 5 – yet you are all living in an East-facing and sitting apartment. All the chi energy coming into the apartment does not directly benefit him, so I would like to advise you to try and find a sleeping position where he can sleep with his head pointing Southwest. This is a powerful and excellent direction for him, especially this year. Move to a new bedroom if you have to. This is sure to jump-start his luck.

Then, in the window near the North corner, get a nice, beautiful water feature and place a Dragon (friend of Monkey) next to it. Your husband should soon find something exciting in no time at all. Meanwhile, remember to stay supportive and not to get into a syndrome of feeling sorry for yourself or for him. Do not make a small hiccup turn into something big. Your problems are temporary.

I STAY with my in-laws and our house is facing Southwest. We seem to face many financial difficulties. My husband’s horoscope is Horse and he is 27 years old. He is working as a sub-contractor. He is always having difficulties in collecting payment from the company he is dealing with. I was born in the year of the Rabbit. My problem is we are always short of money. My salary is little for someone who has worked for more than 10 years. We don’t have any balance money each month. Please give me some advise to overcome our problems. Your reply is very much appreciated. Thank you. With regards, SML.

SURPRISE, surprise! I am using my new column in the Weekend Mail to answer
the many letters sent in to me each week. First of all, I want to tell you that your husband’s luck this year is very much better than it’s going to be next year and since you live in a house that faces southwest you must make a real effort to capture the luck of the southwest, which is the most auspicious direction in 2007. Do this by placing a water feature here. Use a compass and locate the SW corner of the living room. From your description, this sounds like where the door is, as the house faces SW. Place a waterfall with water appearing to flow inwards, towards the house. When you “activate” the SW of the living room with water this way, you will be giving strength to what is known as the “indirect spirit” of this period. Doing this is one of the most powerful feng shui methods of improving your income luck. It also works pretty fast as well. I would advise you to implement this recommendation soon, in order to capture the SW luck for the rest of the year. Try to get the six tier waterfall which I specially designed for this purpose. Install it near the front of the house (in the SW) and keep the water flowing through the night and day. Your husband will have much better luck collecting money owed to him and you (and your in-laws) too will find money coming into the home more easily.

But you must remember to keep the chi flowing. When money becomes more available do not be afraid to spend and also give help to others. Once money starts to flow in, you MUST keep the flow moving by letting some money flow out as well. It is only by being generous – with yourself and with others – that you will be subconsciously doing “prosperity programming.”

CAN you help me solve some of my staff problems? I have experienced staff but they don’t seem to have the mood to work. Can I use feng shui to overcome this problem?

THIS is one of the best reasons to learn feng shui. When staff morale is low or when there appears to be a shortage of energy, it is almost always due to some feng shui affliction or another. I have discovered time and again that whatever things start to go wrong with the staff, either because they all get sick at the same time, or there appears to be a high level of absenteeism, or there is disharmony, something in the office feng shui needs attending to. Usually the cause is easy to diagnose.

In your case, it sounds like something in your office is depleting your staff of their energy. This may be due to some element imbalance, either a shortage of some element or an excess of an element. It can also be due to excessive yin chi. This is usually the case when the office gets too cluttered and there are corners of stagnating chi. Try giving your office a major overhaul or spring cleaning to get the energy moving again? Just shift the furniture out, clean and move the furniture back again. This cure is almost always very effective and is called “moving the energy.’

I’M wondering if you can help houses other than the one that you live in. My boyfriend lives in a house where relationship corner also contains the toilet! If I place some crystals and encourage him to keep the seat down, will this help prevent our relationship going down the toilet?

SOUNDS like you have a problem here but your method of remedying it is incorrect. In fact, if you place crystals in your relationship corner – and it is in the toilet – what happens is that he would probably get hooked up with some unsavoury female and leave you high and dry. Whenever the relationship corner is afflicted by the presence of a toilet and then you go and activate it with crystals, it will almost always cause residents to have relationship with people who bring bad luck, loss and heartache. In this case, better to suppress the energy of the toilet with plants. And yes, keep the toilet seat down.