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Feng Shui for Weddings

It was a large bridal fair organized by the South City Plaza that prompted World of Feng Shui to present a Feng Shui talk about wedding. The bridal studios came armed with their best photographs, mannequins dressed in gorgeous wedding gowns and even an antique car for those that wanted their wedding photos taken in a vintage car. The event started with the official opening by the Member of Parliament representing Sri Kembangan. This was, followed by a stunning wedding wear fashion show followed by a talk from a marriage advisor about finding the real love.

With the bridal fair in mind, Clamond Ng - WOFS franchisee from IOI Mall, Puchong was on hand to talk about Feng Shui practices for good and long lasting relationships. The topics cover should be suitable with the event. Clamond started off with why we need Feng Shui, and the advantages to using Feng Shui to enhance our luck.

Clamond stressed that money played a large role in a happy marriage, and therefore tips on how one can activate their wealth luck at home is given as well as career luck in office also discussed to ensure both husband and wife should have a successful career.

Choosing an auspicious date for the wedding is very important as our luck depends on our parent's Feng Shui before our marriage, so choosing an auspicious date to start out adult life is very important. Then he moves on to shows everyone that which is the best year for their wedding by showing the allies and secret friends charts. Saying the best would be the year of the bride or the groom's horoscope animal's year, second choice would be the allies' animal year then the secret friend's year. He then elaborated on the correct method to use the WOFS Almanac to correctly choose which month, day and hour for the wedding ceremony. Once the date has been set, bookings and reservation for hotel and restaurant has been met, it is time to decide which invitation card to send out. Clamond gave pointers on various auspicious designs along with information on the shape, color and objects printed in the card and what to avoid. To wrap up the talk, he shared more tips on auspicious items the bride and groom should have during the wedding days in order to add on more auspicious chi to the already happy occasion.

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