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Feng Shui Malaysia

Too Feng Shui & Fortune

Madam Chair
Volume VI, 2007

By Shamila Saravanan

When you are Lillian Too’s daughter, it would be only natural to live and breathe feng shui and Jennifer’s just as successful as mum!

She’s a tiny woman, standing only 5ft 2, but when Jennifer Too walks into a room, people notice.

It’s not just the daring blonde hair that draws attention.

She has a wonderfully thick head of tresses that flow down in beautiful waves around her shoulders and back. Her features are striking, with her disarming smile and laughing eyes.

Her gait is graceful, yet purposeful and confident, completing the arresting picture – and it is only at this point perhaps that people recognise her as a familiar face: she is CEO and director of World of Feng Shui Sdn Bhd (also known as and co-hosts the Lillian Too show with her mother.

At 29 Jennifer Too must be the envy of her friends. After all, how many women her age can claim to be the CEO of a successful company that has gone global.

Some might call it coincidence or even clichéd, but Jennifer sincerely believes that it is feng shui that’s carried her to the giddy heights where she now stands.

”I have always used feng shui. From the time I was in school, I carried good luck charms. I learnt how to set up my study room for luck, and I used it to help me to study and for my show jumping. It helped me ace my exams and win dressage championships.”

Today, Jennifer continues to use feng shui to bring her luck, wealth, romance and happiness. For instance she used the double happiness symbol to bring someone very special into her life.

”Back in 2000 my mom had just launched her jewellery line in collaboration with OE Design and she asked me to wear the double happiness symbol to ‘test-drive’ the new collection. Within a few weeks I met this wonderful guy through a chance meeting with friends. He was really nice but after just one meeting he had to go back to the US.

”Fortunately he liked me too and started calling me from the US. He even flew back out of the blue to meet me again. You could say it was a whirlwind romance, very passionate, and we were married within a year. I believe the double happiness symbol had a lot to do with it and I ended up with truly the man of my dreams. He still is, after four years of marriage and a two-year-old son.”

Jennifer sits facing southeast because it is her sheng chi (success) direction. Wealth luck charms are placed in strategic locations throughout her office. She also admits to employing her staff after consulting their star signs and bazi to see if they would find compatibility. She believes all this has helped propel her company’s profile.

And it well may have. Today, gets over one million hits a year. Google has rated it as the top feng shui site. is also shipping loads of its merchandise overseas. And her magazine Feng Shui World is the second largest circulated English language magazine in the country. was founded in 1998, the year Jennifer returned from her studies with an economics degree from Cambridge.

Jennifer had brought with her an added talent: the ability to setup and design websites.

”When I graduated and cam e home I built a site for Mum to popularise her books. That is how I got involved in the business.”

The website has since grown into a extensive resource for feng shui, offering a variety of merchandise and lifestyle options for living with the ancient science. has 60 World of Feng Shui boutiques throughout the world, in the USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Russia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and of course Malaysia. Most of the shops outside Malaysia are franchise-based selling feng shui merchandise and books by Lillian Too.

Although she “lives” feng shui, Jennifer says it does not dominate her life. “Feng shui should add to your life, not disrupt it.”

For example, she did not time the birth of her child. “Some things should be left to chance,” she says.

”Feng Shui brings you only one-third of your luck, the other two-thirds come from heaven luck (what you are born with) and mankind luck (the luck you create from being a good human being). Earth luck, which involves feng shui, is the most easily changed.”

Feng shui is not her only interest. “After my mum became famous, of course friends would ask me to read their feng shui. But that is not all we talk about because I have other interests such as horse riding, my family, my son … “

Jennifer is quite the equestrian and very passionate about her horses. As a teenager she won many junior championships in jumping and dressage. She still competes regularly on the national circuit.

Jennifer comes across as warm and sincere. One immediately feels at ease in her presence. There is no pretence in her demeanour, no disdain in her tone. She is eager to please and very trusting.

It is perhaps these characteristics that led her to pursue the science of feng shui. “I love my job. It allows me to help people to show them how to use feng shui to enhance their luck.”

Aside from consultations, her work also entails spending a whole year researching for books, especially the popular feng shui horoscope books for the following year, assisting her mother on road shows and in her television programmes, managing the bi-monthly magazine Feng Shui World and running the day-to-day operations of

All About Her

Her blonde hair
”It suits my skin colour – I am very tanned – and it jives with Period 8, a 20-year feng shui cycle which started on February 4, 2004. During this period it is auspicious to put earthy tones on the head.

Horse riding
”Horse riding is a big passion of mine. I show jump. Every morning I’m out riding at 6.30am.”

Her ruling animal
She is a Snake and her favourite sport is horse riding, and in feng shui, a Snake’s Peach Blossom animal is the Horse. Her passion for horses led her to display many horse figurines and collectibles in her home – which may have contributed to her excellent Peach Blossom Luck (luck that brings romance and love) – which brought her husband Chris into her life, “no one could ask for a better husband”.

Her son Jack
”It’s hard to be in a bad mood around him. He is such a gorgeous, happy, adorable child. If I’m stressed out or unhappy about something, I only need to see him and any negative feelings simply evaporate. He is the light of my life.”

Her clients
”All the time people come back and say it works. After reading our astrology books, they say it is so accurate. I have had friends who are single who asked me what to do to get hitched. I told them to wear the double happiness symbol and many found their partners within a year and later got married. There were also those who told me that they found themselves involved in minor accidents just as the book stated.”

Her recommendation
Wear Dzi beads, These special beads work like good luck charms. Wearing the right one can bring a lot of wealth. I have found it to work very fast. All my family members who wore it found it really worked. There was a person who tried it out and within a day successfully sold her car. Another struck the lottery.

Her management style
I don’t believe in the tiered system. We don’t have any layers here at WOFS and I am very accessible to my staff. They can come see me directly without having to go through anyone. I also don’t like to pigeon hole people according to their tasks. Everybody does everything here and we work as a team.

Analysing feng shui

It takes us about a year to do the calculations and come up with a book. For instance, we started the book on the year of the boar (2007) at the start of the dog year (early February, 2006). Like other things, feng shui evolves and we need to keep up. As an example of adapting feng shui for modern usage, roads signify the ‘rivers’ that made up the ancient texts, while building signify the ‘mountains’.

Her secret to success
I believe in what I’m doing and I don’t give up at the slightest sign of difficulty.

Her strength
I am very determined, I am detailed and I can see things through completion.

Her weakness
I am too meticulous.

Working with her mum
I work very well with my mum. She is my mentor and plays a big advisory role in the company. She is the strategist while I care for day-to-day operations.

Her dad
My dad is hilarious. I’m very close to him too. He makes me laugh.

The future
Who knows? I like to go with the flow. World of Feng Shui is growing steadily and we are successfully opening up in foreign markets. Personally I am considering an MBA; with the skills I gain from B-school I hope to take the company even further. My mum has an MBA from Harvard and says what she learned there is still relevant and applicable today.

Feng Shui Forecast for 2007

 Q : Which industries will do well next year?
 A : The metal industries – everything from white appliances to computers, the IT industry, the Internet, gold.
 Q : Anything our readers should take heed of?
 A : 2007’s “Spring” or Lap Chun – which brings prosperity – will be coming late next year (at the end of the year). So if you are starting any project, it is best to get things rolling before the start of the next year (end of 2006, early 2007 before CNY) to capitalize on 2006’s springtime. If you miss the Spring, you will have to wait till year end before things happen for you. Projects started after the Chinese New Year in 2007 will be harder to get off the ground than ones started before. This means signing deals, launching a new business, etc.
 Q : What has WOFS in store for the new year?
 A : Look out for the January issue of Feng Shui World for more 2007 forecasts. Sign up for the Lillian Too Feng Shui Extravaganza on January 27th at the KL Convention Centre, and on January 7th in Singapore (details at Must-buys are the Lillian Too’s Fortune and Feng Shui 2007 series which we wrote together, and the 2007 Feng Shui Almanac, all available at our stores.
 Q : What books would you recommend for a beginner?
 A : Definitely Total Feng Shui, a thick all-in-one type book by Lillian Too.
 Q : And for an old hand?
 A : Get Rich with Water, Lillian Too’s latest book.

At a glance, horoscope for 2007
(get more details from Lillian Too’s Fortune and Feng Shui 2007 series)

RABBIT : 2007 will be a busy year for rabbits, with lots of opportunities.

SHEEP AND MONKEY : Will be the luckiest in terms of wealth.

DRAGON AND HORSE : Will see a change of luck for the better.

DOG AND BOAR : Challenging year ahead.

SNAKE, OX, TIGER, RAT : Will face difficult times. Not a good year for them. Better to lie low.

ROOSTER : Things look brighter than the year before.

To ward off bad luck :

The Snake and Boar should get the heavenly dog or Pi Yao figurine or the elongated version called the Pi Xie, and place in the direction of the northwest or carry as an amulet.

The Boar and Dog should have a ksiddigarba figurine and try not to lose their temper. The Tiger and Ox have to wear a lot of strong metals like gold as they will be the worst hit next year.

The Rat should carry a blue rhino and wear the colour blue.

To enchance luck :

Use the wealth ship, crystals and gemstones that are known to fortify luck. Wear Dzi beads for various kinds of luck.