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Feng Shui Japan

FS Produces Historic Victory in Tokyo's Downtown Election

On November 14th, Ms. Kumiko Hayakawa, a 34-year-old assembly member of Katsusika ward in Tokyo, came out tops in her second election campaign by getting the most votes ever in the ward's election history.

Three months before the victory, make-up artist Ms. Kumiko Oki supported a young politician who belongs to Japan's second biggest party - the Democratic Party of Japan - to prepare for election using feng shui make-up techniques with advice from feng shui consultant Michiaki Tanaka.

Tanaka is Lilian Too's first recognized Feng Shui master consultant in Japan. Says Tanaka, "I read (Kumiko Hayakawa's) Paht Chee and found the right element to win. I advised her on her make-up based on Eight Characters analysis. As well as personal face feng shui, the publicity poster was also designed following the principles of yin and yang and five elements balance. Because Ms. Hayakawa is a feng shui believer, her office has always followed the principles of feng shui, using the Flying Star method."

Says Ms Hayakawa, "I feel really energized by feng shui. I feel it has brought me luck, especially when used to complement make-up and face feng shui. It is definitely a factor of my historic victory," Ms. Hayakawa smiled.

Right after the victory, she was promoted to the Party's vice chief secretary in Tokyo branch, which is usually posted to a National assembly member.

"This is a wonderful first step to popularize feng shui make-up in Japan and all over the world!" said Ms. Oki, a young make-up artist.

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