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Latest WOFS Boutique Opens In Johor Bahru in Mutiara Hotel

Surplus Haven opened their second outlet on 25th June 2005 at Mutiara Hotel in Johor Bahru. The beautiful new outlet sporting a modern look is located at the new wing of the hotel. The boutique has an indoor fishpond right in front of the shop, which promises an abundance of wealth and business luck.



The opening saw a large crowd of enthusiasts that joined in the celebrations. The event started with the Traditional Space Clearing ceremony and the official announcement of commencement of business at an auspicious hour. A unique ritual of releasing 88 Koi fish into the pond in front of the shop was performed to gather good karma for those attending the opening. Refreshments were served and fans got some free Feng Shui tips from resident feng shui consultants Mervyn and Kelvin.

From Left: Nickque, Khoo Hong Poe (Financial Controller), Frankie Kwok (Dir. of Sales), Bahar Hussain (F&B Manager), Kelvin, Steven Goh (Exec.Chef) and Mervyn thanks Mutiara Hotel JB for all their assistance and support. Mutiara Hotel is the first Malaysian hotel to house a full-sized WOFS boutique. This significantly contributes to the growth of the franchise industry by opening up new doors and leading the way for domestic and international homegrown brands to be in association with the hospitality industry.

Contact and address details :

WOFS Mutiara JB
Lot 07, Ground floor, Arcade shopping area
Mutiara Hotel, Johor Bahru.
Tel: +6016-717 1188
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More Photos

Kelvin performing the Traditional Space Clearing ceremony.

 The official announcement of commencement of business at an auspicious hour.

 Ritual of releasing 88 Koi fish into the pond.